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July 08, 2013

It Really Is A Small World After All!

How's this for an intriguing start to a story?! A character we know very little about winds up knowing a character we know a tiny bit more about (unfortunately what we do know about him is that he is pathologically unpleasant and shares a face with, like, five different people, one of whom the show is legally prohibited from referring to but who is the most awesome of all the faces. I'm just saying)! Is anyone else literally on the edge of their seat waiting to see what happens next? Don't get too close to the edge or you might fall and miss what I'm assuming will be some amazing fallout and by "fallout" I mean "recapping of incidents that happened between characters we didn't know about taking place offscreen twenty years ago".

Ava: Excuse me, Doctor.
Silas: [Stricken look, because he totally knows this woman!]
Ava: I'm looking for my daughter.
Silas: [Continues to hold the exact same stricken look, for emphasis, I guess]
Ava: [ALSO looks stricken]
Silas and Ava: [Eight minutes of silence]
Ava: Silas!

I mean, right?! Fingers crossed that eventually this storyline includes Kiki, making lots of comically over-the-top faces.*

*No, my fingers really are crossed that this story will involve Kiki if only to get her away from Michael and Michael's kisses and Michael's DNA even though she can never really be away from Michael's DNA BECAUSE THEY ARE COUSINS AND THEY SHARE IT.



I'm guessing that Silas is really Kiki's father?

So, Silas is really Kiki's father?

Ten bucks right now says that Silas is really the Kikster's father and that'll be their out to de-Q Kiki and be able to fully pursue the disgusting Michael/Kiki romance.

Which still doesn't excuse Michael lusting after his brother's girlfriend.

John is the awesomest face? Dear God, that's scary as fuck.

No, no he isn't.

I think you're right C. That's why Ava wasn't thrilled Kiki was getting the genetic tests to begin with.

I actually felt sorry for Connie today--and I am not a fan of the character. Sonny & Olivia are all kinds of ick.

Ewwww. Sonny and Olivia were all kinds of nasty today. Yuck.

The Kiki and Michael incess storyline is so lame. Seriously. TIIC are so forcing KikiStarrMichael down our throats that I simply FF their scenes.

I was almost warming to Sileas until he announced he not only took over the oncology department but fired Dr. Singh. Wouldn't he have been served by training him in the up to date medical practices?

My faint hope is that Kiki isn't a Q because Franco is really Heather's son and not Susan and Alan's. If Franco isn't Kiki's father, then the show is more bent on having Roger Howarth be part of the Q's than they are at preserving the Todd & Starr father-daughter dynamic. Why are they making us watch scenes of him trying to win Kiki over if ultimately she isn't his daughter. They seem to be telegraphing this from a mile away, so if it turns out to be true, they're wasting our time with more Franco-Kiki scenes to come.

I am betting Mikey and Kiki are not related at all ... who else believes Silas and Ava are her bio parents ... anyone?

Deprived, I know my fondness for McBain is, um, controversial, but at the very least, he is more awesome than the vampire and this douche, right? Maybe? A little?

With any luck FrankenTodd, Silas and Kiki - along with Ava will all be proved to be plant-based lifeforms, will be harvested and included in the latest batch of Pickle Lila. And that after giving gas to all the cast members who ingest them will fade from memory faster than Olivia's memory of Sonny shooting her son.

Enough with the fake Q's. And even more "enough" with the boring clues.

frankenRon need to think. This is GH. OL is gone for them, and I want to watch the vets.I came back because less Sonny, hardly any mob and Anna, Lucy, Laura , Doc, Scotty,etc, etc, etc. Olivia is stupid, that's the only thing I can say about her with Sonny. Even if she wanted to have sex with Scummy,wouldn't the pain from the gunshot wound make that a little hurtful, I know Scummy is sooo wonderful in bed,all pain goes away with his touch. We know he cured Konnie? OK are tptb laughing at us for watching this, not believing it, just tuning in.I am not buying it, Maybe the lsd is kicking in again? Personally I don't care who the parents of these babies are, They are on so seldom we know what's coming.maxie gets baby and Spin,ELLIE GETS THE BLAME FOR KEEPING THE SECRET,We all know she kept it from spin not maxie, maxie was protecting him and her best friend Lulu gag me. Lulu and Dante get baby no 2 Patrick gets Subrina,and we get pepto bismal for our sick stomaches from watching this dreck ! Silas gets a daughter,and we get another mob family ,one they can write more evil than saint sonny and give shawn a real reason to be the killer for hire. Alexis can eat crow when the Jeromes come to town because we all know the midget mobster is the sainted one and they only kill the evil.The Jeromes are more evil. Have to go take some pepto writing this made me ill.

Janet, LOL, on your accurate post.

Now we know who Kiki's REAL father is, and it isn't "Fauxranco"

You would think that after the unwatchable Bob Guza era, fans would be happy to have a variety of non-mob based storylines and characters interacting with one another.

Guess not.

I like variety! I do! And I'd like to see more of Maura West and Michael Easton together. I just wish that new characters were integrated better...I'd rather see them interacting with established characters than with each other, because this is very...random, I guess. I don't know, I am hot and cranky and hate stuff.

Although it is a fair point that any interaction that doesn't include Sonny IS a win in anybody's book.

sonny ruins everything

Well if the idea was to make me root for Franco, today would have done it. What a pair of tools Sonny and Shawn are. That whole thing was uncalled for.

I so agree Cindy. Sonny is a coward who has other people do his dirty work. I wish he'd go away. Shawn was just gross today, especially after his "speech" justifying his allegiance to Sonny. And he/they weren't even concerned Morgan saw them come to "talk" to Franco.

Sonny didn't care about Morgan trying to show him around and people wonder why the kid is a mess?

And I agree with Dirk. I'm intrigued about the Ava/Silas connection, though I'm assuming Silas is Kiki's dad.

And Brad is repulsive.

Oh yes, Brad. Seriously if you have to blackmail a guy into sleeping with you, and that's the only way you can get one...there's something very very wrong.

Sonny not only didn't care that Morgan saw them nor that Morgan wanted to show him around, he doesn't even care what mess they'll leave in Morgan and Kiki's...erm..home? And for what? Because Franco didn't cave to his demand to move from the Q's?

___You would think that after the unwatchable Bob Guza era, fans would be happy to have a variety of non-mob based storylines and characters interacting with one another.___

You make it an "either or" situation and it's not - at least it shouldn't be. AMC really stunk when McTavish was in command so folks were glad to see her go. Then the show got Chuck Pratt.....and it was even worse. But Pratt's "worse" didn't make McTavish's work any better. That's the same thing here.

Of course it's good to have Guza's twisted vision gone from the show. But that doesn't make what's onscreen now good, not even by comparison.

There are valid reasons for fans to be unhappy even if you -lucky you! - are not.

Well I've gotta say that the whole Brad thing is squicking me out. He is the lowest of the low. I'm glad Felix never hooked up with him.

It all is in the eyes of the beholder boes. I like the show, I look forward to watching it. And while I didn't watch AMC and can't comment, I sure don't think Ron C. is worse than Guza. Or even bad. More people are watching: http://tv.yahoo.com/news/networks-cleaning-again-daytime-soaps-195756622.html

^^Lucy, you're right, it certainly is all in the eye of the beholder and I don't think I indicated otherwise. What I take issue with is - no matter what side of the coin we fall on, liking the show or not liking it, or parts of it - that those feelings are valid.
It's a disservice to all to dismiss one person's viewpoint because it's not our own. And you're liking the show - Good! - I'm not.
As for viewership being up, I'd rather see the show stay on the air than not but I'll take a wait and see attitude before I believe what's onscreen now can keep an audience for long.

Sorry Boes, I didn't mean to say one person's opinion was more valid than another. I was just trying to point out that some people (like me) are enjoying the show & that I thought Ron's writing had made the show better (for me).

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