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November 11, 2013

If I May Be Frank...Or Franco, Rather

MALLORY: Told me what?
GENERAL HOSPITAL: Told you you'd love Franco.
MALLORY: I don't love Franco.
GENERAL HOSPITAL: Yeah, you do. Nailed it.
MALLORY: I don't, though.
GENERAL HOSPITAL: No, you do. You have to. What more could you ask for? You were all "But he's so bad and terrible!" and it's like "Um, no, he's clearly on videotape not doing anything bad OR terrible." And then you were all "No, I still grudges because I'm crazy and obnoxious" and it's like "HE HAD A BRAIN TUMOR, OKAY?" And when you were still upset that he was Alan Quartermaine's son, we were like "HOW'S THIS FOR A LOOP, MOFOS?" and made him HEATHER and SCOTT's kid. HA! Who could see that coming?
MALLORY: No one who actually watched the show in the 80s.
GENERAL HOSPITAL: So now we can all just sit back and watch Carly and Franco be all cute and sparkly together.

Franco: It was an act. You know that. You know there's only one woman in this world for me.

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Couldn't you just DIE?
MALLORY: Yes, yes, I could.
GENERAL HOSPITAL: But the chemistry!
MALLORY: Is...fine?
GENERAL HOSPITAL: I'm sorry, do you even hear yourself? The chemistry is amazing.
MALLORY: Even if--IF!--their chemistry was "amazing", does that make up for the years of misery Franco caused Carly's son and, probably even more importantly to her, her JASON?
MALLORY: That's like saying "Anders Hove and Kimberly McCullough work so well together. Who cares what tragedies he's caused her family, right? Chemistry!"
MALLORY: Oh, no...
GENERAL HOSPITAL: So, is that something you'd be into? Because I like the sound of that...


I think as fans we have to careful and remember the past a bit. As a fan, I spent years and followed multiple message boards where the majority of fans complained for years about the all Sonny-Jason-Carly mob hour where stories were basically repeated again and again and again. And what I find discouraging is that here we are, with a new regime that has tried to give balance, that has tried to mix things up, that has tried to bring back oldies, to do what they can - sometimes successfully, and sometimes not - to give us a more rounded GH - and I still find the majority of fans complaining and griping and upset over something or the other. It's frustrating as a fan to see so many others almost perpetually unhappy with the show that - if nothing else - IS different than what we getting year after year from Guza. The show is more balanced, old favorites have returned, the mob - while a main story now - is not the nexus by which the whole show revolves anymore. There's been progress and yet, it never seems to be enough. It makes me sad and discouraged.

Relative noob but I have to say when I first started watching it didn't take me very long to get sick of Saint Jason (wait, he is a hitman, right?). The thing I hated most about RH as a Frsnco reboot was that it made everything STILL All. About. Jason. RH deserves better than someone else's crumbs and I'll never get why he went along with this. There are so many other ways he could have returned to the canvas.

I think Ron C is better than he's given credit for, but far from perfect, and I tend to agree more with those who are willing to cut him some slack because the show is--even with some really bad patches--so much more watchable than it was just two years ago.

That said, bringing back RH as Franco was such a demonstrably bad idea, so totally misguided, that a spanking is in order for whoever came up with it. Just about any other character they could have chosen for RH to play would have been better. (This brings up another point: I can hold RC responsible for certain things that are clearly related to writing, but I'm not entirely sure he's at fault for everything he gets the blame for. This Franco fiasco smacks of network decision making to me, and if I'm right about that, not even Douglas Marland Reincarnated could have made it work, so I'm not going to blame RC for how bad it is.)

I think Carly-Franco have chemistry, but I'm not into the pairing so far. It's so...weepy. There's no fun in it. No laughter or joy. Who wants to start a relationship with tears and angst? More importantly, who wants to watch that?

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