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December 17, 2013

Meet The Parents

Are you sitting down? Sit down. This is some seriously shocking news and I'd hate for you to read it, gasp and then fall over dramatically and possibly seriously hurt yourself. Okay. Brace yourself for a BOMBSHELL.


Today on General Hospital, it was revealed that Britt's Ben is actually Dante and Lulu's baby.

Dr. Obrecht, fierce even in a prison jumpsuit and no makeup: I had a far, far better plan to get you pregnant. Why go to the trouble of creating a new baby when we had babies already made? We used Dante and Lulu Falconeri's.

Brad: Britt! How long before Dante and Lulu figure out that you have their son?!

Can you even BELIEVE it? I'm still semi-shocked! The twist we all predicted over the summer was revealed today. I thought the show would take a full calendar year to tease the audience with lots of hints before confirming what we all saw coming. I don't know whether to be impressed that the story is progressing rather quickly or filled with dread over the many innuendo-filled conversations we know are coming between Britt and the Falconeris in which Dante and Lulu remain oblivious to the awkward and suspicious facial expressions Britt is making; for someone caught up in so many life-altering secrets and plans, she is absolutely terrible at hiding her emotions.

Also, I have several questions:

  • Did Britt know from the outset that this was Dante and Lulu's child? Her knowing glances at them over the past few months would indicate that she did, but now that she sort of...doesn't suck, will it just be chalked up to another Dr. O plot that threw her daughter for a loop?
  • Does anyone else hate hate HATE the Edward Norton commercial that Kelly Thiebaud is in? Mostly because it gets "If I Could Turn Back Time" stuck in your head every time you see it? And why is Edward Norton making commercials? Why does she wear a blonde wig and how is she so pretty?
  • Why would Dr. Obrecht kidnap Ben to bring to Faison if he wasn't actually related to Faison? Dr. O seems like the type who would be disgusted by a random baby with lesser genetic quality than her beloved. "This child is repulsive, Britta, how do you even touch him without vomiting? He's so normal and American"
  • I first thought "Oh, no, this will throw quite the crimp in Nik and Britt's relationship", but the more I considered it the more I wonder...will Nik really care? I mean, he will for a second and he'll probably yell about Britt hurting his sister. But family loyalty isn't really his thing. I can see him getting over it pretty quickly.
  • Does "embryo" cease to sound like a word the more people say it? I started giggling by the end of the episode because it just sounded like gibberish?
  • Unrelated, but it's making me insane: WHY ARE WE STILL TALKING ABOUT LILY?! Didn't we as the GH audience vote sometime in the last twenty years that Lily was the worst ever and we should just forget about her lest we have flashbacks to her horrible acting and annoying personality? I could have sworn we did.


I don't see Dr. O being in the least bit interested in Ben if he was NOT of hers and Faison's blood. She barely gives two craps about Britta, and Britta IS hers and Faison's child!

I'm gonna have to watch this stuff with Britt and baby Ben through my fingers. Oh, girl, this is going to end so badly for you!

Dr. O should give classes on fierceness.

And why are we still watching Sonny natter on about mob crap -- and even talk to Duke -- without somehow hearing that Robin is alive? Is the obvious approaching doom for the randomly appearing TJ more important than his reaction to the reappearance of the woman whose funeral he insisted upon crashing last year?

Sonny ruins everything!

Your last comment....YES. I distinctly remember jumping up and down on the couch screaming with joy when she blew to bits. I thought I was rid of her then. Why does she keep coming back? Why does this show hate me? Sabrina is going to haunt us forever too, isn't she?

I am afraid to invest anymore "like" in Nik and Britt, much as I do like them together. He just telegraphed how he would react if she lies to him again, and she will. then of course he will run into Liz's arms and I will hate that.
You are so right about the family loyalty thing with Nik...look what he did to Lucky.
Love Dr. O's evilness and fierceness. Hate Duke turning back to the mob. Sonny does ruin everything, and has for too long!
I do NOT want to hear the name Lily ever again....sadly my wish will not be granted.

Why the hell did you pull this stupid crap, TFGH? WHY? No way in hell would Dr. O have been so intent on keeping Ben and taking him to Faison if he wasn't their grandchild. And she sure as hell wouldn't have insisted on naming him Cesar. If Ben was always a Spencer spawn, fine. But why make Dr. O look stupid and deranged? The whole Cassadine island storyline wouldn't have been effected. Obrecht could've taken Ben just to hold him over Robin, using him as being Patrick's child. Anna would still go looking for him. The whole Faison escapes would go on without interruption.

But come on, to have Dr. O be so crazy over "little Cesar" and now have her announce that he is actually Dante's and Lulu's child is nuts.

As for Nik, he might be done with Brit. Screwing over Lucky would be one thing. Screwing over Lulu is a whole other thing. Nik has always loved and adored his baby sis.

Duke is now ruined for me. Sonny really does ruin EVERYTHING!

Am I the only one who doesn't think Britt is really O & Faison's kid? I think O told Faison that Britt was his in order to "keep" him and her real parents identities will come out later. O just manipulated situation to have Britt relive O's history. I don't think O gives two craps about the truth... Oh well just my thoughts!

more annoying than the Norton commercial is the yogurt commercial with 'Molly' which ABC runs every 3 minutes ...

They brought back Franco so why not Lily?
They've resurrected the mob war, after so many left over the years because of the focus on the mob. The new guys seem to embrace some of the history and what the fans want, but then they seem a little tone deaf.

The Ben baby saga is just so dull and predictable. Initially, we were lead to believe by Dr.O that the pregnancy was part of some master plan. What was it? Will we ever know or is this just something else that will be abandoned and never fully addressed? And since Britt has changed and become a likeable character to many, why not abandon the idea you had a year ago? Turn the tables on the audience a little? The show is really starting to hit a predictable and flat note.

The master plan evil O was referring to, I think must've been HER plan to use a baby to win Faison. She tried it once before, with Britt (who may or may not be their actual child) and it didn't work, but a MALE child seems to have had a different effect on Faison. I don't think evil O gives a rats ass about bloodlines, she's not Helena. She cares about whatever she can work to her advantage and will not be blinded by "family"' , bloodlines or anything, except maybe her Faison obsession.

For the longest time, I was convinced that Britt stole Dante's sperm sample and Ben is her baby with Dante… mostly because I like Britt now and don't want to see them take Ben away from her, but also because I really don't think Obrecht would have been so desperate to kidnap Ben if she knew he wasn't actually related to her and Faison.

It would have made sense if Dr. O harvested sperm from one of her male "subjects" stashed away in her clinic to use down the road in some nefarious plot, which is why I don't believe she would have gone all gaga over a male kid that did NOT share her beloved Cesar's blood, and I'm not talking about Britta!

stlbf, remember when Lulu told Nik how much she hated Brook Lynn because Brook drugged Dante and tried to get him to have sex with her? And Nik just shrugged and said, "eh there's two sides to every story?" Nik likes Lulu sure but not enough to dump his girlfriends. (And to be fair, Lulu is the same way. Her sidepieces > her bros. Although at this point, Dante's a bit more than a sidepiece of course.)

Two questions:
(1) When are these stupid boys (i.e. Duke) going to learn that Anna doesn't need "protected"? I hate hate hate that Duke has thrown in with Sonny. Back in the day, Duke abhorred violence...he always tried to avoid that part of the business. It was the main reason why we could buy him as a mobster with a heart--unlike Sonny. Now he's like "sure, kill Carlos." Ugh.
(2) Obrecht mentioned the time that Anna was a double agent. Mac mentioned it a little while back too. Is that common knowledge (beyond Robert, Sean, & Faison)? If so, when did it come out into the open?

I think Ben was going to be Britt's, but as re-ron loves to read all the things people say online. I think all the people who thought this a looong time ago He went with it.
Britt when this started was THE EVUL, and when she was put in the middle of the spy story with Nick. It most likely blew up in their faces. I don't know if they realized they would be so well liked. They have great on-screen chemistry and she has been saved. A lot of it is because of the fight between Lulu and Maxie. I read people say why should she get her baby when Maxie didn't ? Some people hate Lulu. not me I like the actress. But I haven't liked Nick in a long time Not hate him just not care. The ratings were great then we get Happy Holidays ,mob shoot out,. Mob shoot out. Sonny ruins everything.

My guess is if Carly can forgive FranToddBob for all the heinous things he's done (brain tumor or not), Nikolas will no doubt forgive Britt after a short period of time. Misdeeds never seem to have an effect in today's Port Charles. I think the show misses a lot of drama that could be gained by having more emotional fallout. Things move so fast in order to prop certain couples that the fans wait for the big dramatic fallout and it often falls flat instead. I do think the show is miles better than it was previously but I think the writers miss a lot of opportunities to really get that "soapy" drama out of certain situations.

And yeah, all this mention of Lily makes me fear that either 1) she's alive or 2) Carlos isn't really her brother but Sabrina is her daughter, further entrenching her into the show.

Wow. That code of honour Sonny has is sure something. He will shoot his own son point blank in the chest. He will threaten to murder the mother of his son. He will betray his biological son in favour of the child he kidnapped. And yet he won't kill his arranged marriage wife's dead brother? Wow...with friends like that who needs enemas?? The glee Sonny gets from power and violence is truly disgusting. He is a sociopathic reprobate. He calls the jerome's garbage and trash? What the hell does he think he is??? To have this character constantly portrayed as a good guy is sickening. Get rid of him! The fans have spoken loud and clear for years!! The powers that be justify his continued existence because every time the show does a mob war shoot out the ratings spike a bit. Memo: its not because of sonny. People tune in to find out who the next beloved casualty will be because of Sonny. Nothing would make me happier than for Sonny to die a violent death in the show's 2734th shoot out. Someone has to end this character's reign of terror. Lily should come back...but as a whack a doodle mob boss who has been pulling strings all along to destroy Sonny. That would be truer to history rather than heralding her as some sort of angel saint that the show has done for the past 17 years.

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