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February 18, 2014

Fine, At Least You Can Pad Your Emmy Reel Whilst Breaking My Heart!

Dear readers, I have drafted so many posts in the past few days that I have not published. Mostly because calling them "posts" is an almost ludicrous overstatement. They are mostly things like "Is Sonny for real when he" and "Ugh, Felix, just enough": half sentences written while I trailed off, distracted by the Olympics*. As you know, this mania overtakes me every two years: I breathe the Olympics. I dream about them. I cry at the emotionally manipulative profiles NBC airs. I contemplate eating Chobani yogurt for the duration of the Olympics because Zach Parise is in their commercials, even though Chobani is my least favorite of the Greek yogurts. I rewatch ice skating performances. I can turn an innocent "How has your morning been?" into an exhaustive recap of the curling match I was watching before work (Curling is awesome, shut all of your faces). In most cases when I sit down to write "Wasn't Sonny so terrible when he [Insert terrible Sonny action of your choice here. Like "spoke"]", I can write an exhaustive list of terrible things Sonny did in the episode in question, but during the Olympics, it's more like "Wasn't Sonny so terrible and SPEAKING OF TERRIBLE, Lolo Jones!"

*I also had a post titled Carly and Franco and the entirety of the post was "Kill it with fire". That brevity was not due to distraction. It's...just how I feel. But that came across as too borderline (over the line? Can I see the line? Damn it, Franco, you've made me a crazy!) insane to post on its own.

So that is why I have been so blog-lame lately. I am not saying it's an excuse and I am certainly not saying I am a super-dork. I am just saying.

I am ALSO saying that as much as I dislike the way General Hospital is writing Robin off of the show--and I still do dislike it, like a lot--I was enthralled by the fallout in today's show. Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson are so good at the sparkly and romantic and bantery, but they are also equally excellent at the dark side of Patrick and Robin's relationship and moments during today's fight were so real and raw that it was almost like you were intruding on a real couple's real argument. They were fantastic--and so was the relentless way Patrick pointed out all of the CRAZY and the WHY of Robin's plan, with a constant parade of befuddled facial expressions.

Patrick: Your child has been without you for two years. I don't know how you could consider leaving.
Robin: What about Jason's child? What about the child he doesn't even know he has. Do you really think it's the right thing to do, ot let Danny grow up not knowing his own father?
Patrick: I don't care!

Patrick: I care about our baby, the one who slept with a picture beside her bed every night because she thought you were watching over here. What were you going to do, say "I'm sorry, Jason's son is more important than you".
Robin: That's not fair!
Patrick: Yeah, Robin, you're right, this is not fair.

Patrick: Jason is untouchable. I'm never going to get to Jason's level.
Robin: Just stop it.
Patrick: No, I get it. He's the most important thing in the world to you. I understand. But you don't understand--Jason was a gangster.

Robin: Jason has just as much a right to his life as you do yours.
Patrick: No, see, I don't see it that way. Jason risked his life every single day. If it wasn't a tumor, it would have been a bullet. It WAS a bullet.

Thank you, Dr. Drake. Thank you. As a token of my appreciation, please know that you have my vote in this year's Emmy race (please ignore the fact that I am not an Emmy voter and take the compliment at face value).

Between this and Dante's utter delight at finding out he is Ben's father (HOW CUTE WAS HE?! I can't even deal! I also can't deal with Nikolas and Britt's engagement and Elizabeth watching it go down with tears in her eyes, but that's the bad kind of can't dealing and I am trying to be semi-positive tonight), things are looking up in Port Charles. Perhaps it can carry over until tomorrow? Oh, who am I kidding, figure skating and hockey own me tomorrow. I'll try to at least check in with a "Dante was !!!!" or "Felix and Brad are like hmmm" half-formed thought or two, so, you know...stay tuned. See, sentences like that are why I am not in advertising...


I backed up 3x to try to hear what Sonny was telling Ava about Julian's accounts. To no avail. Those mumbles.

Ok I'm not going to lie... I'm still fuming that f$&@?/! Duke Lavery asked Anna $&@"/?! Devane to find a different way to make a living bc he decided to mob up again bc that's right Olivia Jerome whom he slept with caused Anna to have a miscarriage 25 years ago and poor Duke needs his power back!! Next week I'll be totally pissed aboutRobin but there's a mourning an omfg process that I need to go through first!!

Dante was cracking me up with his "I *still* don't know WHAT is HAPPENING!" all episode. We hear you dude.

I think Becky Herbst is one of the most beautiful women in daytime. Having said that, I laughed maniacally at Elizabeth's expression when she saw Nic proposing to Britt. Of course, that expression was only 10% more sour than when she was listening to Lulu say "Britt's not so bad". If only they could get rid of Sonny / Carly / Franco this show could be so much better!

The look on Lucas's face when Morgan told them that Franco and Carly were cuddled up in bed sleeping was priceless. The scenes between Robin and Patrick broke me. I loved that the writers had him poke holes in all of her made-up reasons for leaving until she told him the truth. I would have hated it, if she had left, without telling him the true reason. Loved all of Patrick's arguments. He's right, Robin is the worst. Putting Jason above her family is the stupidest thing she's ever done. It makes me wish that the writers would drop the whole idea of Nicolas and Elizabeth, and put Patrick and Elizabeth together. Back to Felix and Brad. I hate to break it to Felix, but after the way he treated Brad for like a year before deigning to give him the time of day, how he blame Brad for seeing comfort elsewhere?

Robin is not the worst. This is all RonhackmanCarlivati's doing, with Frank's blessings because Kimberly would not commit to returning full-time. THIS was the best way to write Robin's exit? I don't think so. They knew she was coming back for a short return, so they had PLENTY of time to give a decent exit. But no, Ron just HAD to annihilate, massacre and MURDER the character of Robin, so that she is FUBARED. It was a big GIANT F U to all of those that love Robin. Kimberly warned her fans the exit was going to bad, but I never thought it would be this bad.

But I still don't hate Robin. I will NEVER EVER Hate Robin. All my rage and hate is for F'ng Carlivati and his talentless sycophantic writing staff. Because Robin would NEVER do this; she would NEVER abandon the child she thought she would never have; the child and husband she fought for TWO YEARS to get back to. I'm fanwanking that if she'd said no, then Victor threatened to kill all her loved ones and that it happened offscreen.

My rage knows know logic and there aren't enough words to express my disgust and hate toward both Ron and Frank.

It is in Robin's nature to annoyingly worship St. Jasus, but not at Emma's expense. Since they didn't go for the plausible exit story, that Robert left his family because he realized he was lapsing back into a coma, and he's the one in suspended animation on Cassadine Island, then most of this discussion should have been about custody arrangements. Don't tell me, Ron can't spare Brooklyn for even short periods because he's going to make her the show's leading lady of camp with the brilliant preschool love triangle?

I had a similar reaction. I hate the circumstances, but loving the scenes. I don't think it's entirely far fetched that Robin would do this, though. It does seem like something Robin would do and has done before. Before Patrick brought it up I was yelling about how she sacraficed herself for Jason in the explosion. And also, yes Jason HAS let Robin down before. How about how Jason turned his back on Robin for YEARS after the Michael reveal?. I'm frustrated by it but it doesn't feel like it comes out of nowhere. Robin has had a blind spot about Jason (and Sonny) forever.

Jason really didn't care about Robin at all. She came back to town to save his life and yet when she was in the MetroCourt hostage situation bleeding out he didn't even spare one second's thought for her. I understand that Robin has always been delusional about Jason (and Sonny) and idealized them, so I agree it's not OOC, but it still SUCKS. Enough is enough. It's only in her character because of Guza's crazy Jason complex and sacrificing every character on the altar of Jason and it's time to break that cycle.

Totally agree, CrimeanWah, no one could blame Robin for leaving to save her father, and it being a medical situation would explain why she couldn't just have Anna rescue him instead. RC says they explored every angle, but not something totally simple and sensible that covers every base and would still prop Sabrina without destroying Robin?

There's no excuse, none whatsoever, other than Ron C.'s ego is totally out of control.
He did some - more than a few - questionable storylines and OOC dips in his time with OLTL, but something - or someone - held him back. But since taking over at GH he's gone completely off the rails. He may not be Guza and his choices my be different but IMO they're just as bad.
The show was unwatchable under Guza, we had a short time when Ron C. took over where it showed promise, but since the Nurses Ball it just gets worse and worse. I'm back to not watching.
How can TPTB allow him to crash and burn this show, unless that's what they really WANT??

If TIIC intended to alienate and piss off an entire fan base, they have succeeded with this travesty. I don't watch GH on a daily basis, but I keep up with it and have tuned in from time to time (usually Scrubs related). I've noticed since RC has taken over, most,if not all, of the long time vets have been written completely out of character. I don't even recognize this show anymore...

Ok. Yes the story is not ideal. Yes, if you really think about it, Robin shouldn't want to do this. However, Robin has a major blind/soft spot for Jason. It's easy to forget the importance/history of their relationship. If you want to get a quick fix of it, you gotta go back and look when he convinced her to take her meds-first. And the first time they broke up (Steve Burton won an Emmy for that work I think).

I know so many of us saw this first time around, but I just watched it again last year on YouTube and I forgot how incredibly good it was, and how incredibly good they were. Considering that, I think it is believable that she'd do it. Remembering also, that this is what she knows. . . Leaving children because something SO much more imp (with WSB) came up. That was Her upbringing. These departures were always predicated by the departure of Hughes or Rogers from the show. They had to write around it. Just like now with KMC. It isn't ideal, no. It's frustrating and anger inducing, AND it gives Patrick a reason to move on. . . Eventually, without killing her off again. It's providing lots of great drama. It's giving JT and KMC some great material to act again.

I gotta say, I'm kinda ok with it, though I'd be a lot happier if she was staying. But since I can't have that, I'll be ok with it so long as Patrick and Sabrina don't just pick up where they left off. I think robins return should have opened his eyes to how young, immature, doe-eyed she is in comparison.

I also like how they have partially revealed the baby Ben secret. It will make a good story with the two couples and all the emotional baggage of the situation.

That's me shutting up now!! LOL!

Bethie, your post is spot on. Robin kept mentioning how she kept waiting for someone to come to her rescue and now she has a chance to rescue Jason. Yes, Jason wouldn't forgive Robin for years, but he did eventually make peace with his old girlfriend.

I kept waiting for Patrick to tell Robin that he should have chosen Sabrina and for the door knob to hit her own her ass. Scrubs can now move on, JT/Patrick is now available for future love stories (no Sabrina!) and KMc when her schedule permits, can return for short visits to see Emma.

I still think they could have come up with something other than saving Jason. I just don't think Robin would leave her husband and daughter (Emma especially) after being held prisoner for nearly two years. Even for Jason.

All this Jason worship is Guza post 2001, and my opinion flies in the face of the Robin who left him because of his job (one of my favourite KMc scenes: "I'm too damn little to be anyone's patron saint"), and left him again after he proposed that he could live with Carly and Michael and still see her on the side ("that would be like dating a married man").

I just cannot believe that someone in power at GH actually thinks that Robin would ever just up and leave her family to chase after St. Jasus. So that Danny can know his hitman parent. She'll abandon her own daughter(after being kidnapped, imprisoned and was enslaved for 2 years) and husband, because Jason is sooooo much more important than her family. I could buy Robin telling the Qs, Carly, Sonny or Anna. To give them a heads up and get a search going. And I could even understand her working(OFF SCREEN!) to try and "cure" whatever the hell that is afflicting Jason. Maybe have Lulu's Cassadine ice treatment come up for discussion.

But I refuse to ever believe that Robin would ever dump her FAMILY for St. Jasus. Refuse. She loved him at one time, but she hated his job, hated forever being 2nd choice and she wouldn't accept that crap. She loved Jason, but she wouldn't put him over Emma in her life. And Jason sure as hell wouldn't want Robin to ever put Emma(or Patrick) 2nd. Call Jason's mother. Call his brother, his boss or Sam. Tell your mother, ex secret agent/current police chief Anna Devane that Jason is breathing and in the possession of the WSB/Cassadine nuts. And has anyone made any sense explaining why a Cassadine is in control of the WSB? Any coherent explaination?

Nik. Why the hell is he proposing to a woman he barely knows? And he already knows that she has been telling lie after lie after lie about Ben. Hell, about everything Brit. So, when it comes out that Brit willingly stole his baby sister's child, he will deserve all of the hurt. He was warned.

Poor Liz. She deserves so much better than this crap. First Sabrina baby and now stuck in Brit baby hell. She needs another date, since AJ has been dumped out in crazy drunk land by the writers. I loved the 5 minutes of adult girl time Liz and Robin had today. Too bad Liz is losing the one true gal pal she has left again.

I loved Robin and Jason. Hands down my favorite pairing for either of them. But that was at the very beginning of Jason Morgan, before he became the show destroying monster many of us grew to hate. ;) Since then, it's been established that Jason has moved on and doesn't really care much about Robin at all. In fact, the whole relationship has pretty much been downplayed as a friendship, so it really makes Robin look pathetic that Jason is the one person she values about all others and would sacrifice for when he wouldn't do the same for her. She said today he'd do this for her, and no, he wouldn't. Maybe a short term rescue mission like he'd do for anybody, but leaving his family for years, maybe forever to be by her side every day? Nope. Robin drew a line in the sand with Jason years ago, before he became indifferent to her, I really can't see her throwing away her family to be left alone with Patrick and Emma hating her and Jason not even grateful.

It's not really true that her parents left her for more than a few weeks at a time for spy stuff. Anna had amnesia for 10 years, and Robert had to stay hidden because the WSB was threatening to kill Anna. They only left their daughter when they had no choice because her life or one of their lives was in danger, not some random person. When FH and TR chose to leave and KM was staying, they had to kill them off because nothing else would plausibly allow them to leave their daughter. I get that killing off KM a second time and going through a second round of extreme grief with everyone would be overkill, but they could have pretty easily come up with something that makes better sense.

Well, that was Guza's treatment of the JnR story. And even then there were moments, whenever Kim and Steve were allowed to be in a scene together (which wasn't often). That connection was there.

She, for her part, left a seemingly great life in Paris once already to save him.

However, I agree. She wouldn't leave them indefinitely. But she has always had a very high opinion of her own abilities, deservedly so, so maybe she thinks she won't be too long.

In the end the reality is that Kim is leaving and JT is not. His story cannot just stop. There have to be options for him. Driving a wedge between them is the logical way for the story to move forward, no matter how much we hate it.

Great post ScorpiosRule. There is no way Robin would leave her family after fighting as hard as she could to get back to them for the past 2 years. Why is this show still revolving around Jason? Steve Burton is gone and he's obviously not coming back anytime soon. I refuse to believe that Ron and company could not come up with a better exit story. They were just lazy and didn't want to bother to come up with a decent story. Congrats on trashing one of the most veteran, respected characters on daytime.

Jason isn't needed to drive a wedge, though. Victor could have told Robin if she tells Anyone the truth, Robert dies. Robin sticks to her cover story, same wedge, Patrick can still move on without ruining Robin. The audience knows what Patrick doesn't. And agree that The story's been retconned to Robin only ever loved Stone and Jason helped her in some vague way that didn't mean much to him. Which means if I were a new viewer I'd be totally confused and.even more irritated. The girl with no past, the boy with no future means nothing to new viewers. All Robin got to say when she found out he died was he was my friend, not even an we loved each other once.

I don't care if Robin has a blind spot for Jason; we're talking about her child here. This write-off is terrible and makes her pretty much the worst mother on the show. She does not have a maternal bone in her body apparently, which is certainly not consistent with how they have painted her in the past.

They could have done this whole thing differently (why couldn't Patrick and Robin have naturally grown apart due to the circumstances of her captivity - Kimberly and Jason would have done a lot of justice to a more realistic storyline as they have in the past; or as others have said, she could be going to save Robert which would be way more justifiable). I can never forgive this storyline, ever. Good thing I have very little invested in this show.

lets discuss how they've handled the Britt and the baby debacle .. Britt told Faison 'not her biological child' .. that means she and her Mutter stole not just Dante's sperm but also Lulu's egg ... why else would they cast a baby that looks exactly like Lulu vs a dark eyed/haired baby like his 'mother' and father have ....

I read all this about Scrubs and I just have to say...it's starting to remind me of the Manny fanbase on GL. The lack of empathy for Jason Thompson is nuts. I'm sure he loves KMc and wishes she was staying around, but I'm also pretty sure he isn't wanting to do nothing but walk around with a stethoscope while they have a completely off screen marriage.

Daryl, it's not being hidden from the audience the baby is Dante and Lulu's baby. There was a flash back scene where we learn that the second embryo proved not viable, and that third and last embryo was one carried by Britt.

I knew Liz would assume Britt stole a sperm sample, and not a embryo. What gets me, is that Nikolas, Dante, and, Lulu buy this scenario. I figured they have more knowledge than Liz, and they should be wondering what hell is going on. It looks like the show is going to string this along, most likely till may sweeps. Personally, I think they're stretching it too long.

I can see Scrubs breaking up. I wouldn't have an issue with it either. IF it was done right. Couples breakup. It might break my heart, but could understand how it can happen. Have Robin develope captivity issues and show Patrick having trouble with them. Add the spawn of St. Sabrina to the stress. Emma having major emotional and behavioral issues due to the massive upheavals in her life. Work stress. All of it can build up into a disaster that a marital relationship can't survive.

But for the writers to think that this insulting drivel is the best way to explain Robin's absence, is crazy and moronic.

Nobody said they wanted Robin and Patrick to have an off screen marriage, but considering the fact that a handful of cast members get 99% of the airtime while everyone else is benched for weeks or months at a time and no one gets a coherent ongoing story anyway, it's not the craziest suggestion I've ever heard (and no, I'm not a particular Scrubs shipper, I don't care what Patrick does).

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