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January 16, 2014

The One With My Identity Crisis

"Thank you, Sonny. THANK you."

As soon as the words came out of my mouth, I recoiled and suppressed the urge to scream a scary movie scream. It was a real life "The call is coming from inside the house" moment except it was somehow more terrifying. I wish I was dealing with a crazed killer at this point. That would be a walk in the park! But no, instead I'm dealing with the disruption (destruction?!) of my entire worldview. We all know how I feel about Sonny; I...don't care for him, to an extreme and possibly semi-obsessive degree. But today? Today I didn't just tolerate him. I didn't just agree with him. I ENJOYED HIM. What is my life?! Up is down and left is right and what, will I turn on the ESPN 30 For 30 on Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan tonight and think "No, this isn't for me" and will I root for the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, reasoning that "You know, Pete Carroll seems like a really great guy"? ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE IN THIS NEW REALITY AND IT HORRIFIES ME.

Sonny: Is it that hard to believe that Carly would leave you?
Franco: Yes, you know why? Because things were really good with us.
Sonny, voice dripping with disdain. A disdain that I recognize and admire: Oh, really?
Franco: Yeah.
Sonny. Oh. [Sarcastically] Okay.
Franco: Carly was wonderful to me. Really, she was. She was going to go to Michael, she was going to tell him we WEREN'T going to break up. She was going to tell him that RIGHT NOW there's NOTHING that was going to break us up.

Who are you, Taylor Swift?

Franco: It's terrifying to love a woman. To care about her so much and to know she may never care back because of all the things you've done wrong in your life. And no one in the world seems to get it. No one seems to believe you may be different now because you love someone.

Try to throw in a few more cliches, Franco. You don't sound EXACTLY like a tween girl just yet.

Franco: I've done some horrible things in my life.
Sonny, deadpan: Oh?
Franco: So have you.
Sonny, shrugging: Eh.

I laughed out loud, you guys. OUT LOUD.

Franco: I'm not capable of hurting Carly.
Sonny: You're not? Oh, you're not [At this point, Maurice Benard did a full body eyeroll and I am completely genuine when I say that it should be the centerpiece of his Emmy reel]. The tumor.

If you ignore Sonny's history (the writers do, so why can't we?) and literally every aspect of his personality aside from his disgust with Franco, he's sort of okay. I could--and I am ashamed to be typing this. Really, I am. The new me is scary--watch him threaten Franco all day, every day (mostly because Franco is the worst but also, a little, because Sonny really means that SHAWN will hurt Franco in a million different ways but it's not as menacing if you phrase it like "You better pray, because my henchman will totally destroy you on my orders and fill me in on it later. Yeah. Think about that."), even though that will just give Franco more fodder for his lame diary. "OMG, Sonny was sooooooo mean..."


and her hands are still tied in front of her ... so stupid

I dunno how much Franco I can take. He's been on nonstop for nearly two weeks now!

And it's really starting to irritate me that we only see Kevin when he must also prop up Franco. Ew!

It hurts a little to dislike Roger Howarth so much in this role, but I really really hate Franco. And Kreepi, and Silas as well. Ron C. has not served the OLTL transplants well at all.
And I don't think he's helping GH much either, in the long run. But what do I know? The ratings are up.....which means, I guess, if they stay up, then we'll be forced to eat more of this cruel gruel.

I find it easy to dislike Roger Howarth. I can't take his twitching and stuttering and all the histrionics. Every scene, every time, he just chews the scenery every second he's on and ruins every scene. John Lindstrom and kin Shriner basically stared at him in their scenes the other day. There's nothing else you can do. He doesn't give the other actors any room.


You're right, he does crowd out pretty much everyone else, something he didn't do on OLTL. Maybe it's because on OLTL, he was was working with other strong performers who had worked with him before, so there was more give and take. And no way could he scene steal from Robin Strasser, Kassie de Pavia, FlorenciaLozano or Erika Slezak. Anyone of them could have eaten him alive.
Or maybe the way this role has been written and how either he is interpreting it, or how he's being told to do so has resulted in this braying, self-pitying twitching mess of a moronic man child. All I know is that I saw and enjoyed a much more nuanced performance from him, consistently, on OLTL and now I want - and often do - ff his scenes on GH. And I resent the screen time this character has been given and even moreso, resent SHOW trying to tell us we have to like him.
I don't.

I'm ashamed to admit this but...I've enjoyed Sonny the past few days in the current...yuckiness of the show. Maybe it's the pairing with Olivia, but MB seems to be bringing it. He actually made me shake when he threatened Franco on Thursday and usually Sonny and his threats just make my eyes roll.

I just...can't with Heather anymore. Bad enough that when Franco stabbed her I declared I would love him forever if he killed her but now with all of this exposition...and when (not that she will) does kill Carly? The time of death would be so far off from the time the evidence was found that Franco will be nominated for sainthood for having to have her as a parent.

I can either love Roger Howarth(as Todd Manning, during most of OLTL time) or hate him(ala his Paul Ryan days on ATWT). Right now, Franco is running straight into Paul Ryan emotions: aka seething hatred. And having the show tie up Kevin's seemingly very limited air time with Franco, sure as hell ain't helping.

Poor Kin, Scotty has perfectly wonderful daughters to have come to town. And all the show can dump on him is an unneeded psycho son. Why oh, why can't Serena and Christina return? Serena Baldwin is a young 20 something the show can use. And the teen scene desperately needs new blood. Rafe/Molly/TJ/Whatshername just aren't cutting it. Christina Baldwin should be driving Molly bonkers. And she should be drowning out Molly's delusions of Gummy Mob ultimate goodness. By pointing out that Sonny PUT A HIT OUT ON HER SISTER AT ONE TIME. AND HOOKED KAREN ON DRUGS AND GOT HER TO START STRIPPING! Let's see Molly romanticize her Uncle Sonny then.

As for the rest, Bobbie, Lucas is a grownup. He ain't 6 years old. How the hell he hasn't found out yet is beyond me. I always thought that Lucas knew his biological parents' names and occupations. I just can't buy the big fear for her.

And how the hell can Brit be up for Chief of Staff? She is barely an OB/GYN. And has had black marks on her career, so far. Don't you have to be oh, qualified? And aren't most Chief of Staff more administrative nowadays? Patrick didn't seem to care for it when he was a temporary Chief. Maybe Robin, but she also really loved doing her research work.

But I did like the Nik/Liz interaction. Her trying to get Nik to do something new and potentially embarrassing with her and the boys was sweet. Telling him that he is turning into his Uncle Stefan. Aw.

We can just call the show oltl2 and be done with it. Roger makes me cringe. He made me turn ATWTs off. After 35 years of watching it, he ruined Paul Ryan, and Hunt Block and his open mouth chewing helped. Couldn't stand the show then. he is now back to doing the same thing to OLTL2 I watched a little very little in the past two weeks and when I did I was yelling at heather kill her and get it over with. Take out froad while you are at it..re-Ron could also be tied up gagged and left in the boathouse also..Is this their way of getting even with ABC for cancelling their show. Ruining GH completely? Two weeks of GH on my dvr and I am not even the least bit interested in watching it.I go to the boards read what they say,and .I read somewhere Don't know if its true but Dr O with be the new chief of staff.What another re-ron joke ?

I know the spoilers say the new chief of staff will be shocker, but how would Dr. O even be eligible? I mean...agh...never mind. I'm hearing rampant rumors that AJ is gone soon and I might go with him. Nothing is holding my interest right now. When you start enjoying Sonny, you're in trouble.

I agree with everyone's opinion of Franco...and when Sonny can make me laugh with glee because he's putting the screws to Franco, something is whacky. I have to shamefully admit I love when Sonny is in that "mode" that he was with Franco. Also back when he told Julian that the majority of accidents happen in the kitchen or something. I just had to laugh.

I can't take the babbling, the speed talking, the twitches, the little-boy-lost demeanor, the Carly-Franco love for the ages. Not buying it, show. Franco can save Carly, get kittens out of trees and rescue puppies from burning buildings, I'm not gonna like him ever and I will keep FF'ing. Throwing Kiki at him to recapture the Todd-Starr dynamic even though she has little connection to him is an obvious attempt to continue rehab the character. We get Franco just to promote Roger Howarth and the character of A.J. a GH legacy character keeps getting sh*t on for some reason. Grrrrr!

thanks for filling me in on what happened when I just didn't bother to watch this re thread . Sonny threatens. maybe I might have believed it if, Shawn wasn't his inept enforcer. Todd Frodd whatever, tells us his tumor made him evil and Carley*did he really think snarley the slagbeast made him less evil*? Sorry I have no interest in the show lately. I didn't even bother to FF this garbage.I just never put it up on the dvr. Just didn't bother with it all all.

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