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December 30, 2013

I Have To Tell You Something

Watching soap operas for--oh, god, the rest of this sentence is both tragic and old-sounding--over half my life--really tragic and REALLY old-sounding--has made me sadly accustomed to the more ridiculous daytime television tropes, like comical reaction shots leading into a commercial and doppelgangers running amok and so on and so forth, so it's not like I'm SURPRISED by the amount of times characters boldly and seriously proclaimed "There's something I need to tell you" (or some variation of those words) to a bewildered character who never gets to hear what the first character has to tell them because they are interrupted by someone, or some thing or a commercial break.

I'm just ANNOYED by it--really, show? You think there's a chance any of us would believe Britt would spill the beans to Dante so soon? I know her defenses were probably down because of how adorable and sweet Dante was with Ben, but really, don't insult my intelligence like that! And Silas, too? Silas has a deep dark secret that he wants to confess to Sam, but probably won't because he'll keep getting interrupted by angry Quartermaines (according to Sam, the whole lot of them are filled with simmering rage, while the Corinthos family is more even-keeled because everything that's ever happened in Port Charles apparently hasn't really happened) or obsessive phone calls from Ava or who knows what and it will take a year and a day for him to confess his secret, which is probably profoundly uninteresting. And I'm just going to say, show, the bar for uninteresting is set pretty dully with Steve's secret Memphis death story, or whatever it was that he did that I can barely remember on account of not caring but which I vividly remember included flashbacks accompanied by a strumming guitar. So!

Also, I'm SCARED: how many times will Sabrina attempt to tell Patrick that she's pregnant before chickening out or getting interrupted or nobly deciding that it's better for her and Patrick if he never knows the truth? My money is on "once an episode for the next seven months"; there will be over-the-top and stilted references to babies in front of her which she will react to in a wildly exaggerated fashion in perhaps every scene she is in, but she'll only attempt to tell the truth once an episode. It's going to be a long nine months/however long Sabrina is pregnant before she goes into labor in a particularly dramatic way.


Happy New Year!

@Mandy I think you read my mind. I'm sure she will hide the pregnancy from Patrick. While I'mm happy for the actress there was no need to write this pregnancy into the storyline right now. Can't Scrubs be happy for 2 minutes. We waited 2 years for a reunion and Patrick still hasn't asked Robin where she was and what happened to her those past 2 years. Does Sonny even know Robin is alive? Can't RC come up with an original storyline for a change.

LOL Mary, MissyLady and Michaela...bring back Chandy!! Most beloved inanimate object ever.And it could be big enough to take out several people standing underneath all at once. just thinking about that makes me smile.

Two words could have saved us all from this mess, Baggy Scrubs! Then this waste of a character could have returned to the background as a nurse with no forced boring predictable teen 90's makeover movie BS. Ugh.

i thought 'wow, she's looking pregnant way to hammer it home' then i read the comments here and learn she is really pregnant .. congrats but why not just keep her behind the 'desk' or do the same shoot her the way they've been shooting Kristin Storms????????

I agree with everyone that there was no need to write in TC's pregnancy. Nor is it realistic that Patrick would ask Robin to have another child immediately after coming back from the dead. Shouldn't she be dealing with PTSD? Shouldn't they be talking about how Patrick had a drug problem when he thought she was dead? And where is Carly throughout all this? It's too soon for another baby storyline after we had two baby storyline's last year.

Wow this is seriously messed up but predictable. I know that I haven't rolled my eyes more than in recent weeks with the story about how great GH is. Apparently it's the best soap out there that ever existed. This proves that that's just a lot of bs.

This is the Ford debacle all over again. Then again most subpar writers do this. They use the show to write what they want ignoring history and the fanbase. They create their characters and have them do things that they like instead of what the fans want and then arrogantly think we should be fine with it. If you want to do that then create your own show or make your own film. Don't go to an established show for your pet projects!

This is one of many the reasons that I don't watch this show. I get that the bar was lowered pretty low in regards to Guza and how he destroyed GH but this isn't better. Instead it's the same really bad stories that no one likes. It's the same old sexist crap where a woman apparently isn't complete unless she has a kid. Lulu doesn't need a child along with the other women such as Britt and Sam. As for Patrick? This is completely out of character. It's not how anyone would react to your back from the dead spouse.

Shall Chandy reign their awesomeness on this show? I saw yes!

I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who hasn't gotten over Robert Freakin' Ford being Ryder's father. Chandy was my hero. That's the "character" RC ought to bring to GH because there's more than one character on this show who needs something heavy dropped on them.

Sadly, unless someone drops Chandy on RC there'll be no getting rid of the dead weight and Scrubs is basically doomed to be ruined He does the same crap over and over and it never gets any less aggravating.

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