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August 05, 2013

Get It? Get It?! Call Me Clever, Damn It!

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Did you get it it?
MALLORY: Get...what?
GENERAL HOSPITAL: Oh. Oh. You didn't get it, did you? It's okay, it's complex.
MALLORY: What...what is?
GENERAL HOSPITAL: Oh, honey, today's just not your day, is it? I'm talking about this--

Derek AKA Julian Jerome, like, who saw that one coming?! (All of us. All of us did. And it's not that I'm complaining, because the Jeromes are old school soapy. I'm just saying, we all felt it in the air): You're positive there's no one else you're missing.
Sam: Well, there is my father. I'm not even sure he's alive. Actually, I don't even know who he is.

MALLORY: Not really. Is that really the kind of thing people just tell total strangers? "Hi, nice to meet you, let me tell you all about my sordid history, starting with my parents bar hookup and including a long stretch of time where I just married random oldsters".
GENERAL HOSPITAL: It's funny because HE is her father. HIM! She's all "I don't know my dad!" and she's saying it TO her dad!
MALLORY: Yeah, I got it--
GENERAL HOSPITAL: And then again with Kiki!
MALLORY: And how she keeps saying "My father" about Franco even though "he" or "him" would suffice in almost all of these sentences?
GENERAL HOSPITAL: No, I didn't even realize she was doing that, but that's awesome. I meant:

Kiki: No matter what, I'm your daughter and that's never going to change.

MALLORY: I would take her more seriously if she had said "that's never, ever going to change". The sole never is just kind of lukewarm.
GENERAL HOSPITAL: Because she's NOT his daughter! AND THEN! Did you see how we cut right to Silas?
MALLORY: Yeah, that was "subtle".



Mallory, I'm surprised you didn't squee at the image of Sean Donnelly!

But yeah, totally with you with all the rest and what you said about Emma Samm's make-up job. Like I said on another board, whoever did her make-up needs to be fired. STAT.

I admit I did squee when I saw John Reilly, but I don't trust Ron Carlivati to NOT screw this up.


But Sean Donely, eh?

Yup, C. When Holly and Luke were looking at the computer to see who had transferred the $88 million from Jerry Jax's account, Sean Donnelly's face and name popped up and that's where the show ended.

Show should really surprise us and have it revealed that Richard Simmons is both Sam AND Kiki's father.

After all, Sam has his coloring and Kiki has his personality and talent.

Maybe Alexis was REALLY drunk, and Ava was....being her usual kinky self.

LMAO. Richard Simmons as Sam and Kik's father!

Question: are we to assume that Julian Jerome had some crazy plastic surgery that allows him to look just a few years older than his daughter, Sam? Because I am having a hard time buying that one. Kelly Monaco is 37 and the guy playing Julian Jerome is only 45.

Sean Effing Donely. I did NOT see that coming!!

I for one am too scared to even look at Sean Donely, simply because it can be RUINED in a poof. Not interested in RC's brand of storytelling.

When I was done watching the show yesterday I had a headache from getting hit over the head by GH about Sam's father. Yeah show, we get it!

I thought Frodd was going to be in an extended coma due to RoHo's filming a show. That didn't last long.

On another board people are being scolded for being hung up on the actors' real ages. However my feeling is that if they don't LOOK like they can be so-and-so's parent, then it DOES matter how old they are IRL. You end up with parents and children who all look roughly the same age. There is only so much suspension of disbelief before it gets laughable and brings to mind many Soapdish movie references.

The Sean Donely appearance really took me by surprise. I loved seeing Lucy & Scotty together.

The problem for me is that DeVry looks too young to have seduced Alexis. Alexis, while attractive, is no spring chicken. IMO, he looks too young for Alexis not to mention Sam. But hey, like Carlivati says, this is SOP for soaps. Maybe these type of casting and story decisions are why soaps are such a joke. My goodness, how many back from the dead characters has Carlivati gone to the well for-easier than being creative, I guess.

I sound terrible but I hate this show and the anvils they beat me over the head with- as if I am just too dumb to get it.

Maybe the HW and exec. Producer could try something really novel- listen to the fans. Give the fans credit for having some smarts. I used to really like Ron Carlivati and thought his writing was pretty good. But reading his snarky crap on twitter has really turned me off. I don' t tweet but I do read boards that talk about his twitter . He seems ver unprofessional. Yes, a lot of tweets to him are nasty but he should put on his n
Big. Oy panties and ignore or get off twitter. JMO.

I hate typing on my IPad. The above should be " big boy panties and ignore the haters". Not that you all didn't know that.

Contrary to popular opinion, I thought yesterday's show was a lot of fun. Scott and Lucy -- alwasys a win. Tracy and Connie -- really fun together (in fact the only times I've ever really liked Connie are in the few friendship scenes she's had with Tracy). Luke and Holly -- very touching. And I was unspoiled for the Donelly reveal. Could have done without Franco and Kiki, but overall things seem to be looking up. And according to the preview, Mac's up next. So right now, no complaints from me.

I really do love Lucy and Scotty's friendship, but I am so leery about Ron trying to push a triangle with them and Kevin. Just say no!

Also, you'd think, given all their recent interactions, Lucy and Scotty would have found the time to talk about their daughters.

I think Ron has done a good job bringing vets back with their characters intact, so I am hopeful Donely will be the rogue with a heart of gold he first once in 1985...and maybe he can hook up with Monica! I don't care about the Sam/Derek age thing. I do care that no one gave a flying you-know-what about the Jeromes back in the late 80s/early 90s so why should we care now?

I'm with Liz R -- I thought yesterday was fun -- and I'm with Guzasux (and love the handle) -- I think Ron's actually showed a fair amount of respect for the vets. Today's episode was blah -- I really have no use for Sonny, Olivia or Kiki -- but as an AJ/Liz fan, the ep ended happy. I still come down that this show is better than it was 5 years ago by a magnitude of about 10 and I'm enjoying it more than I'm hating it, so I'll keep watching.

Yeah, RC/FV's version of GH is not known for their subtlety but to be fair, I don't equate that adjective to many soaps in general. I will admit this episode had more falling anvils than the Road Runner. I am curious to know what other viewers impressions were of William deVry/Derek/Julian besides the fact he does look too young to be Sam's dad. I have to say I'm impressed so far with what I've seen and believe me, I am not easily impressed. He can act, he definitely has a presence, and he's very easy on the eyes. I never really got into AMC but I'm aware he portrayed essentially Evil Incarnate on that show but since I never actually saw him on that show, I approach him with a blank slate and am liking what I see. I'm reserving judgment about his ability to pull this off until I watch his interactions with Alexis. I think that will be the true test. There have been much more egregious examples (on this show alone!) of completely unbelievable parent/child relationships and I think a lot of the believability or willingness to suspend it, is due to the actors involved. As for the Jeromes being "forgotten" characters in GH history, I wasn't watching when they were on but any character that can take down Sonny a peg or ten is okay in my book.

I was disappointed in AJ (and Sonny, but that's not new). After reading the headline, NEITHER AJ nor Sonny's first response was to call their respective sons who are going to be directly affected by this but rather to go into full on rage mode? (Again, no surprise re: Sonny, but c'mon AJ -- you've been doing so well!)

I cannot even begin to describe the schizophrenic mess that this show has become. This is going to be a LONG post, and may require two or three, or 27, but I would like to invite people to e-mail me to discuss.

I will start with the positive, of which there is precious little. Ron Carlivati is a good writer in the sense that he knows how to interweave stories, write umbrella stories that envelop the entire cast, and keep people coming back and wanting more. He is very talented in that sense. No one can take that away from him.

HOWEVER....what show is Ron writing????? This is the same man, who just a few short months ago, had EVERYONE all aglow with lavish praise for his work during the 50th anniversary of the show. But really...with an Executive Producer who greenlighted the comebacks of SO MANY beloved characters, how could the writer fail? Those episodes practically wrote themselves.

Since then, the show has been a misogynistic, disgusting mess!! The veterans disappeared, and in their place came these strange people that should be endearing to the audience but just aren't. This show has dug up some of the most loathed characters in the show's history, and is now attempting to weave them into the show's tapestry.

When Ron and Frank took over, viewers were VERY clear! They wanted LESS Sonny, LESS mob, MORE veterans, MORE romance, LESS violence, LESS violence against women, etc. Ron and Frank delivered that ONLY during the brief March/April anniversary stuff.

Before and after, consider what they have done...killed 2 children (Starr's and Tea's), featured the comeback of the most despised character in the show's history (Franco), brought up multiple rapes (Michael, Sam), featured a newbie roughing up a pregnant woman (Derek/Julian to Maxie), shown teenagers tying each other up during sexual intercourse (Morgan/Kiki), featured a sleazy lecherous hospital "professional" attempting to blackmail a male rape victim into non-consensual gay sodomy (Brad/Michael), featured a creepy gay nurse trying to get with anyone (Felix and ANYONE male).....

And now we get MORE of Sonny's outrage. Sonny JUST furoiusly walked out on Connie because she printed a story...then we see him come back in as AJ is confronting Connie being furious over the EXACT same thing Sonny was furious over, but he threatens AJ with a gun, violently hits him over the head, and then pretends to be Connie's hero.

This continual storyline, for the past 20 years, of Sonny being portrayed as a tragic victim when he is nothing more than a greasy, violent, disgusting, hypocritical, two-faced, murderer has worn so thin.

Sonny just THREATENED TO KILL CARLY....the mother of two of his children, to avenge Olivia, the mother of ONE of his children. What kind of perverse sickening viewer enjoys this crap???? And Carly STILL defends him!!!!!!!!!!! WHO WRITES THIS???????????

We have ALL written praising and thanking that Jill Farrewn Phelps and Guza are no longer at the helm...it has gotten WORSE under Frank and Ron...not better!!! GET THE FRICKIN mob off this show!!! We have so many characters we LOVE that are seen once a month...Anna, Duke, Lucy, Maxie, Patrick, Sabrina, Mac, Felicia, etc.

I am farklempt and flabbergasted.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Did you get it?
JOANNE: Yes! Sam and this newspaper guy will make a hot, new couple. All this tension and banter over the front page article--it's pretty clear where this is headed. Oh man, thanks show, can't wait for the love scenes! Team Sam/Derek 4eva.
GENERAL HOSPITAL: *doesn't respond, casts Channing Tatum as Sam's grandfather*

Amazing how I don't even have to watch the show any more to enjoy this blog.

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