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July 08, 2013

It Really Is A Small World After All!

How's this for an intriguing start to a story?! A character we know very little about winds up knowing a character we know a tiny bit more about (unfortunately what we do know about him is that he is pathologically unpleasant and shares a face with, like, five different people, one of whom the show is legally prohibited from referring to but who is the most awesome of all the faces. I'm just saying)! Is anyone else literally on the edge of their seat waiting to see what happens next? Don't get too close to the edge or you might fall and miss what I'm assuming will be some amazing fallout and by "fallout" I mean "recapping of incidents that happened between characters we didn't know about taking place offscreen twenty years ago".

Ava: Excuse me, Doctor.
Silas: [Stricken look, because he totally knows this woman!]
Ava: I'm looking for my daughter.
Silas: [Continues to hold the exact same stricken look, for emphasis, I guess]
Ava: [ALSO looks stricken]
Silas and Ava: [Eight minutes of silence]
Ava: Silas!

I mean, right?! Fingers crossed that eventually this storyline includes Kiki, making lots of comically over-the-top faces.*

*No, my fingers really are crossed that this story will involve Kiki if only to get her away from Michael and Michael's kisses and Michael's DNA even though she can never really be away from Michael's DNA BECAUSE THEY ARE COUSINS AND THEY SHARE IT.



who's like me? I hate some of it, and like some of it.No middle ground with the mobsters. Don't like them, and I have had to go back to the DVR so I don't have to watch the garbage I find annoying.To listen to Shawn who I DID like saying he is a killer for hire Because ??? They got us back to see the vets, Robert returned and now he is in a coma ? Anna is so seldom on , where's Lucy, laura, Monica is nowhere to be seen even with the hospital on all the time? I do not like Sonny and anyone on at the same time. I don't like Alexis the two faced, hypocrite. .francotodd no thanks. I could stand him,maybe if he didn't eat the show. new Morgan No thanks the younger Morgan was great this tool is an idiot but I guess what can you expect from the parents he has.I don't dislike Michael this mchael interacting with his father I like a lot. With Kiki, fine. But they have to make her someone elses daughter No Q Well I guess you can't have it all. I hated Guza's version of the mob and the stupid cops, so there is a little improvement when Sonny is not on.

So. I've been on record as not hating the non-Sabrina (seriously, she's just terrible) story-lines currently on GH. But the show almost really really pissed me off with the Brad-Michael stuff and thank St. Jason that they seem to have resolved it quickly. Of ALL the characters to extort for sex, doing it to a rape victim is just...seriously guys? You're really already putting Michael in a position where he has to contemplate sex against his will? Do you really only see it as "compulsion" if it's physical violence? I hate seeing things like this played for laughs and it took me back to the horrendous treatment of Jax's rape which literally caused me to stop watching this show FOR YEAR. Until Guza left!
I want to give all soap opera showrunners a seminar "Understanding Sexual Violence."
And now that they've turned one of the only TWO active gay characters into an unredeemable sexual predator, I hope that they find Feelix a love interest STAT.

Lucy, you didn't say anything that even REMOTELY sounded like you were dismissing anyone's viewpoint (see: "eyes of the beholder!") nor did Dirk. You have no reason to apologize. You made a personal observation that wasn't gouging at another person's take on things nor making sarcastic comments - "Lucky You!"

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