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September 02, 2013

He Can Talk English (And Well!) After All!

For the past few weeks, I have had a series of weird anxiety dreams which, as far as I can tell, have no real cause except for my being a weird and anxious person. Some of them are run of the mill anxiety dreams: I have someone waiting for me and I'm not ready and as I try to get ready, I seem to be moving in slow motion, or I have to take a math Regents and wouldn't you know it, I haven't been to math class all year and I don't even have my graphing calculator with me! And some of them are seriously disturbing: the other night, I dreamed that I drafted Tony Romo (in an early round!) for my fantasy football team; needless to say, I woke up in a cold sweat. Horrifying.

Then I was dream-worried that Kelly Thiebaud hated me, because of my relentless meanness. This dream sort of has the ring of truth to it--it's entirely possible that if she (or any soap actor or really any person, period) read this blog that the takeaway would be that I am a mean person. But I haven't been so critical of Thiebaud specifically--I like her! I think she's hilarious. It's not like she's, say...Bradford Anderson, whose character I've wanted written off the show since, oh, 2007 or so. In that case, I'd totally get the dream-hatred.

But--and maybe this is too little, too late--I will say that Bradford Anderson has positively been killing it this week. So good. Just so, so good. And as much as it makes me happy to be able to say that, it also makes me annoyed all over at the various writing staffs who have written Spinelli to just be the most irksome, horrible character in daytime. When you have an actor who can do THIS, why do you waste so much time on shtick and terribleness? 


I'm finally caught up on GH, so more thoughts to come this week! Enjoy the Labor Day holiday, for those of you who have the three day weekend, and for those of you who don't, um...enjoy the return of all things pumpkin!


Thanks for posting that vid. I missed a good portion of those scenes when ABC interrupted GH to cover the President's press conference. I agree that Bradford Anderson killed it this week, but I think they are putting him on contract because his reason for being is gone, namely to prop up Jason. I like BA as an actor, but Spinelli, Ellie, and Maxie are annoying to the Nth degree because they are completely spineless in crucial situations. Always. Not to mention the incessant babbling that Ellie and Spinelli indulge in is beyond annoying.

I have been off of the GH since the Nurse's Ball but watched this week's shows because they sounded interesting.
One thing that struck me is that Danny Morgan is the ultimate legacy character. He is a Morgan/Quartermaine, Moore, Cassadine, Jerome. Wow!
Another thing was the strange age of the actor playing Julian Jerome. I am a big fan of Mark Teschner and I think he hits the mark more times than not. But, Nancy Lee Grahn is 12 years older than William DeVry and he is only eight years older than Kelly Monaco, according to the internets... There had to be some handsome fifty something actor out there to hire for this job. It's very noticeable to me and keeps me from enjoying the story.
Otherwise, I was not disappointed. I enjoyed the stories and the pace.
Spoiler Alert!
Is this a spoiler or common knowledge? I don't like to be spoiled but saw this in casting news.
Hopefully it will be like this for the return of Robin which I am so hoping to love!

Imagine if they kept Jake alive, he'd be a Morgan/Quartermaine, Moore, unknown, Webber, Hardy.

The show has been very good in the past 3 weeks, mostly because of Tracy/ELQ/AJ/Connie and the Maxie baby reveal. Lots of vets too. Some other storylines are falling flat compared to the explosive storylines.

Yes, Jake would have been the ultimate legacy child since his grandfather Dr. Steve Hardy was on THE very first episode of GH on April 1, 1963. Jake is a Hardy, Webber, Quartermaine, Morgan, Spencer and what in the heck is Liz's mother's name? Sheesh. It's a shame when a sixteen year vet like Liz can't even mention her own biological mother's name because the stupid show has never given the woman a name!

Now, back the rest of the show. Grrrr. There are very few times when I like Spinelli. His relationship with Ellie was adorable and then he had miscarriage sex with Maxie while awesome Ellie lay in the street paralyzed after being ran over by that DID creature Connie.

Re: William DeVery as Derrick/Julian- I'm operating under the assumption that when he had the surgery to change his appearance so no one would recognize him, he also had a few years knocked off. I mean if you're going to go the plastic surgery route, well you might as well go all out. Thus his age and appearance doesn't pull me out of the story.

Mallory, I'm very very disappointed that you didn't put up a video of Sean Kanan's AJ from last week. Talk about hitting it out of the park, considering the motherf'kers in charge have again thrown AJ under the bus. I'll take Sean over Brad any day of the week, and twice on Sunday.

But that's just me.

Sean Kanan and Chad Duell have been on fire, I have so much love for these two. Bradford's been bringing it too.

Personally I'd love to see AJ whip Sonny's butt, but that's me. I'm tired of so much screen time STILL being spent on Sonny and the propping of him.

I agree with EVERY word you said Cindy :). SK & CD have both been amazing--they are obviously marching toward a strong relationship. At the end of this Michael & AJ will be more father and son then Michael & Sonny--especially when Michael finds out Sonny knew and supported Morgan's lies about Kiki's paternity. This should make Sonny's (and Carly's) head explode--which I wish would literally happen.

ScorpiosRule, it's not just you.

Yay! A positive review. Yes, I am annoyed by the Sonny-Morgan-Olivia-Kikiness of GH, but I have loved BA, SK and CD these past few weeks. I agree that when AJ inevitably gets cleared and Sonny's forced to eat crow, Michael will be more Quartermaine than ever.

Oh, one more complaint. Seriously, this show needs to stop pushing Brad-Felix. What Brad attempted to do to Michael should require months and months of rehabilitation (in real life it would be unforgivable, but it's a soap -- and I loved Todd Manning -- so I can't be a hypocrite).

I think this proves that BA can act it's just that he was never ever given the chance to do so. His character as certainly been despicable.

After all he did know that Sonny and Jason were going to murder Dante in cold blood because he was an undercover cop. He kept his mouth shut. Then when Michael went to jail he thought he was justified in doing that. Michael did kill Claudia and got a really good deal. 5 years for a murder charge? Yes I am still pissed about this 3 years later.

What are your thoughts on the "Brad is the baby-daddy" storyline? I'm REALLY hoping that Britt-Brad are just covering up the fact that the baby came from a Dante-Lulu embryo. Because...it is just TOO ridiculous to think that Britt and her supposedly brilliant mom would go through all the trouble to fake a pregnancy, fake paternity tests, etc only to have the baby come out looking HALF-ASIAN.


Over the years, you have excelled at grammar....so what happened here?! -----> "He can talk english..." it's SPEAK, "He can speak english".

JJ, it was a callback to Sonny telling/yelling at Spinelli to "talk English". I would never! Sorry that it wasn't clear:)

ALC -- Agreed! I think Brad is covering for Britt on that. I think maybe (pure speculation) that when it comes out that Maxie's baby isn't Dante/Lulu's, either Brad or Britt will have guilty conscience and spill. Since the show is determined to redeem them both (I'm on board with the Britt redemption; my feelings about Brad are well-documented), I'm kind of interested to see who does the spilling.

ahhhh!! my apologies! I'm usually on point with callbacks but I fast forward thru a lot of the Sonny scenes..

and omg, I was just reading the post above me by Em and had a flash of 'brilliant' soap drama thought about Britt's baby....do you think she used Dante and Lulu's egg !?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!

annnnnd, I just read the post above the first one I posted on the 5th....So I guess ALC had that 'brilliant' soap drama thought a few days before I did. :(

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