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September 08, 2013

The Corpse Bride

We knew this would happen: that Sonny would be all ANGRY and then all SAD and then all sad and angry AT THE SAME TIME. We've lived through Sonny grieving before and it was sort of paint by numbers last week.

Of course, Sonny WOULD make Connie's murder all about him and he WOULD go off the deep end and have everyone all worried about how an innocent (and stupid--I'm sorry, I can't get past how dumb all of these people are for staying with Sonny and staying in town after suffering so many different violent attacks. I know that this is just the way Port Charles is and the way the soap opera genre is in general and I am usually much better at suspending my disbelief but this is just making me CRAZY. You were shot multiple times and yet you think life with Sonny Corinthos is worth the danger? Sonny CORINTHOS?! WHAT?!) woman's death is impacting HIM. ALSO, remember how he was all about Olivia just before Connie's murder? I remember that. He pretty clearly doesn't.

And he WOULD tease us all by pretending to contemplate commiting suicide.

Sonny: I'm gonna be with you now, Connie!

Ugh, you drama queen. Why dangle that delicious possibility in my face when we all know it's not going to happen?! Is it just to make me mad? Don't try to make me feel terrible just because you are grieving.

But the ghost marriage? That I did not see coming.

Connie: What are you waiting for? Make me your wife.


Connie: How does it feel to finally be married?
Sonny: It feels right.
Connie: Remember that feeling. Keep it with you.
Sonny: Don't go. Stay.
Connie: I'll always be with you, Sonny. In your heart and in your memories.
Sonny: Connie, I want more.
Connie: I wish I had more to give. I love you, Sonny. Goodbye.

That...was weird and gross, but at the same time, I have to give it begrudging props for surprising me. I mean, it surprised me in an "Ew...why is this...oh, dear" way, but it was surprising nonetheless. So the next time Sonny is grieving and depressed, all bets are off. He may marry an actual piece of barware (that story could serve as a sobering very special episode on so many levels).


I love your disdain for Sonny. It is a thing of beauty on every conceivable level.

Sonny IS a drama Queen. It's all about Sonny.

I thought Kate/Connie should have been sent to prison for killing Trey, kidnapping Johnny, and paralyzing Ellie. Now we'll have Sonny snotted and throwing barware at everyone in town until his next piece of ass (Olivia) bumps uglies with him.

Wow I would have thought that with Guza gone the Sonny whoring would end. I still remember how when Dante was shot it became all about him. Do you remember how people felt sorry for him because he shot someone? It looks like they should have done a clean sweep of all of the writers and started over when they got rid of Guza.

I thought there was only one old GH writer left on staff?

I've gone back in time to rolling my eyes about Sonny. Yes, I know he's bi-polar but I have trouble believing he's suicidal and I remember all too well the anger at Connie and how he was on the verge of moving on with Olivia to even buy this "I can't live without Connie." And during a particularly unkind moment, I was thinking "Stop teasing me and just do it." Ugh.

Sonny is the worst. The. Worst. The Sonny-propping is ridiculous. Clearly, if anyone's grief should be center-of-attention, it should be Olivia's (not that I want her to have any more screen time, because God knows I don't, but from a plot perspective, it's obvious). And seriously, Sonny grieves EVERY YEAR. Because he destroys everyone he touches. It is a compelling story only to the extent "Wash, Rinse, Repeat" is a compelling story because I have seen it just as many times. It's just boring at this point.

The fact that I was reminded of that TACKY wedding on the Haunted Star in the first place...I cannot.

Dear Sonny: If you want to end the "cycle of hurting people [you] love", here's a suggestion alternative to suicide: stop hurting the people you love. No one forces you to do that.
Signed, Evereyone

The title of this post alone gave me a tickle. I'll admit to actually having seen that movie. Thanks for the laugh, Mallory!

On a more serious note, am I the sole GH watcher who is disturbed, no outraged, every time Michael wonders if he can stand by his father AJ, the "potential murderer" yet hardly question his loyalty to his adopted father Sonny's long list of crimes in Port Charles, including murder. And Dante and Morgan, really?!! Are these characters actually starting to believe their father is a lowly coffee importer rather than a mob boss who orders hits on people as it suits him?

I get that AJ has done some horrible things in his lifetime, but seriously. AJ gets drunk and spins out of control, everyone pegs him as an irresponsible loser. Sonny gets drunk and spins out of control, and he's just a poor, tormented, misunderstood soul who needs rescuing?? Uugh!!

I really dislike the character of Sonny and I especially dislike how TPTB continue to prop him as some kind of hero. I hope Julian takes him down!

I had a hard time last week when Carly was lecturing Elizabeth about AJ, pretending that she now cared about her after all these years. Apparently she can find sympathy for a serial killer because hey it was the tumor's fault, and Sonny's extensive emotional abuse of all the women in his life, and his general misogyny is excused because he's bi-polar but AJ is the loser because he's an alcoholic?

@Dee You are not the only one! I made substantively the same comment just a couple of posts ago!

"Oliviaaaaaa, I'm not going to ask you again."

I think MB was channelling Desi Arnaz again. Surprised he didn't say, "Luuuucy I'm hoooome."

Good God, even William Shatner thought today's performance was ham-tastic.

If it hadn't been for the highly entertaining scenes at Windemere with Nik, Britt and Sabrina, I probably would have turned off the show today. I just can't with Sonny anymore. And at one point, when I think Sonny was supposed to look distraught and at the end of his rope, MB actually looked bored.

ICA with all of you! This teasing me with Sonny's suicide is mean and nasty! Someday, I hope....

He was bored, as we all are by now with this self indulgent scene played over and over. And Cindy, I had an even more unkind thought when Sonny was going to shoot himself..."do it but take Oliviaaaaa with you!"

Why do they tease us. I say Do it Sonny. Do your sons a big favor! Just do it! And I couldn't bring myself to watch because I knew he wouldn't. No matter what they say. Guza is hiding in the computer room, Or Ron's just coping the re runs. been there, seen this before.

I was PISSED that this was the garbage available to watch on the one day in the last three weeks that I've been home to see it. I was ready to reach into the TV and shoot Sonny myself just to put us all out of his misery. I have officially lost all my illusions about RC's writing talent. HACK HACK HACK!

Somewhere Megan Ward is drinking a cocktail with a tiny cute umbrella and laughing :)

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