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August 13, 2013

Like, You Know...Whatever

It's strange, this apathy I am having about General Hospital right now. I mean, I am not an apathetic person in general and my feelings tend to be extreme: I either all-caps ADORE something or all-caps HATE something but I very rarely find myself without an opinion on anything, so this overwhelming "Oh...I guess...well...eh?" I'm having towards the events in Port Charles is disconcerting. Don't get me wrong: there are parts of the show that I dislike and even outright hate (before you tell me that I'm a broken record on my absolute loathing of the Michael/Kiki/Morgan triangle, I will beat you to the punch and admit that myself, but also: THEY ARE TERRIBLE AND BAD AND I AM RIGHT TO HATE THEM) and there are a handful of moments that I like or at least feel entirely neutral about (like Anna's mention of Robert today! I sniffled, loudly, when she told everyone to keep him in their hearts and then I wished upon a star--or I would have done so had it not been early in the evening--that Robert could come back to Port Charles and have a story and be awesome and maybe Jax could come back, too, if the star was being generous) but so much of it makes me feel a vague "...oh". Like, I like Dante and I like Lulu and I like Dante and Lulu, but I've completely lost interest in the story about them and Maxie and the baby and I can't really explain why. Is it one too many completely over-the-top and also suspicious faces Maxie makes whenever one of them mentions their daughter? Maybe. I don't know. Whatever. Meh.

Even Dr. Obrecht, that fierce nutbar, who once served as my go-to source of enjoyment is giving me pause. For someone so deep into a life of crime and villainy and crazy, you think she'd be better about keeping that under wraps and wouldn't go around making sinister pronouncements at the top of her lungs with people all up in her personal space. AND YET!

Dr. Obrecht: And I have a big surprise for you, Anna Devane.

Dr. Obrecht: That's right, Commish. Enjoy like it's your last night on earth...because it is.


Although it's not like anybody actually heard her being all murderous. Felix was standing right next to her and didn't even give her a "Maybe that should be your last drink of the night, ma'am" side-eye! I guess it makes sense to throw caution to the wind when you're in the most oblivious town in America and also because of contrivance.


I get your apathy... It's how I have felt about the show since last December when Anna, Robert, Faison, Robin etc story fell off the face of the planet! And the complete repulsion I feel when Michael, Morgan, Kiki (the name alone drives me crazy) is intense. However I'm going into the 3rd straight day that Anna Devane is given a story (I mean she has had 8+ months of rest) with Duke and mentions of Robert that actually make sense. So I'm a happy girl at least temporarily until that ridiculous Kiki "love" triangle takes front and center again and the interesting stuff gets back burnered again!

One of the major issues with GH is there are way, way too many characters. Yes, I know there are budgetary reasons why the vets can't be on day in and day out, but there are some folks that need to be sent packing besides Connie. Why is Olivia still on this show? Why can't Sonny be single for longer than two hours?

I was just happy to get a break from Kiki and all the AWFUL and getting to see Mac, Felicia, Kevin, Lucy, Anna, Duke, and of course the fierce Dr. O. #teamfiercehats

My poor Dr. O! She sang terrific karaoke in a rather noticeable blond wig, and nobody cared! She was background noise. No wonder she felt murderous! :)

This current Dr. 0/Britt/Patrick/Anna/Duke and now Luke/Holly/Sean is driving me crazy. It feels like we are moving in the direction of Robin's alive and being held captive reveal yet I just don't believe that we are actually anywhere close to that happening and this stuff will be dragged out for months maybe even years. In other words, I'm on a roller coaster without any end in sight. Not fun!

Dr O makes Cruella DeVille look like Mother Theresa. And I love her! I just wish she could find a reason to set her murderous ways upon Kiki and the Corinthos Brothers Dumb & Dumber ;-)

I really dislike the Michael, Morgan, and Kiki story along with others (who has a name like Kiki anyway). I read somewhere that this storyline is supposed to be similar to the AJ, Jason, and Carly story of the past. I hope this does not mean Kiki gets pregnant oh the horrors...

I absolutely adored Dr. Obrecht singing at Mac & Felicia's party, and depressing everyone. Loved that her plan to get rid of Anna was foiled but I have to admit listening to Anna sit by Duke's bedside talking about their relationship, I realized that we've seen very little of them recapturing their great love. Half the time they've been together they've talked about Ava Jerome and the problems at ELQ. Where were all the fun moments of them falling in love again apart from the tango at the Nurse's Ball? It's all been off screen.

This show is missing the little things like watching a couple fall in love and instead we get "instant" love like Kiki/Michael, Patrick/Sabrina, and Liz/Aj. Way too many moments are discussed by the pairings and we never see the scenes of AJ and Liz dating or Patrick actually being interested in Sabrina without every pushing her down his throat.

Awww, great moments of Loving! And a shout out to The City, too? So, Corinth has been abandoned? Heh, maybe they can do a whole "Silent Hill" storyline with it. Still, I care very little for Luke or his illness. I am more interested in the Robin aspect of this little PA adventure.

Dr. Fierce Hat can sing and poison? She calculated the proper dose to take out Anna? Awesome. Although I was hoping that the poisoning victim would be the ever useless St. Sabrina.

Speaking of the Useless saint, who gets to go around doing secret background checks on someone else's mother and somehow not be looked at as being a tad psycho or stalkerish? Britt's parents are NONE OF SABRINA'S, FELIX'S or SPINELLI's business. They aren't friends with Britt. Sabrina insisted that Britt stay with Sabrina and Felix. They aren't tied to her in any way, shape or form. Patrick is. It is Patty's job to ask Britt about her family. He believes that he is the father of Britt's baby. Sabrina isn't anything other than the new girlfriend. And it annoys the hell out of me that no one actually tells Sabrina to stay the hell out of it. Britt is Patrick's issue to deal with, not Sabrina's. Jeez, Felix and Sabrina annoy the crap out of me.

Speaking of Felix. Felix, honey, go get a damn life! The man is delusional and is downright obsessed with Sabrina's love life.

Maxie being all about Mac and Felicia's wedding is adorable. Mac and Kevin being back in drag? Horrifying and silly? :)

Kevin and Lucy? I do hope that Kevin's 100% work effort is going to called out soon. It would be some great drama if we can see Lucy forcing the issue about Kevin's apparent lack of concern about their marriage. Lucy spent years in a delusion and Kevin was pushed to her sidelines. Hell, Kevin had practically written her off. Now Lucy is better and they're trying to just go back to what they think is normal. But it isn't going to be that easy. How awesome would it be to have Mac/Felicia and Kevin/Lucy talking about their couple issues? Mac and Felicia have come a long damn way from their worst moments as a couple.

And the less said about the stupid 3 kids the better. I refuse to acknowledge their existence right now.

My feelings too for the most part, although I've been impressed with how Maura West has shaped the character of Ava. I was apathetic toward her at first, aside from being interested in her as being representative of an old villain family, but the scene where Ava confronts Silas and shifts from rage to sad nostalgia for their relationship alone totally sold me.

Maura West is the only good thing about the horror that is Kiki. Which isn't shocking to me. I loved her on ATWT. I just happened to absolutely hate her character. But she was awesome. And I thought that she was pretty decent on Y&R too. The writers just didn't any idea on what to do with Diane.

And so far I do like the sibling vibe between Ava and Derek/Julian.

I'm so disappointed with GH right now that it's an effort for me to watch it. Thank god I record it, because I FF much more than I actually watch. And I don't even give a shit if I "miss" something along the way.

"This show is missing the little things like watching a couple fall in love and instead we get "instant" love like Kiki/Michael, Patrick/Sabrina, and Liz/Aj."

I agree on the first, wholeheartedly. I have a nearly allergic reaction to any scenes with Michael and Kiki, mainly because I simply cannot take their so-called bond seriously. However, while Sabrina's 'love' for Patrick was instantaneous and absurd, his feelings for her did build over time. I don't like their relationship, but the show did take a while for the two of them to get together, and we did see Patrick develop feelings for Sabrina over time. I don't think the pairing works, and I think JT is playing it as though Patrick cares for Sabrina mainly because she makes Emma happily, but it did get an old-fashioned soapy build. NOW they're settled into domesticity far too easily.

As for Liz/AJ, they've worked for me from day one. I think their build has been a little stop-'n'-start, but I think they definitely got one.

Ugh. Sorry about the typos - I hit 'post' too soon.

Anne said: "However, while Sabrina's 'love' for Patrick was instantaneous and absurd, his feelings for her did build over time. I don't like their relationship, but the show did take a while for the two of them to get together, and we did see Patrick develop feelings for Sabrina over time."

And I couldn't disagree more. Patrick didn't even think of that twit in any romantic way--it was EVERYONE, Felix, NOAH! (WTF?!), Liz, TELLING Patrick how uberly AWESOME SAUCE Sabrina was, and how she was PERFECT for him, and blah, blah, Disney Pwincess storyline and there you go. They're in wuv. They've defanged Patrick, and SORASed Sabrina, who, when Patrick first approached her as "someone very young who could talk to a very, very young patient of his about Katy Perry songs"--a bumbling, simpering, child to, 'Oh, I've had Lots and LOTS of sex! 27 year old' BS.

The only slow burn I saw was AJ/Liz, until Ron decided to, as with other regimes, throw him under the bus and have most of their dating be conducted in offscreensville.

Ditto, ScorpiosRule! We saw day player hospital patients pushing Patrick toward Sabrina! Yes, Patrick and Sabrina almost kissed on New Year's Eve, but Patrick looked a little shocked that he almost kissed Emma's new BFF!

they recast Lulu way too fast. Majorly great actress in a majorly important role . . . you don't recast in three weeks.

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