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December 02, 2013

Seven Seconds In Heaven

I don't want to be melodramatic or come across as an actual crazy person by saying this, but it's more than a little bit true (both the following statement and that I am melodramatic and an actual crazy person): my stomach was in knots anticipating Robin's revelation that she's alive.

Would the show do it justice? This was a very real concern, as the show's execution of big ideas is often lacking/bad. And Robin's reunion with her parents was so wonderfully done, what if all of their creativity went to that and Robin's dramatic reveal to Patrick and Mac and the rest of town happened entirely offscreen and was recapped in a scroll at the bottom of the screen. "ROBIN IS ALIVE, PATRICK WAS LIKE WHAT? ANYWAY, BACK TO SONNY..."

What if the show did it justice, or at least tried to, and I hated it? This was possibly an even realer concern, as I hate most things, and I couldn't bear the thought of it.

Happily--that doesn't even do it justice. Delightfully? Thrillingly? Wonderfully? Amazingly?--it was perfect. Perfect. PERFECT. The last minute of today's show just impeccable. And happy making. And wonderful.

(I'm sure that other things happened in the show's first 59 minutes, but honestly, were like a blip to me. There was something with Bobbie and Jerry and while under any other circumstance that would bring me joy, today it barely even registered. And every non-Robin part of the wedding was pretty bad, from what I remember. Especially Sabrina's atrosh vows and her mother's hideous wedding dress.


I know soaps are on tight budgets but this shit looked flammable)

You had Sabrina and Patrick exchanging vows and Patrick hesitating for literally eighteen full minutes before saying "I do". It was uncomfortable and delicious at the same time. Lucy had to give him a nudge and with eyes as round as...as something round (I'M TOO EXCITED TO CRAFT COMPLEX SIMILES OKAY) he finally said he did and Sabrina and Robin both broke down for different reasons, the former relieved that she wouldn't have to kill herself out of humiliation and the latter because her husband was moving on.

As Robin started to leave the church, Emma noticed her and gave a quizzical "Mommy?"


Robin turned around and Liz, Epiphany and the rest all turned with pretty amazing expressions of befuddlement on their faces.



They should probably be more accustomed to people who are supposed to be dead being remarkably alive, but that's just a nitpick.

In slow motion, Emma made a beeline for her mother screaming "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy!" and I of course started to cry like a complete lunatic and in case THAT wasn't enough to make me sob, then MAC STOOD UP TO SEE AND I DIED A LITTLE BIT FROM EMOTIONAL OVERLOAD, OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU, MAC!


Then Robin--and I needn't even say I was crying all through this because of course I was--picks her up and says "My baby" and hugs her and twirls her and Emma looks so, so happy.



Lucy is SHOCKED.


Felix is like "Is this allowed? Does she even go here?"




Sabrina feels...something. I know she is feeling an emotion. Probably several! But I can't identify them. Is she shocked to the point of stoicism? Is this an acting choice?

SabrinaSo we'll just say that she feels...things TBD.

Then Robin says "Mommy's here" and she turns and locks eyes with Patrick and!!!




I don't think any of us will be satisfied until we watch it again. Maybe three or for more times. Don't look at me like that--I am willing to bet CASH MONEY (or at least MY PRIDE ON THE INTERNETS) that you've done the same. I bet you're watching it again right now! I hope you have tissues handy.


i hated every minute she stood there not letting them know she was alive ... soap drama be damned ... i wanted her to stop that wedding the minute she arrived at the church

Did you all really hate the Anna-Robert scenes? I loved the Robin-Emma reunion, but I thought the Anna-Robert scenes were tense and awesome. The only thing that bothered me is that she didn't bring up (as a reason to kill him) how Faison used Duke against her and kept him holed up for years. Seems worth a mention!

Robin and Emma were awesome!

ALC, I enjoyed the Robert and Anna scenes as well. I figured in trying to convince Robert of the need to do away with Faison, she would stick with the the things he did to the immediate family. Those are reasons enough.

Three generations of Devane-Scorpio women are bringing it.

The reunion with Anna and Robin was just about perfect. You could see the fear in Anna's eyes that this wasn't real, until she felt Robin in her arms and she knew.

Then seeing Anna turn to steel as she told Robert she could live with being a part of killing Faison if it meant Robin and the rest of them would be free of the fear of him ever coming back.

And then Robin's and Emma's reunion. It was the little things that made that scene stellar. Mac's utter shock. The emotions playing on Lucy's face as it sunk in. Emma's natural confusion on her face at first, then her unchecked joy as she raced to Robin, as they didn't see anyone else but each other until Robin looked up and locked eyes with Patrick.

"What you said!" to the whole column, but the funniest thing ever to me was "ROBIN IS ALIVE, PATRICK WAS LIKE WHAT? ANYWAY, BACK TO SONNY..." I'm still laughing. :o)

Robin/Emma's reunion gave me chills and the subsequent reunions today between Robin/Mac/Felicia and especially Robin and Patrick were incredibly moving. I'd argue this was Jason Thompson's best performance since, ironically, when Robin "died". I also enjoyed Anna and Duke's scenes as well. As for Sabrina... normally I try not to criticize actors/characters (even if it's deserved) but what, in God's name, was that SOUND she made when she was crying. Honestly, it took a little from the Scrubs reunion, because while I loved the scene itself all I could hear was this yelping sound which really didn't make me feel sorry for her. It reminded me of that scene in Ever After when the prince was marrying that woman while her true love looked on and she is hysterically crying. I had the same reaction today I had when I saw that movie. I LMAO. I am a horrible person I know.

Too funny Mary, I had the same reaction (though I didn't remember the Ever After scene). I kept thinking pipe down.

And her line "after all we've been through." What the hell has she been through with Patrick? It's been about 8 or 9 months since their first kiss. The character gets more annoying every day. The only "hurdle" was Britt.

Sabrina was such a BRAT. Why couldn't she quietly slip into the backroom and cry in privacy like a normal person with pride? Give them a minute. Give everyone a minute to be happy, a cancelled wedding doesn't equal a return from the dead. And Emma having to be the one to interrupt her parents and validate Sabrina's attention seeking sucked.

At least she wasn't as horrible as Felix who seemed to actually be wishing Robin dead, and I can't wait for his reaction to Robin and Britt being BFFs but what a contrast to Robin's maturity about the situation. Devane women FTW.

Seriously love the Devane-Scorpio women! All 3 generations. Heart of the show for me. As for yesterday the Robert and Anna scenes were incredible and showed their true bond. The Robin-Emma scene was incredible. Let's move on with the Sabrina story bc we know we have to learn her backstory now and who she's really related to... Oh please don't be related to Robin... Don't need the sister triangle over Patrick!!

The Robin reunions were all just... Perfect. Sigh. After today I honestly said -- out loud to myself -- I don't understand why anyone hates soap operas. That was wonderful.
So, I don't REALLY hate Sabrina. I just found her dull and too much of a child for patrick. I cried during every Robin scene today. But I also have to say, while I don't think that actress who played Sabrina is especially remarkable, I actually think she did a serviceable job portraying her anguish. I felt genuinely bad for her and maybe one of today's tears was even for her. I mean, obviously it's no contest and Patrick + Robin 4-EVAH and all of that. This was a silly false conflict (or at least it better be!), but I did have sympathy for Sabrina for the first time in her entire run on this show.

I am no fan of the Sabrina character, but I cringed for her when Patrick and Robin started kissing. Can you imagine? Ironically, I think Sabrina will go on to become a more interesting character as a result of all of this.

Loved Anna begging Duke not to do to Julian what she had just done to Faison. God I love her character.

Bahahaha, I laughed every damn time Sabrina sobbed today. Makes up for having to put up with the rushed wedding and insipid vows.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I really don't understand all the Sabrina hate. She's just seems to be a somewhat naive young woman who wants to believe in happy endings--there are a few of these women still left in the world. In any event, I agree the actress doesn't seem to be able to hold her own with Jason Thompson or the other seasoned actors on the show.

Like ALC, I also cringed when Patrick kissed Robin as if he'd completely forgotten his bride at the altar. (Heck, it seemed as if he'd forgotten all the guests too!) If a situation like this were even remotely possible in real life, I can't even imagine what it would feel like for your future husband's presumed dead wife to suddenly appear very much alive at your wedding just as you're about to be pronounced man and wife, especially when you've only been hearing from day one how his "late" wife was the love of his life.

I suppose though if he had confessed to me only moments before we were to marry that he'd gone looking for his "late" wife, I would have taken that as a clue that he clearly isn't ready and called off the wedding right there and then.

Anyway, Kim McC and Jason Thompson completely wrecked me today.

Sabrina started off just fine, but along the way too much pimping and propping by the other characters AND random strangers made me jump on the Britta train. Sabrina needed to comb her hair from the very start, but she was still a pretty YOUNG woman that had a major crush on an older man. Patrick was too much man for Sabrina and I don't care if she had lots, and lots of sex! Even Sabrina paired up with Carlos makes no sense, because Carlos looks Patrick's age and not some teeny bopper boyfriend.

I laughed, LAUGHED I tell you, at every sob today. Sabrina really sucks.

I don't hate Sabrina, but I do think this plot line will give her a chance to be more interesting. Also have to add that the Anna/Robert discussion over killing Faison was great.

The last scene with the Robin/Emma reunion was perfection, but I don't feel like the Robert/Anna "to Kill or Not to Kill" scenes get all the praise they deserve. And really, that's what kept me interested all hour. I didn't care a lick about the vows, but watching AH react to the 'rents discussing whether to commit murder, I was completely enthralled. And the question did they or didn't they was my big cliffhanger and they're last scene had me tearing up before Emma saw her mom.

I don't hate Sabrina at all, nor do I care who Patrick ends up with, but portraying her as such an immature child really isn't helping with the haters, IMO.

Sure, it would be hard for anyone to have their groom's dead wife appear at the ceremony, even if they'd only been dating for a few months, the proposal came as a shock because they were nowhere near ready to get married and he hadn't even taken off his wedding ring. Still, being an adult means trying to keep your emotions in check and think of everyone else, like, say, the little girl whose stepmother you're signing on to be, in addition to yourself even when it's really hard and your inner 2-year-old is screaming "me me me me me, it's all about me, no fair."

I can't see any other character reacting quite that childishly. Yes they'd break down behind closed doors, but they'd also spare a thought for what Robin was going through, show a bit of empathy for Patrick's plight as Robin did, encourage Patrick to spend some time with Robin, and actually show as much concern for the 7-year-old's mental state as she did for theirs.

OMG, YES! I was getting madder and madder and nearly died when Robin turned to leave the wedding and then...OMG, THAT WAS SO WORTH WAITING FOR! It was perfect, Emma was perfect, the way Robin picked her up, the "my baby," the "Mommy's here." SO PERFECT.

This was heaven.

I also loved Anna advocating for killing Faison. Finola Hughes is brilliant. She gets to me right where I live.

And, as someone whose heart has recently been broken, I totally get Sabrina and find it completely realistic that she would fall to the floor sobbing. I don't like her with Patrick, and I don't want them together, and the chemistry between JT and KMc is off the charts! so there's that, but expecting a bride to react like an adult in a left-at-the-altar situation is ridiculous.

Sabrina wasn't left at the altar, though. Sometimes unforeseen momentous events happen. I don't think anyone expected Sabrina to act with total nobility and hand over Patrick without a tear, but it's hardly ridiculous or unreasonable to expect her to be mature enough to bow out and give them 60 seconds to process. Even my Team Sabrina (in the sense that they like her, not that they want her with Patrick) thought she behaved like "a twerpy spoiled brat." It's not like these types of scenarios have never happened on soaps before, but I can't remember ever seeing a reunion ruined because the bride wasn't mature enough to just take 4 steps into the back of the church and not make a big scene in front of Emma.

Finola is perfect, Anna is perfect.

I loved today's Maxie/Robin reunion scenes but I really wish Patrick could figure out what he wants!

I love this show--now that Robin is back. Loving it!!!!

You have already said it all.Dragged out .Emma running to mommy.Re-Ron does it again.I don't hate Sabrina *yet*. She didn't do anything except help Patrick to ignore Robins calls.But.

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