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February 18, 2014

Fine, At Least You Can Pad Your Emmy Reel Whilst Breaking My Heart!

Dear readers, I have drafted so many posts in the past few days that I have not published. Mostly because calling them "posts" is an almost ludicrous overstatement. They are mostly things like "Is Sonny for real when he" and "Ugh, Felix, just enough": half sentences written while I trailed off, distracted by the Olympics*. As you know, this mania overtakes me every two years: I breathe the Olympics. I dream about them. I cry at the emotionally manipulative profiles NBC airs. I contemplate eating Chobani yogurt for the duration of the Olympics because Zach Parise is in their commercials, even though Chobani is my least favorite of the Greek yogurts. I rewatch ice skating performances. I can turn an innocent "How has your morning been?" into an exhaustive recap of the curling match I was watching before work (Curling is awesome, shut all of your faces). In most cases when I sit down to write "Wasn't Sonny so terrible when he [Insert terrible Sonny action of your choice here. Like "spoke"]", I can write an exhaustive list of terrible things Sonny did in the episode in question, but during the Olympics, it's more like "Wasn't Sonny so terrible and SPEAKING OF TERRIBLE, Lolo Jones!"

*I also had a post titled Carly and Franco and the entirety of the post was "Kill it with fire". That brevity was not due to distraction. It's...just how I feel. But that came across as too borderline (over the line? Can I see the line? Damn it, Franco, you've made me a crazy!) insane to post on its own.

So that is why I have been so blog-lame lately. I am not saying it's an excuse and I am certainly not saying I am a super-dork. I am just saying.

I am ALSO saying that as much as I dislike the way General Hospital is writing Robin off of the show--and I still do dislike it, like a lot--I was enthralled by the fallout in today's show. Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson are so good at the sparkly and romantic and bantery, but they are also equally excellent at the dark side of Patrick and Robin's relationship and moments during today's fight were so real and raw that it was almost like you were intruding on a real couple's real argument. They were fantastic--and so was the relentless way Patrick pointed out all of the CRAZY and the WHY of Robin's plan, with a constant parade of befuddled facial expressions.

Patrick: Your child has been without you for two years. I don't know how you could consider leaving.
Robin: What about Jason's child? What about the child he doesn't even know he has. Do you really think it's the right thing to do, ot let Danny grow up not knowing his own father?
Patrick: I don't care!

Patrick: I care about our baby, the one who slept with a picture beside her bed every night because she thought you were watching over here. What were you going to do, say "I'm sorry, Jason's son is more important than you".
Robin: That's not fair!
Patrick: Yeah, Robin, you're right, this is not fair.

Patrick: Jason is untouchable. I'm never going to get to Jason's level.
Robin: Just stop it.
Patrick: No, I get it. He's the most important thing in the world to you. I understand. But you don't understand--Jason was a gangster.

Robin: Jason has just as much a right to his life as you do yours.
Patrick: No, see, I don't see it that way. Jason risked his life every single day. If it wasn't a tumor, it would have been a bullet. It WAS a bullet.

Thank you, Dr. Drake. Thank you. As a token of my appreciation, please know that you have my vote in this year's Emmy race (please ignore the fact that I am not an Emmy voter and take the compliment at face value).

Between this and Dante's utter delight at finding out he is Ben's father (HOW CUTE WAS HE?! I can't even deal! I also can't deal with Nikolas and Britt's engagement and Elizabeth watching it go down with tears in her eyes, but that's the bad kind of can't dealing and I am trying to be semi-positive tonight), things are looking up in Port Charles. Perhaps it can carry over until tomorrow? Oh, who am I kidding, figure skating and hockey own me tomorrow. I'll try to at least check in with a "Dante was !!!!" or "Felix and Brad are like hmmm" half-formed thought or two, so, you know...stay tuned. See, sentences like that are why I am not in advertising...


As for baby Ben, it seems pretty silly that Dante, Lulu and Nik are buying the sheer craziness of sperm being stolen rather than the missing embryo is pushing the dumb factor to the limits. Liz and Felix buying it is one thing. They don't know about the missing embryo. But for Dante and Lulu to just accept Britt's explanation with no questions is just lazy writing. Dante is supposed to be a freaking detective!

Right? Everyone's lives and marriages and relationships take place off-camera on this show. The only thing with Jason Thompson is his character is connected to several of Ron's pets (Sabrina, Obrecht, Felix) so he has a much better chance than most of the actors of getting a good amount of screentime. And if Ron continues to constantly push the Sesame Street Disney Channel crap, which you know he will, Patrick will get some mileage out of being Emma's dad. If Robin disappeared for 6 months and then showed up for 2 scenes, that would be about average for all her family and friends and acquaintances and most of her enemies.

What I did like about this was Robin's maturity in basically calmly saying she is going and she understands if Patrick won't be waiting for her. Other than that, Jason, oh spare me. I'believe that Faison would have had some reason to save a brain damaged thug (who he just shot btw), never mind the WSB. And there's no reason why Robin couldn't take Emma with her and fly her back and forth to PC. It looks like Robin may not even get to say good bye to her mother, what a surprise.

I agree that JT has been outstanding in these scenes, but I don't agree about KM. She has been unemotional and stoic, phoning it in. I can't stand watching her and listening to her feeble reasoning why she must go to save Jason.
I'll be so relieved when Robin's gone! Then I hope Patrick divorces her ass and moves on with someone else!
(But not Sabrina!)

Also I have to wonder if Robin has given any thought at all to the fact that all of these people are mass murdering psychopaths? Okay she wouldn't with Jason but I can't believe she feels no guilt or responsibility for all the innocent people who would die if she brings them back to life? What great, nuanced, meaty, emotional, brilliant storytelling.

In response to the comment about no empathy for Jason Thompson, I don't care about the Scrubs breakup (and Scrubs are pretty much the reason I watch the show). It was expected - Kimberly is leaving the show and Jason isn't. I don't blame him for wanting to stay around a steady job and I see why they need to move him on from Robin. Otherwise, he has no story. My point was that I don't think they handled this entire reunion/breakup well at all. They wasted so much time at the beginning with Robin hiding and then wasted even more time with Patrick's big decision and all the focus on "poor" Sabrina. Moreover, I am a long-time Robin fan and think this whole exit makes her look horrible. This is her daughter that she fought long and hard to conceive and she's just up and leaving her! I am upset with the treatment of Robin, not the treatment of Scrubs (though of course I would rather not see Robin running off to save Jason and unfreeze murderers as opposed to staying with her family). As I said quite clearly above, I would have rather seen a realistic break-up where Robin and Patrick came to the conclusion that it wasn't working, or at the very least having Robin saving her father. Soaps are at their worst when you can't understand a character's motivation and that's where I am with Robin.

I can't even watch most of this, it's so badly written, but I would put KM's unemotional performance down to her not wanting to even TRY to sell this crap they're expecting us to buy. And I can't blame her a bit.

This is RC's MO - he ruins legacy characters to prop up his new ones - and pretends it is 'for the good of the show'. He did it on OLTL (pretty much ruined Matthew in sacrifice for the Ford brothers). He also sacrifices strong female characters - also in favor of his new characters. Can't see the appeal in this guy. I guess it keeps everyone talking..

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