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August 26, 2013

Wait For Me, Connie, I'm Dying, Too (Too Soon?)

I'm sure that the novelty of being shot and living a life filled with constant danger must wear off after a while. By the time you've been shot for the second or third (honestly, people, what keeps you in Port Charles?! Are the taxes really THAT low or something? You can move literally anywhere in the world, from New York City to Pennsylvania to South America, and still be only minutes away from your loved ones in Port Charles, so I'm not buying the family excuse, either) time, you probably don't even panic, except for maybe some slight worry about which General Hospital doctor will be treating you ("I hope it's not Dr. Lee! Please God, don't let it be Dr. Lee. I'd rather die right here and now!"). So I didn't exactly expect Connie to, like, beg and plead for her life or anything, but I also didn't expect her to APOLOGIZE TO SONNY in her dying breath. I guess I SHOULD HAVE, though, because OF COURSE. OF FREAKING COURSE.

Connie: I love you so much, Sonny.
Sonny: I love you, too.
Connie: I'm sorry. I'm sorry I betrayed you.

Connie: I never stopped loving you.

I'm sorry, am I supposed to find that poignant and romantic? Because I don't. I find it terrible. Woman, you should have stopped loving Sonny in 2008 for reasons as varied as "everything about him" and "he basically hastened your untimely death by being totally and utterly useless".

Rather than call 911 immediately upon finding Connie shot and bleeding, Sonny instead:

  • Talked to her a whole lot, for a long time
  • Promised that "We'll be together the rest of our lives" and then made a distinctly uneasy expression like, "What have I just done? Technically, I didn't say the rest of my life so I'm good for grief sex as early as tomorrow morning, once my revenging is done".
  • Oh, right, promised to get revenge on "The son of a bitch who did this". The writers are totally making it seem like said son of a bitch is AJ, as in Quartermaine, but it's probably AJ as in "Ava Jerome" except it wouldn't be as dramatic to just have Connie write "Ava". And I guess scrawling an extra letter would have been pretty tiring.

When he DID realize that he should maybe call 911, Sonny:

  • Fumbled in his pocket for like ten minutes, which the sympathetic side of me wants to chalk up to nerves but the rational part of me who has watched Sonny for two decades chalks up instead to stupidity and possibly a lack of opposable thumbs.
  • Could not make a said phone call.
  • Violently threw his cell phone across the room.
  • Dialed 911 from a landline, waiting about thirty seconds between each number.
  • Had a pretty hilarious one-sided conversation with the 911 operator ("This is Sonny Corinthos. Listen, uh, I need an ambulance, there's a gunshot to the stomach...it's pretty bad. The Metro Court, third floor. Hurry up!")
  • Did not wait to see what the 911 operator said he could do to help, perhaps because he's already looking forward to the hot grief sex he'll be having* in the near future.
  • Gasped when Connie died. I don't know why I found it so funny, although it must have something to do with the complete lack of feeling I have for any of these characters, but his "Oh [tiny gasp]!" just tickled me.
  • Snarled some more about getting revenge on AJ before dramatically choking back tears in a way that looked suspiciously like he forgot what to say and do next.

*I'd say the most likely candidate for grief sex would be Olivia, especially since she's grieving, too**, but like I've said, I've known Sonny for quite some time and I know that with the temper he has, he'd be unable to be in the same room as the over-the-top caterwauling and ridiculous Olivia for a full minute before he strangled her ("Who did this to my cousin, my best friend?!?!", she screamed the loudest volume possible, because that is a phrase that just rolls off the tongue and doesn't sound ridiculous) and that would sort of put a damper on the romance, you know?

**Of course, her grief doesn't compare at all to Sonny's.

Alexis: I'm talking to you now as the mother of his kid and to you as his son. You need to go gently on him, please.

Please imagine me DRAMATICALLY ROLLING MY EYES like they've never been rolled before.



DID!Connie is going to be all, "I TOLD YOU SO!"

What a hoot. Sonny is so, lame, and incredibly dumb.

Bye, bye, crazy Connie/Kate. I am so glad that you're finally off my screen after watching another round of DID. By the way, move over and allow Olivia to join you in purgatory.

Sonny is just the worst. You enter a room and someone is bleeding out from a gunshot wound and you do not immediately call 911?

I believe this might be what you werw going for: http://youtu.be/plteXDmbA2I

Why did she keep holding her head up? Was she looking for her closeup? You got a bullet wound and you are doing crunches?

Now if someone will PLEASE drown Olivia in a bucket of sauce and stuff a connoli in each nostril until she stops BLEATING like a rabid sheep I might be able to stop throwing things at the tv.

Nah, until Sonny slips and falls and breaks his neck on the grease that oozes off him I'll STILL want to throw stuff.

Sonny is just so awful. And MB is just completely lacking in sort of talent.

Thank goodness this is over. I've had to watch the decimation of Kate Howard for the past two years. It was time for this Connie person to be put to pasture.

Please tell me Olivia is next. This woman has never served a purpose.

What exactly is so hard about immediately dialing 911, LULU and Sonny???

As much as I hate sonny. I have no words!. A three year old can call 911. But then again we know a three year old has more brains than Sonny.
Taking his gun and going after AJ . OK . I need to find something else to watch at 2pm Frankenron need to STOP insulting our intelligence. AND EXPECTING US TO WATCH IT!

But the Michael scenes today and yesterday were good? And Bradford Anderson has been amazing.
Also I loathe Olivia and I want her to be written out, but I thought that by the end of today's ep she really did look like someone who had lost her best friend.
Glass half full?

Hail Olivia, the Queen of the ugly cry. She was heart wrenching today.

Michael has been great the past two days and Sean Kanan is still rocking his scenes.

Oh and casual observation...do they really want me to believe that Michael and Dante, out in the foyer, did not hear Sonny screaming at AJ in the living room...with the door open? Really?

I hope AJ has Sonny arrested for assault with Dante and Michael as witnesses!

Well now we know why Sonny needed Jason to do his dirty work for him for so many years. Jason would take aim, pull the trigger. Done. Sonny has to bluster and tell someone endlessly IN A VERY LOUD VOICE how he's going to pull the damn trigger and kill them. And he still doesn't get it done.

However, he has earned a masters degree from the William Shatner Institute of Hammy Acting.

MB becomes more and more Dan Hedaya with each passing day. A burnt sienna Dan Hedaya.

And the worse his performances get, the more the soap press and bloggers (except the bastions of sanity here,of course)praise him.
Don't get it. Never have.

Dare I hope that RHo's return to his original haircolor could mean a return to CT and Llanview is on tap?

Question. Why the hell is Dante allowed anywhere near his cousin's murder? With Sonny screaming @ AJ (and the newest member of the WORST COP EVER Club, Dante) and yet nobody can hear them? With a clearly open door right there?
Really Ron? BAH!

If Dante can work Sonny cases, he can work this one--he hardly knew Connie/Kate.

Sonny is the worst. I am so tired of everyone making excuses for him (Alexis this time--and she should know better). So it looks like Diane will be AJ's attorney--that makes me happy--she's so great (I do wish she and Max were still a couple).

Franco's scenes today seemed to be the start of the rehabilitation tour. And I hope he takes his shares back--just to screw Ava. I don't get why no one has mentioned that. And were they chem testing Franco and Ellie as possible father daughter? I thought they worked well together.

Connie /Kate was still a family member. You can't work cases if you are related or close to a victim OR a suspect. Too much chance of losing impartiality. Geez, what a concept!

And it looks like Scott is going throw the book@ Laura. Which she deserves. Sick of Luke. Even more sick of Laura still being ALL ABOUT LUKE.

So much for writing Laura as her old feisty self. She's still sniffing around old Luke the puke baby killer and her rapist.

I second the above comment that Bradford Anderson has done some great work over the last few eps. The perfect balance between shock, outrage, anger, and happiness.

With the obvious, inevitable and very soon-to-be pairing of Sonny & Olivia, I can FF two awful characters at once. Win-win!

Bye Connie, I never liked the Kate recast/reboot.

Hey Mallory - not to whine, but will we ever get to hear more of your thoughts about AMC 2.0?

I know this is mean but MB's acting IS THE WORST EVER I cannot stress this enough!! WHY do people still praise him? I mean back in the day, he was decent but the last 10 years or so he has been a charicature, and it's embarrassing to watch. HIs acting seems to have gotten worse. The only time I can tolerate him is when he's being funny. When he tries to be "tough" or "sexy" I just cringe; I can't take it.
There, I feel better now.

^This. And I think the tide is turning with other viewers regarding his acting as well. I have noticed more IMO deserved critical posts about him (especially the last few days) on other sites that at one time were virtual shrines to him. It amazes me how long he has coasted on his earlier performances and especially that he's been enabled by EVERY actor he's ever worked with and three different TPTBs. I understand people liking and respecting him as a person (he does seem like a decent guy) but as an actor, I think working with him would be very difficult with his line readings and acting choices. I'd always be thinking he forgot his lines and would jump in before him which probably wouldn't go over well :) Seriously, I know he's been doing this a long time but he really needs to be told by a director or FV or someone he respects that it isn't working anymore.

So I've been trying to keep a positive attitude because there are elements of the show that I really like -- Michael & AJ, Elizabeth & AJ, Spinelli (I never thought I'd say that), Brit & Nicholas, Anna & Duke, the Jerome siblings (another pleasant surprise!) -- but my Sonny hate-on interfered in my enjoyment of today's episode. And he wasn't even on it! To hear Michael say of AJ, "I hope he's not capable of [murdering Connie]," today, having literally just watched his other father almost murder AJ, is just so upsetting. This show's "murder is okay as long as Sonny or Jason is the murderer" stance is so gross. Since Jason's been gone the hypocrisy hasn't been so front and center, but hearing Michael say that today just brought back all those feelings. (I ignore everything Olivia says, so her hypocrisy hasn't been a problem for me, though I know it's there.)

This is just a thought but could the fact that MB takes medication to control his Bipolar illness be why his acting has gotten so bad over the years? Steve Burton once credited MB with teaching him the nuances of acting and I can't see him being able to do that anymore. I don't know what medications he might have to take but I have to wonder if they make him slightly more robotic...I sincerely don't mean to offend anyone by bring that up.

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