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January 23, 2014

Unsolved Mysteries

I...have questions.

I have a lot of questions, actually, but I am so cold (so cold. SO COLD!) right now that all I want to do is hold my herbal tea in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other and wrap myself in five layers of fleece blankets, so I don't want to take the time to type them all or offer my own theories for the answers (most of the answers come down to "Crazy Mallory, are you really asking this? BECAUSE OF CONTRIVANCE AND/OR BAD TASTE, WHICHEVER IS MOST APPLICABLE") because I'm worried about losing my extremities to frostbite. So these are just quickies. Imagine me typing them with a VERY quizzical expression.

  • Dr. Obrecht is a villainous character for many reasons including, but not limited to, attempted murder, kidnapping, paternity and maternity shenanigans, imprisonment, identity theft using weirdly realistic and high tech face masks. She also has zero business being employed as the Chief of Staff of a hospital, even a hospital as troubled as this one. She really has zero business being employed, actually, on account of all of the aforementioned crimes. But I cannot dislike her for having high standards for her staff.

    Dr. Obrecht: Mr. Cooper, I believe your shift at the lab starts at 9 AM. Not 9:01, not 9:02 and certainly not 9:09. 
    I may have stood and clapped. As an obsessively punctual person (I believe being fifteen minutes early is being on time. If I am even one minute off of my morning schedule, I am out of sorts for the rest of the day. I probably should have looked into therapy for this years ago), lateness gets a side-eye from me. I don't even realize I am doing it--someone strolls into work late and I just feel my nose turning into a sneer. Ten minutes late to work? Do you know what time I get to work on a day I start at 9? A time so early that I am not going to tell you because I will come across as even nuttier than I did in the previous sentences.
  • Was Dr. O making eyes at Silas when she asked "So is it true? Did you try to kill your wife?" It seemed AWFULLY flirtatious to me--and to Silas, I think, based on the horrified faces me made during and after their conversation.
  • Will one of you promise to wake me up when the truth about Nina's coma is revealed? Or at least when we learn just why Nathan West is so interested in a case from two decades ago that could be attempted murder and could be an accident and is either way incredibly boring? Thank you in advance.
  • Do you think Sonny knows how incredibly dickish "I'd be looking for Carly myself but I gotta deal with the Jeromes" sounds or do you think he's patting himself for being a really good ex-husband? "I'd care more if I didn't need to kill some bitches, Morgan. She's probably fine. Shaun's on the case and he'll probably figure it out, even though he has never done anything correctly in his entire time working for me."
  • When Luke never came back from getting rid of the raccoons in the Quartermaine boathouse, did that concern anyone? He's been gone for days.
  • Am I the only person to get PROFOUND secondhand embarrassment when Ava texts Morgan all giddy-like?
  • Is Julian as bad a mobster as Sonny, or is he even worse? Why does he keep having long conversations with people he wants to kill? Wouldn't it be more prudent to, I don't know, catch them off guard and just kill them? Does he like the sound of his own voice that much? I mean, I like the sound of his voice so I sympathize, but really.
  • Is there anyone on the planet who believes Brad would actually choose Felix over Lucas? Even ignoring all of Felix's personality flaws and obsessive behavior, he is friends with Sabrina and who would want to have to spend even one more second with her than was absolutely necessary?


Brad (and really, anyone ever) choosing to be with Felix over Lucas would be the most unbelievable thing Ron has ever written...which is really saying something.

I want Dr. O to be chief of staff of my life, then maybe I'll get to work on time!

I'll add a question to the list: what the hell is Duke's role in the plot to take down Julian? This storyline had potential...him joining forces to take down Julian's empire. But so far, all he has done is...call Carlos? So that they can lure Julian to the docks so Sonny can kill Julian? Really? That's the "special insight" that Sonny wanted Duke to bring to the team? He is risking his life with Anna in order to serve as Sonny's...secretary?

I hate the whole thing. It's such lazy writing...made more frustrating given the characters' histories and the potential for something much more interesting.

Sonny ruins everything.

Brad had better not dump Lucas for Felix.

Fierce hats unite! Dr. O is in the house!

ALC, you are right about the lazy writing. What is Duke's role? While we're at it, what the hell is any of the mob stuff about? Back in the day, we would see plotting, and we would know what the two sides were fighting over and what the goal was. This crap is so paper thin, just like everything on this show. Hey, these guys are mobsters, there's a territory, they fight over it. Really intense and brilliant. Captures every bit of my imagination.

And btw, is Duke really that stupid to use NIK as an alibi when he knows Anna could eventually talk to Nik? But of course on Plot Point Hospital (PPH), how you get somewhere doesn't matter and of course she ran into Nik in the next scene.

This show makes me want to go drink with AJ.

Love your comment Poker Face! Maybe we should all just turn of our TVs and go drink one. These writers really know how to tease a girl and then pull the rug out from under. There were so many bright spots with much potential in the year since the 50th anniversary. Robin's return. Duke and Anna'z reunion. Mac and Felicia. AJ and Liz. Stavros. Kevin and Lucy. Even ghost Georgie. Leslie Webber (would love to have seen her selected COS). How did we get here?

I worry for the visitor who stays one minute past visiting hours the way Obrecht reamed Nathan West out, and he doesn't even work for her. He was condemned just for working for Anna. I mean, geez, does she not realize cops can pull people for questioning at any time? I bet he muttered all the way to his car, lol.

As much as I hate the illogic of her being made COS, I am enjoying her OTT flaring nostrils and flaming eyes and Obrecht shreds everyone she comes into contact with. And yeah, I think she has her sights set on Silas, and points to Michael Easton for his facial expressions and gestures through that whole thing with him, her and Nathan.

love your points ... i am also insane about punctuality ... i am bugged that Monica didnt, pointless/useless as it may have been, bring up that they fired her for AJ's issues but hired an insane criminal who by the way has no medical license ...

i still think Nathan is somehow related to comatose Nina

Um, Lucas is in PC for one day and he already spent the night with the biggest skeeve of any sexual persuasion in PC or in daytime soaps ... what does that make Lucas ... ugh

as for the Duke stuff .. makes me wonder will they have him hurt and need medical help somewhere away from PC so Robin has to leave .. cause we all know she's leaving

Anything that keeps Dr. O on my screen every day is a-okay fine with me. And how hard was she rocking that bun and white coat?!?!?!?! Love. Her.

I'm guessing that Nathan is Nina's bother and that Silas' "vampire" half-brother Stephen Clay was the one responsible for Nina's overdose and since Stephen Clay got up off that morgue table last year, I'm also guessing he's about to resurface and try to kill Silas' latest love, Sam.

As for Ava, I can't hate on a bitch. I'm nearly 50 and I may have gotten a bit giddy-like a time or ten when texting my decade younger boo. Plus, Maura West is just so gorgeous.

And regarding Brad -- um, I think this just proves what good taste Lucas and Felix both have. He's totes adorbs.

I love sleazy as hell Brad. Yep. I like that the actor is giving it his all and does not mumble his lines (cough, Sonny, cough) and looks invested in his current story.

Yes, we'll probably see Stephen Clay as the one that worked with Ava to get rid of Nina or maybe Nina used Stephen to get back at Silas? whatever.

I see Ric/RiH is coming back to GH. I have a nasty feeling Ric's return will be just as effed up as what they did to AJ's, Heather's, etc... It's hard out there for a non-pet character!

frankenRon need to stop patting themselves on the back. they have ruined all the characters .Aj is back in the bottle. Anna is to stupid to realize heather is leading her around by cajones if she had some . keystone cops come to mind Robin better get on her suit of armour the bus is speeding around the bend ,Right at her, And guess what Suebrina"s driving it. Dr O running the hospital after what she did to Robin, is a large middle finger to the fans. Lucas, Brad, or busybody Felix who cares I would only ff them anyway. Loved your comment about who would want to be with Felix if it also means Suebrina comes along.why isn't Anna upset that the moron who held her daughter is now running the hospital ???

I really think they should have had Obrecht in jail for while, like two months, then bring her back to wreak havok. Bringing her in as chief of staff is a mistake. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing *see Heather Webber*

ALC, I agree the mob storyline has some massive holes, but having Sonny use Duke to feed Morgan misinformation makes sense. Julian comes off looking awfully stupid acting on said info within an hour of hearing it. Not to mention going to kill Duke personally.

I just don't like Duke allying himself with that idiot.

Daryl, Monica did bring up them firing her over AJ, then turning around and hiring an international criminal. But no one mentioned that Dr. O had her medical license revoked for illegally experimenting on human test subjects, which I thought was of major importance. Like you, I was also unnerved that it seems Lucas spent the night with Brad, having just met him. To me, it just doesn't jive with the Lucas we last saw.

I can't remember much about the last Lucas we saw, he was there so briefly but...

Lucas was blindsided and ticked off by the whole Julian Jerome thing and at his mother for keeping him in the dark. So he was emotional and on the edge when he met someone who seemed like a kindred spirit (mobster fathers, adopted, kept in dark)...one night stands have been built on less.

This show to my knowledge has never had a gay character have a ONS, so IMO it was refreshing and we all know we're about to have a triangle with Lucas/Brad/Felix with Felix probably ending up with Lucas once the truth comes out that Brad knew that Britta had Lante's baby.

Of course, I would prefer that this rabid version of Felix end up married to SparklePony and raising her baby with Carlos!

DN, I agree that Sonny using Morgan to feed Julian false information makes sense. But as you point out, Julian looked massively stupid. Not just that he showed up himself, but the whole set up. Carlos has been missing for a while. He hasn't checked in with Julian in all this time, which makes absolutley no sense and Julian hasn't been able to find him, but Duke has. And he, Carlos, is able to and is going to meet Duke, but hasn't reached out to Julian.

This is the problem with Ron's writing. He thinks of plot points, but nothing logical around them. He must have come up with the idea of catching Morgan through the Duke/Carlos meeting. So he doesn't have Carlos contact Julian, even though we see he is clearly able to. Then Julian falls for it, believing that Duke was able to set up a meeting and that Carlos is able to attend that meeting, but hasn't tried to contact Julian. It's like a comic book.

I'm surprised that you didn't mention the best love triangle... The little kids. Spencer was a riot,

BarbJ I thought the kids' triangle was the highlight of the week and very nearly the most believable but everyone got so hung up on the kids talking like adults that they hated it. I rarely see a child in a book or on TV who talks like a child. Anyway, I stopped declaring my love for it though like you, I thought Spencer was hilarious. When he whipped out that breath spray...and then Lulu's jaw dropped and I think she nearly dropped Ben...I'm not sure if the breath spray thing was scripted or not.

Oh yeah, Spencer was a trip. The smoking jacket, and Nik's reaction to it, had me chuckling. Also, Spencer begging Nik to see if Emma can come over: "I beseech thee father". I laughed and thought: this kid really is Nik's.

Mallory! I've been lurking here for some time, and I really enjoy your posts. I've broken my silence to (virtually) fist-bump you. I have found a kindred spirit in time anal-retentiveness! Granted, part of this may be my German heritage (I have my own Mutter, although obviously she is much nicer than Dr. O :). Anyway, I can't stand it when people are late - I swear there's a particular vertebra that practically twangs in annoyance when people are casual about time.

LOL at Dr. O sounding turned on when she questioned Silas about murdering his wife. Given her romantic choices, homicidal tendencies are probably a turn-on for her.

Count me with the never-want-to-be-late crowd. It drives me insane with my babies that I have been late to a few things...although I will say many fewer than folks without or just one baby to get out the door!

Can we get Spencer, Emma and Cameron their own show?PLEASE?

Dr. O is just...awesome as hell. Kathleen Gati is just so enigmatic. She owns every single scene she's in. I am willing to ignore the hypocrisy in her being COS. I do believe that she is blackmailing several members of the board to get this position. Still it's great to see someone actually being a Chief of Staff.

I'm sorry but Monica should be lucky to even work at the hospital with everything that happened under her watch. From the lab corruption to the various ethical violations, the hospital is a joke. Most of the staff never works or takes long breaks. It will be great to have some order here. LOL at her being turned on by the fact that Silas might have killed someone. LOL indeed.

I do agree that Felix should not be an option for Lucas. He's every negative gay stereotype mashed into an annoying character. While the idea of Brad and Lucas having an ONS can also perpetuate the stereotype that gay men are into anonymous sex, it's also not the first time this has happened on this show. There have been straight characters that have done the same thing. Lets just hope that Felix never becomes an option for Lucas.

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