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July 30, 2013

Summertime and the Living's...Busy

There is so much that I want to say about General Hospital these days--like WHAT is the deal with Kiki and why am I supposed to believe that anyone, let alone two different guys (albeit two different guys each with some sort of personality defect, to put it mildly) would be so enraptured by her that they were willing to turn to marriage and incest? And WHO is William DeVry's character, really? I know he's the new big boss at Crimson but is he going to have a secret Port Charlesy history and also, will I ever be able to forgive him for all of the horrors Michael Cambias committed on All My Children because I hold grudges against fictional characters like you would not believe and it's actually a little embarrassing for me to say it so let's just move on. And did anyone else get semi-charmed by Spinelli's bafflement over "The Britch" and then eventually his aptness for casually using it in conversation? And what about the utter adorability of Maxie's dress, which I need to own (or own some variation of it because colorblocking is the best). And, of course, the fierceness of the impeccably accessorized Dr. Obrecht. And those are just from today's show!

But the past few days have been so insanely busy that I haven't had time to say any of it. It's been a crazy, crazy summer and there have not been enough hours in any of these days for me to get anything that I'd like to done. And there are moments that I'm so tired that I can't even speak and you all know that when I get to talking, I can TALK. Like, endlessly. So it's been nuts. The good news is that things should even out over the next few days and the blogging hiatus can come to an end and we can all discuss the goings-on in Port Charles all judgmentally and bitchily. Thank you for your patience!

Let's end this drive-by posting with a moment of SHOCK: Sonny Corinthos and the sense-making!

Sonny: Don't tell me it was Franco. Was it that freak that's pulling stunts on everybody? Because that's the opposite of reliable.

I like to think that he got sick of the constant "DUH!" comments and wanted to school us on the fact that he totally knows things and knows what both opposite AND reliable mean! Way to be, Sonny! I won't even harp on your blatantly innacurate assertion that "[you] don't love [Morgan] any less than [you] do Michael" because that is such an obvious falsehood that I almost guffawed. Like, I buy that he loves Morgan or at least tolerates him (I can understand this, to some extent. It IS his son and non-rapidly-aged tween Morgan WAS so cute) and totally loves him much more than he does Kristina, but Michael and Morgan on the same level? I don't think so. That's the opposite of true.


Thanks for the drive-by post Mallory. I look forward to your posts--and wardrobe lustings (Maxie's dress was great).

I also want to know about Connie's boss. Is he mob-related? Sam's dad? They cut to him right after Britt said something about the biological father of her child.

Now that Franco is semi-awake does that mean Ava no longer can vote his proxy? I am kind of over the battle of the boardroom. Let's see what AJ can really do.

I know it's fashionable to hate on Ron & Frank. But under their direction Spinelli has become tolerable, if not enjoyable at times. And they've establish Michael as a Quartermaine, which is likewise a welcome development.

Glad to see that Ellie wasn't being blackmailed, the DNA was switched. So she's still innocent when it comes to that. I would like to see her more onscreen. I like the character & the actress.

I felt so bad for Morgan today--and it really helps explain his behavior. But he's way too young to get married & Sonny should have done something about it.

I know it's not cool to not hate Kiki, but I don't. She's a lot better than Abby was (IMO)and all Michael wants is a little stability (who can blame him?).

I for one am so glad that Dr. O is back in Port Charles, bringing fierceness to the masses. #teambritt

Maybe Dr. O can whisk Kiki back to the Swiss clinic of the undead because Kiki is the worst.

I agree with both comments here....Dr. O is awesomely fierce and fun. So much more than when she first showed up at the clinic. And Lucy is right, Ron has brought back the Quartermaines from Guza's Q-killing spree, including Michael. I only wish Alan and Emily were alive and being held at the Swiss clinic with Robin and Robert.
I also like Kiki, but hate the name....Lauren is better. But one thing, now that we know she's not a Q, her 5% share of the company is no more, so AJ loses that vote!

I'm unsure about Wm deVry right along with you. So far he does not seem to have the smarmy smugness that so turned me off on AMC, even when he was not doing something overtly terrible.

I have to say I am enjoying the humanizing of Britt. She used to be really one-note (evil), but I really empathize with the character now. Count one more for Team Britt. Sabrina is so zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

By the way, where are Duke and Anna? Are they like living together now? It's pretty frustrating that we got to see them go on one date and then all of a sudden they are together.

I just loathe Morgan, so I'm with Sonny. I love Michael more than him, too. I'm sure the actor is a wonderful person (well, I'm not sure, but let's assume), but UGH and BLECH and just GROSS. He just grates on my nerves. 'nuff said.

I'm wondering if William DeVry's character is Sam's dad as well. The pieces kind of fit, and you know something is going to go awry with Franc-No donating marrow for Danny (who, by the way, is officially, for me anyway, the cutest baby ever on GH - even beating out fat-headed Joss!), so there will need to be another match. I kind of love that Alexis had a slutty teen moment. It speaks volumes about her over-protectiveness of her girls. #TeamDavisGirls

DR. O is O'MAZING! She is absolutely the female Faison, and so apt that she and Faison fathered Britt. I agree they are starting to humanize Britt, and I kind of hope Britt's new relationship with Nikolas somehow leads to a Cassadine/Obrecht face off. You just KNOW Helena isn't dead. Can you imagine how much fun THAT could be?? Then bring back Robert, Luke and maybe even throw Duke in there to save the day on some Cassadine island. OMG, if that happened, imma die.

Just saw on SOD that the actors who play Britt & Morgan are an item IRL. That is just, um, well, er, alrighty then.

I am 100% on board with Britt now. Like, I love he and get excited every time she's on my screen...except when Sabrina is there too. I love Dr. O an I love the potential Nick pairing. I'm not sure I've ever turned around on a character so quickly. But she's awesome and needs lots of storylines that don't involve Sabrina.
Also, Felix need a storyline that does not involve Brad. Like a legacy character! Like Lucas!
Also, I had some thoughts today about whether or not I think AJ should be allowed to be resistant to the redemption of Franco. I mean, yeah Franco did something that led to Michael bein hurt, but let's not forget that AJ pretty much set Faith Riscoe loose on 3 children. I mean, I am a total AJ fanciful now -- an i know it's because he finally has someone writing for him who doesn't hate the Qs -- but head a very bad dude last time around.

I'm really liking Britt now too.

I don't think Robin is in the Swiss clinic anymore. . .pretty sure she was kidnapped so that she could come up with the cure for Jerry Jacks and she is now under his control, SO if Luke finds Jerry maybe he'll find Robin too! Anything to get Sabrina away from Patrick (who I don't incidentally hate anymore, the character she is NOW is fine . . the residual hatred of old sabrina ruins her for me).

I'd love to see a Britt and Nick pairing. . .think it would be great. I also think that Wells is Sam's dad - seems the right age, but seems kinda nasty.

I actually snorted out loud when Sonny said that he didn't love Michael more than Morgan - and that he loved all his kids equally. The order is MICHAEL, and in a distant second place Dante, Morgan, Kristina!

I am not hating Kiki, but am really hoping the new and improved Franco is a character I can stomach. . . make him something brand new please. . .give RH something decent to play. .. . Anyway, that's all for now!!

since DeVrys (who i loathed as a person as well as a character during his stint on AMC) is clearly a Jerome, lets hope he is actually Ava's brother and benefactor as well as Sam's bio dad's son ... so Ava and or Julian could be donors who save Danny ....

The hero worship of Britt I see here and elsewhere is just pants-on-head retarded.

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