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February 10, 2014

Is This Stockholm Syndrome?!

Today, Robin told Victor that she'd go along with his BANANAS plan to bring Helena and Stavros back from the dead so that they could go back to evil-doing and murder, since it would also mean that she could bring Jason back from the dead so that he could go back to blank-staring and...um, murder.

She is going to go along with this INSANE AND CONTRIVED EXIT STORYLINE even though she was JUST released from her years long captivity and only JUST reunited with her husband and her daughter, both of whom I've been led to believe she feels some sort of lingering positivity for--some may even call it "love". She is going to LEAVE FOR PARTS UNKNOWN AND ALSO FILLED WITH INSANE MASTERMINDS almost immediately after her daughter got her back in her life, because that won't lead to any sort of abandonment issues or behavioral problems.

This UNDERWRITTEN AND BIZARRE story, which makes her look CALLOUS AND ALSO DOWN WITH MURDER AND CRAZIES, is happening because it's almost unspeakably sad that Danny is growing up without his father.

TJ: [Growing up without a father] never gets any easier. You always wonder what if? If he were still alive, would things be different?
Robin: Yeah, what if.

Robin: Hey, buddy. I just want you to know something...that your daddy would be here for you if he could. Nothing would keep him away from you.

And all I could say when I realized that Robin was ACTUALLY GOING TO DO THIS...was actually going to put JASON above HERSELF AND HER OWN FAMILY was "...well, yeah. Of course Jason's child is more important than Robin's family. He's Jason's."

Somewhere, Bob Guza is screaming "Yes! YES! She finally gets it! Jason always, Jason forever!" (Can I get sued for slander for implying that Bob Guza reads this blog or still cares about General Hospital? One of those things IS very offensive).


I understand why Robin would leave. First of all, she has not dealt with the trauma of her years of captivity. But think about it, this woman was held for TWO YEARS and no one came and saved her. She kept hoping, but she found out later that everyone thought she was dead and no one was looking for her. She had a husband, a mother, a small child and they moved on and mourned her. JUST LIKE JASON!
Robin has got to relate to this to an amazing degree. In this case, Jason isn’t her old love – he is just like her. Wouldn’t she have wanted Jason to leave his family to save her? When she got to Wyndermere, wasn’t that the first thing she said to Faison – “Jason will come for me”.
She also has an example in her father. Didn’t he get “blown up” in a boat and stay away? It was a WSB thing, right?
It is not abnormal for everyone around Robin to sacrifice time with their kids for the better good. Frisco, Felicia, Jax, Carly, Sonny, Jason, Olivia, Nik…have all either left their child, sent their child away, denied paternity, etc. in the name of keeping that child safe or helping someone (or an Agency) that really needed them.
That’s my take on the situation. I am not going to be mad at Robin. I’m just not.

LOL, I bet Guza sits around dressed up as Jason Morgan!

Robin leaving is D.U.M.B. She can text her mother, father, Mac, or Frisco what's going on with Victor as head of WSB and the need to hightail it off to Cassadine Island before cray cray Helena and Stavros are brought back to life, Jason can be freed if it's the pre-2002 Jason before Frons/Guza effed up the character!

Of course Robin would put Danny above her own daughter and agree to bring two murderous Cassadines back to life so they can come back and wreak havoc on her friends and loved ones. This is the new Robin Scorpio Drake. She is not the tough, HIV surviving, brilliant doctor, daughter and god daughter of super spies. She is a frumpy, insecure, ne'er do well,who begs her husband to love her and frets over an insipid little simp like Sabrina. She is now made of cardboard, strong enough to prop up and hold in place the star of GH, Princess Sparkle Pony of Whinystan. Please get a clue.

I've got to hand it to Ron. He really played me for a fool. How dare I think for a second that Robin's return would actually be about her. Nothing like taking arguably one of the most popular couples of the past decade, even more one of the most legendary characters on this show and making a joke out of them, all for Sabrina's sake. Because we all know that's what this is about. So what Kimberly's leaving-there are a hundred other ways they could have had her exit with destroy the history of the character/show. Who do I have to pay to get the last six plus months of this show to be some sort of LSD-infused vision of Olivia's?

*without destroying, sorry.

This Robin exit story is horrible.

But I was too distracted mourning poor contractor, stabbed to death by Heather and probably the only person in this wretched Heather/Carly/Franco story that's actually going to die. He was innocent!

Kim warned us at least, I guess, about Robin's exit

Denise, I'm not mad at Robin at all, but at the writers for this dumb exit story

I just don't understand why they brought her back if they were going to trash Robin. I would have preferred she stayed "dead" rather than having her come back and abandoning her family just to help Jason. There were a million other ways they could have written her out. Thanks Ron for giving me a reason to finally give up on this show.

I think this could be saved if they had Robin go to Anna for help and have it all go wrong somehow. I realize they have to write Robin out, because KMc was never going to stay for long. There's not really any plausible way to do it - even some kind of once-in-a-lifetime overseas research opportunity wouldn't be likely to tempt Robin away from Emma and Patrick now. NOTHING would. And I suppose they wanted to avoid another kidnapping/fake death/whatever crazy scenario. But if Robin lies to Patrick and Emma and goes off with Victor to parts unknown to save Jason (and Helena and Stavros) without even attempting to involve her parents, who are, you know, spies, and know a thing or two about undercover work, well, it's just silly.

Ridiculous exit story. They could have thought of something else. Stupid writers. They did not have to go to these lengths to facilitate Sabrina and Patrick, if that is their aim. If this is the case, it means they're trying too hard, and Sabrina and Patrick are dead in the water. Because I can tell you one thing, I don't think those two can work as a couple, and it has absolutely nothing to do with Robin.

I love you guys. You see what we see and it helps to read it since the idiot troll Head Writer RC doesn't have a clue and thinks we are all idiots to buy his stories. He has no clue who Robin is and does this because his pet project Sabrina can't make it on her own. Ruining Patrick for his pet Sabrina wasn't enough and now he ruins Robin a GH vet and legacy, Between RC and the pet, their egos are so huge they can built homes all over the world. Sad what became of GH and it characters.

I have to agree with all of you. I have been mad since KMc told us we were going to be :) This is just not true to the character. I have not watched GH for as long as others but Scrubs saved this show for a long time. It was the only thing worth watching for years. (I started watching GH b.c of RS (Noah) and got hook on Scrubs.)

I will never watch another round of Sabrina and Patrick. There is no reason that Robin has to written out this way. Its just lazy writing to just come up with her leaving Emma and Patrick to hopefully save Jason.

She could have been off-screen and only shown here and there until KMc could come back and tape a few more scenes/episodes or they could have had her do research/develop a cure somewhere, take Emma and have Emma come home to Patrick here and there....not abandon them.

This whole reunion has about Sabrina and not Robin and her family. The time KMc was there was wasted getting her home!

Also, when I read that JT and KMc dont have the chemistry anymore?? Please, JT hasn't been happier in two yrs. The church scene and the house scenes with the re-newal of vows is what Scrubs is all about!! Also, KMc posted on her blog that she was not 'in' some of her scenes b.c her father died and she was dealing with it.

Robin's return has been about nothing but trashing a thirty year character and her coupling in order to prop the invention newbie of Cartini. It makes me vomit. No way in hell would Robin Scorpio leave her family she just fought two years to get back to in order to help some elderly looking Harry Potter.

Just like no way in hell would Robin Scorpio beg Sabrina to walk away from Patrick and Emma.

I had no idea the damage that could be inflicted on one character by this duo. They dangled her for two years, propping Patrina and then when that didn't work, they brought her back to destroy her.

Bye Bye GH.

Wouldn't been better to just out her on recruiting..... Just like the rest of GH veterans......

Hey, I like that 'elderly looking Harry Potter' :) I am excited that TP is on GH. watched him forever on Days. Was mad they killed him off but I do agree, as I said b4 this is a terrible way to write Robin off.

Sabrina works better with Carrrrrlos. Now we have to hear he say his name and Chupachhhhabrrrra forever!!! Make it stop!!! How long will she be off for her real life maternity leave???

Can Patrick have a real storyline then?

This was the only way they could write Robin off to sell the closest thing to an imaginary saint Mother Sabrina. Robin trashes her family and Sabrina will swoop in a claim her rightful place as the wife and mother of Robin's family.

Unfortunately Patrick appears to be stuck in Tweentown indefinitely.

Yes, the exit for KMc stinks, but she originally wanted Robin killed off and it sounds like that should be the current plan and then we can all just move on. However, KMc probably now realizes that she can earn some quick cash by simply running back and forth between GH and her dream of becoming a director.

this ASS Ron is WORSE than Guza. and I didn't think that was possible. He's basically DESTROYING a legendary 23+ yr old character to pimp his USELESS twit. I still can't believe Kimberly came back for this shit. UGH. I'm glad I haven't watched this shit fest. I stopped watching after Kimberly confirmed she was leaving and basically said that they are going to destroy her character. UGH. FU GH, FU Ron.

I did not know that KMc's return was limited. I would not have invested in it all if I had known, regardless of the storyline choice of the writers. I would have preferred that Robin not return at all, rather than this.

And as I ranted about recently, to do this in the name of Jason Morgan? Just NO! If his name were never mentioned again, it would be too soon. So now, they send one of my favorite characters down into a &#@$^&# pile to save the useless, robotic, boring KILLER? Great. Just great. And as much as I love Robin, this definitely damages her character.

I have to agree with MissyLady. Shit or get off the pot. Popping in and out does not work when you're part of a front-burner couple. Even if they could work around her, that would mean everyone else in her scenes would have to sacrifice too. Unless all she's going to do is interact with her family and I don't think JT wants to act in a vacuum.

This is a difficult story to tell and there are no good solutions. I don't for one minute think this story is about propping up Sabrina. But the fact does remain, she will remain on the show and Robin won't. Considering Kimberly isn't likely to come back full time for a while (if ever), there are choices are - kill Robin off permanently; write Patrick off the show with Robin; or find some way that Robin is gone all the time that doesn't leave Patrick in limbo (seriously, what kind of story can really be told with Patrick if they are happy but Robin is just always off screen - he would have no story). So - what does everyone want? I think this is a sucky story, but there aren't really good options.

This is actually the storyline that the writers decided was the best way to explain Robin's absence? Where they all on heavy duty medication? This is just plain stupid. And insane. Why not just have Robin have a job @ someplace not GH? Have her work @ Mercy. Or have her in a private research laboratory. Just go with people mention Robin being stuck @ work orat home working.

As for the other stupid "big" plots today, ugh. Carly and Franco. Blech. Luke/Scott, meh. AJ actually buying Ava's crap. *courtney eye roll*

And how long before SOMEONE finally thinks to mention Silas' crazy murdering IDENTICAL TWIN?

Today was such a disappointment.

There was no reason to bring Kimberly back at all. She didn't need to shit or get off the pot. This is on the writers. They wrote themselves in a corner by showing Robin alive and Sabrina wasnt flying. They brought her back to trash Robin hoping it would turn people onto the pet. Maybe if they gave Patrick a viable pairing it wouldn't have had to come to this. Interesting that TeCa has not taped anywhere near them lately. It is to keep her away from the the stank so Sabrina can ride back in after the damage is done.

The audience ain't as stupid as you think Ron.

I don't think that this is about "propping" Sabrina. I don't care for her, but she does have a following, and the pairing of Patrick/Sabrina has its fans. I think that much of Robin's return story was great, and a lot of it was problematic. The exit they're setting up falls into the latter category.

I can see why they might think this is a good choice. They don't want to kill Robin off entirely; they don't want another presumed dead story. Robin did love Jason and would feel loyalty and an obligation to help him if she could. All fine. Where it stops working is with the notion that, having just gotten her family back, she'd voluntarily leave again - especially Emma. She's missed half her daughter's life. And yes, Jason's missing his son's life, blah blah blah, I get it, but it doesn't track. Again, all they have to do to make it work is have Robin TRY to get help from her parents and have that backfire somehow. It doesn't have to be real-world believable. Just in character.

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