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January 06, 2014

Crazy In Love. Like...Deranged In Love

I'm not going to even bother asking if Carly is for real because, regrettably, this Carly IS for real. All of her giddiness and schoolgirl twittering and doe-eyed smiling every time she hears Franco's name ("Wow, that Franco is just a human disaster, isn't he?" "The handsomest human disaster to ever exist!"). That's who Carly is now and it breaks my heart. Do you know what I'd give to watch Carly stomp around town screaming at everybody until her voice goes hoarse and plotting convoluted schemes to get revenge on people for their real and perceived misdeeds? Sure, she sort of got into it with Ava today, but I worry that it was less about being protective of her child (she referred to Morgan as Kiki's sloppy seconds, which was just so, so gross. Both because that's just a yucky thing to say about your son and also because Kiki is still a character on this show that we are forced to discuss) and more about jealousy that Ava's also done the deed with Franco, her one true love.

Because she loves him, you guys. She love, love, loves him!

Carly, to Michael, who just heard the revolting news that his mother is doing s-e-x with a psychotic killer-stalker-kidnapper: I know you're surprised and shocked.
Michael who, as mentioned above, was revolted and with good reason: No, that doesn't begin to describe it, Mom! This is sick!

Like, really, Carly. You're surprised and shocked when your mother all of a sudden gets bangs, not when she reveals that she's in a relationship with a man who ruined the lives of each of the handful of people she feels some sort of human emotion for.

Every time Michael managed to speak around the bile that was absolutely pooling in his throat and probably threatening to suffocate him so way to go, Carly, your son could have DIED (...AGAIN!) because of Franco and hit her with the cold hard facts that Franco was awful to him and to Sam and to Saint Jason and to Josslyn, she responded with "But...video!" "Oh em gee, Michael, he had a brain tumor? Why are you bullying BRAIN TUMOR PATIENTS right now?"

Michae, disgusted (Michael was so right on today that I came close to liking him for the first time in forever. The only thing keeping me on the face was that he didn't take advantage of his truth-telling roll and dump Kiki): I thought you were smarter than this.
Carly, wiping a tear away: Well, I'm really sorry that I disappointed you.

Poor sad Carly. She was so poor and so sad that she then turned to Franco and said "I'm sorry, I can't be with you right now". No, just kidding, as soon as Michael left she went back to slobbering over Franco both literally (those were some loud, gross kisses) and figuratively:

Carly: Nothing's gonna stop me from being with you. Everything's gonna work out just fine.

Please be ominous, please be ominous, please be ominous...


I still maintain it's out of character that Carly is super cool with Kiki now being with Michael. The Carls I know would have thrown Keeks in the trunk of a car and driven it off a bridge by now.

Man, EVERYONE in this episode needed to shut up.

Maybe I was dreaming, but I could have sworn I read an article where RC compared Franco/Carly to Luke/Laura? *Gross*.

Carly is a shrill harpy who carries a grudge for decades (see Liz, Robin and AJ)!

And yet none of them ever did anything in the realm of what Franco did.

Mallory, That was meant to be ominous. Didn't you see Heather in the elevator? From what I have read Carly is going to get kidnapped and that is why Lucas comes home.

>Carly is going to get kidnapped and that is why Lucas comes home.

Sadly, the words "dancing on her grave" will likely not be involved.

Why are people surprised this Carly always been a sociopathic bitch and has never cared about anything but her own wants

Thank you for pointing out how Carly is twittering about all doe eyed like a schoolgirl. Terrible acting choice by Laura Wright. Her personal agenda to sell this story to her bosses for the sake of her career is embarrassing.

If the TUMOR made Franco do bad things, then what is the point of the DVD? The DVD is supposed to show that Franco really didn't want Michael to get hurt, he was really trying to protect him, but that was pre-tumor removal. So which is it?

Could anything about this story make less sense other than Roger Howarth is supposed to be with Laura Wright and that RC is just a terrible writer?

I'm in total agreement that this is so out of character for Carly. With her son's love lives as they are, the Carly we all know would not have time for romance herself, she'd be hatching some crazy scheme to get rid of Kiki, and especially Ava. She'd be ranting and raving, and crazying all over them and anyone else who'd listen as well as anyone else who was trying desperately NOT to listen!!!

It's not too late to fix it! Maybe Heather had twins (as Susan was supposed to have had before the rewrite), and Franco is still crazy balls, but his Identical "good twin" comes to the rescue somehow.

If they are worried about not losing the chem between LW and RH, why not double it and try to make it make some sense??? Something - ANYTHING to fix this!


loki, people aren't surprised that Carly is doing what she wants, people are surprised that what she wants is Franco. It just doesn't make sense.

My prediction is that Heather does something to Carly to put her in danger, and Franco (ugh, I even hate to type that name) ultimately saves her, making Michael realize that Franco really is a swell guy after all, and all is forgiven. Franco jumping into the water to save Michael wasn't enough, but when Michael's mother is in danger, he'll be so grateful to Franco. Believe me, I hope this will NOT happen, but the writers seem to be desperate to make viewers like Franco.

I could sort of tolerate Todd, not having watched OLTL, and at first I thought he was so strange it took some getting used to his acting choices. But as Franco, that rapid way of talking, the (I guess) ad libs I see as just a way to make the character endearing, and for me it's not working at all and it seems very forced as does his pairing w/Carly. I agree she seems to be acting way too girlish and giggly and middle-schoolish for a grown woman. It is very out of character for her as someone who holds grudges for decades to suddenly forgive Franco because she has the hots for him. I might just FF and pretend the story doesn't exist :-) !

Ok...good to hear that I am not alone in my loathing of the Cranco pairing. In what world, does a mother have ANY relationship with a vile man who tortured many and set up a prison rape for her young son??? I know that RH is popular but I do not see the all consuming need to thrust him into the GH fabric. There are so many actors on this show, surely, we can do without this one??

Janet-- I too, fear yet another Franco redemption story coming to our screens.

To me the bigger ridiculousness is Sonny of all people complaining that AJ got away with murder. And then complaining the only reason he didn't murder AJ was Michael begging.

When will we get rid of the mob? Too much Sonny (who has yet to mention Robin's name) Julian & Ava. And is there a stupider person in Port Charles than Morgan?

LW is playing this like it's GL's Cassie and Edmund all over again (complete w brain issues). I think people liked that pairing (I personally loved it) because Cassie had been a namby pamby good girl for so long it was refreshing to see her break out and do something risque. Carly does not have that issue lol.
it's too bad they couldn't have killed Konnie off sooner. They could have brought back RH as Steven Lars to comfort Olivia and had a Sonny/Liv/Steve/Carly quadrangle. Plus then he would have already been Heather's son and Scott wouldn't have to be involved.

Reading all this I now know why I haven't watched the show for a while. Franco I have never liked RoHo plays Franco the same way he played Todd and Paul Ryan.He made me shut off ATWTs because of the way the actor ruined the character. Laughing at his own jokes etc, etc, etc.Carley I have always hated no matter who played her. hate the character with the fire of a thousand suns.We know what will happen. heather will be carley and take carley away Franco will rescue her and then TIIC can say you have to love him he is a hero Gag me. No thanks.This is the same garbage they wrote for OLTL. been there seen that and not really much of it.

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