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February 10, 2014

Is This Stockholm Syndrome?!

Today, Robin told Victor that she'd go along with his BANANAS plan to bring Helena and Stavros back from the dead so that they could go back to evil-doing and murder, since it would also mean that she could bring Jason back from the dead so that he could go back to blank-staring and...um, murder.

She is going to go along with this INSANE AND CONTRIVED EXIT STORYLINE even though she was JUST released from her years long captivity and only JUST reunited with her husband and her daughter, both of whom I've been led to believe she feels some sort of lingering positivity for--some may even call it "love". She is going to LEAVE FOR PARTS UNKNOWN AND ALSO FILLED WITH INSANE MASTERMINDS almost immediately after her daughter got her back in her life, because that won't lead to any sort of abandonment issues or behavioral problems.

This UNDERWRITTEN AND BIZARRE story, which makes her look CALLOUS AND ALSO DOWN WITH MURDER AND CRAZIES, is happening because it's almost unspeakably sad that Danny is growing up without his father.

TJ: [Growing up without a father] never gets any easier. You always wonder what if? If he were still alive, would things be different?
Robin: Yeah, what if.

Robin: Hey, buddy. I just want you to know something...that your daddy would be here for you if he could. Nothing would keep him away from you.

And all I could say when I realized that Robin was ACTUALLY GOING TO DO THIS...was actually going to put JASON above HERSELF AND HER OWN FAMILY was "...well, yeah. Of course Jason's child is more important than Robin's family. He's Jason's."

Somewhere, Bob Guza is screaming "Yes! YES! She finally gets it! Jason always, Jason forever!" (Can I get sued for slander for implying that Bob Guza reads this blog or still cares about General Hospital? One of those things IS very offensive).


I don't really blame Kimberly for "popping in and out" anymore. The writers convinced her to keep the character alive, and then made the mistake of letting us know early on. I think she came back this time thinking they would wrap up the story, and maybe when Jason decides to leave come back and usher him and Brooklyn off the show. Instead they wrote this, and I think that's why Kimberly seems to want to come back again, because she doesn't want to see Robin go out like this.

And that scenario or her just working at Mercy etc would still give Patrick a story. He could actually have a MEDICAL story in the hospital with everyone else.

Not this trashing of Scrubs and another dumb baby story....a baby that he doesnt want with Sabrina. They can still end this with a miscarriage after TC has her baby for real...I know wishful thinking.....

Also I do not remember KMc wanting Robin to die. I think it was the previous regime that was setting up for her to die(at Lisa's hands) and then this team changed it. She said something about the script being changed, they taped those lab scenes quickly etc... Either way her time could have been better used.

Ron's Robin's return is like Guza's Robert return in reverse. Under Guza, Robert's family hated him when he returned because was deadbeat who left his family behind for the job. After a few months, his family reconciled. Under Ron, Robin's family loved her when she returned, but after a few months they will hate her for being deadbeat who leaves her family behind.

I truly don't understand what RC is doing with Robin's exit. RC has filled GH with recurring characters, so I don't understand why Robin can't be recurring. Plus, when KMc left GH the first time in the 90s, she was went recurring and occasionally showed up on holidays.

They could fix it all. . . Not make it perfect mind you, but fix it, IF they have Robin secretly tell Patrick that she's going. . . Have them argue about it, sure, maybe even split over it. . But she WOULD NOT DO THAT TO HER FAMILY AGAIN after just getting back to them. She wouldn't let them believe that she was dead again!

Exactly!! I was thinking of that too Bethie! Have them argue and Patrick be mad that she was choosing to save Jason again. Even if we don't see it until she comes back again.

Another point is that I (and I'm sure there are others) are enjoying Sam without Jason. KM looks as happy without Jason as JT looks with KMc!! Sam is definitely more tolerable now then before. All she did before was whine about Jason and now she has other things to do. Has more of a personality.

You summed it up perfectly, Mallory. This fuckwittery is ridiculous and an insult to the character of Robin. I feel like telling Carlitwati that screwing over Robin is not going to make us love Sabrina Sunshine more.

Speaking of whom, how is that going to work? In the GH-verse Robin and Patrick are still legally married, right? So how is he going to get together with Sabrina -divorce Robin in absentia?

I think I'm going to pretend the real Robin is locked up in Switzerland, and this is an imposter in a Faison-commissioned mask.

Stupid as I think this exit story is, KMc would be leaving regardless, and although many of you are assuring me there are plausible exit stories, I just don't see Robin leaving now voluntarily for any reason, and I personally am not interested in yet another Robin-as-captive story, so there aren't a lot of good options here. Yes, they should have thought of that, but the alternative was keeping Robin in that god-awful captivity storyline even longer, and I hate that option too. Yes, they should have thought of THAT when they came up with Robin-as-captive two years ago, but then there weren't a lot of good options then either; Robin was slated to be killed off, there wasn't a whole lot of time to undo it, and somebody at least had the good sense to realize that there had been enough killing off of legacy characters and the show did not need any more of that.

I'm not defending this latest lame-ass scenario, because there just isn't much to defend it. But I don't think there were a lot of good options, and I doubt that they're deliberately trashing Robin to prop Sabrina. (The fact that they will apparently continue to go with Sabrina and Patrick as a couple when it so glaringly was not working, even before Robin's return, is a bigger issue, in my book. And the fact that they're doing that with a NUMBER of stories now that don't seem to be working, but they're sticking with them anyway, is an even BIGGER problem from my standpoint.)

I will admit that the fact that Jason is mixed up in all of this is almost unforgivable. If we have to have a lame, lame, lame exit story for Robin, does it have to involve the possibility of his return? That part really hurts.

Remember those long-ago days, when our soaps were written by people who not only had talent, but also had respect and affection for the shows and characters they wrote for? Remember when they would actually craft a storyline, even one for an exit of a beloved character, and have us feeling emotions other than anger and disgust?
But first we had Guza who had an unhealthy obsession with ugliness of all forms and a devotion to three of the worst characters ever promoted as leads.
Then we get Ron C. who confuses affection for the "genre" and for GH with his obsessive self-stroking of his ego. You'd think his skin would be chapped.
Instead of a soap, instead of GH, we have Ron C. orgasming over his "cleverness" and a producer who thinks the bottom line justifies anything.

Ron C. doesn't "love" the soaps, not any of them. He does, though, love the idea of himself as some sort of intensely clever guy, who thinks all of his jokes smell like roses. And his opinion of himself is so outrageous that he doesn't feel the slightest need to pay heed to the core of any characters. And he feels an absolute compulsion to spit in the face of fans.
I'm on hiatus with this show, maybe for good. Thank God I can get my fix here with like-minded souls.
I'm so angry I could spit. Right in the ass's face.

I agree with you Tcgnco 100% AGREE

Well, I too hate this exit story. There is NO WAY Robin would fight like hell and survive her way back to her family and turn around and leave again for Jason and his son. NO WAY. It does feel like propping of the insipid Sabrina and Patrick pairing, especially since they are writing in her real life pregnancy, even though they write around them all the time on soaps (Kirsten Storms!) I feel like an idiot for investing in this story. I did the same thing when they brought back Laura. The same thing happened.She comes back for sweeps ratings time and time again, but refuse to give her a permanent role on GH. There is no way she would have not been there for Lulu when she just lost her child. It's not in character. The actress Genie Francis wanted to remain on GH,but they refused. Just sucked us in and then kicked us in the butt. Just so angry right now!!! Also I hate Franco/Carly...it's forced and phony. There is zero chemistry and makes no sense.

I'm not really that upset with Kmc's departure. . .she's quite possibly my favourite female character on soaps - ever - maybe on tv ever - BUT if she's leaving then she's leaving. She has a right to pursue her dreams.

Unfortunately for us viewers that leaves the show's writers and producers in a quandry. If her leaving doesn't work for the story, recast.

There I said it. Do I hate the idea of a new Robin? YES!!! But let's face it we've been getting a "new Robin" since KMC originally left way back when to go to Uni. The latest incarnation "sabrina" is so unworthy that i can't even.

I believe I'd be happier with a recast than this. Keep her story going with Patrick - find someone excellent to play the part - I know she's been Robin since the start, but recasts can work. Several Carly recasts have worked - try to find someone excellent and then give then short contracts! So that if Kim every wants to come back she can, OR if they are terrific, have an awesome DOUBLE LOOK ALIKE story - if masks are possible then so are plastic surgeries and switching people all around! C'mon writers. Make it awesome even if it's not believable and we'll buy it!

Actually I totally buy that Robin would go off to save Jason. Jason (and by extension Sonny) was always a bone of contention between Robin and Patrick. She's St. Robin the Martyr. I think if they had played Robin and Patrick more while Kim was on the show, or she'd agreed to stay longer than six months, it wouldn't be as hard to buy. Because she and Patrick were just reunited, to have her go away so soon after, seems abrupt.

I'm just glad I stopped watching. I was not a huge Scrubs fans but excited about her return. However, after the whole Sabrina's pregnant and Patrick's the father story, along with the other crazy story lines, I thought is might be time to call it quits (after 30+ years). I can deal with implausible story lines (GH has had several dozen of those) and I can deal with unlikable ones if they're well-written and seem well thought out, but the story lines of the last few months have just been bad, uncreative and half-assed.

Tbh, nothing was really keeping Jason from Jake (danger schmanger, it was only dangerous for Jason to have a kid, until it conveniently wasn't) and yet...

Not that I'm shocked by this turn of events, but I don't get Robin not telling Patrick anyway. Too much has happened to Robin and Patrick for there not to be full disclosure now, no matter what Victor says.

I have nothing really to add that hasn't been said by others, except that I love that Kim McCullough didn't even try to polish this turd. She told fans that they were going to be pissed, and.....

I like bethie's recast idea. GL had the same recast come in as Harley when Beth Ehlers went to have babies and it worked fine. Yes I know KMc has been on since she was a baby and they never sorased her and yadda yadda...but she's not 10 anymore! All the suggestions about Robin working at Mercy and such...you know how everyone was irritated at Liz not having a storyline? Robin on recurring will basically turn Patrick into the male version of Liz. And similar complaints would ensue.

Hey GH. This stinks but MY give a damns busted.FrankenRon can watch this garbage themselves.KM said she was only coming back for a time.They knew how much.They dragged it out, and now they try to demonize Robin. Sorry doesn't work. I don't blame KImberly,. I blame tiic. They took all the credit for the ratings going up. Now they can take the blame. I don't like their pets enough to bother,OLTL 2, doesn't do it for me. Can't blame Robin, Patrick or EMMA they brought it. Suebrina???I think she needs some more experience in acting ,but I don't blame her either . I wish the best to KIm,she has given the fans lots of great memories,.!!!

Hmmmmm? An actress to temporarily play Robin while KMc is not available sounds like a good idea, and may even spur the actress into either moving on or returning to GH full time.

I would be welcome to trying a recast for Robin.(someone on another board had suggested Eden Reigel which I thought would be an interesting choice.) I can't speak for her personally but I think even KMc would be open to that. She has always struck me as a person who has been supportive of her fellow actors in the past, particularly Stuart Damon and Lexi Ainsworth when both were abruptly fired. Unfortunately, I think the people who wouldn't be willing to recast are the people behind the scenes, namely Valentini and Carlivati. Not because of fan backlash but because they just don't seem to me to be invested in this character anymore. They enjoy the ratings Robin (and KMc) bring to the show but, sadly that is all she seems good for, at least to them. Their thinking doesn't seem to be geared towards long term storylines, just that quick ratings spike and then coast along until the next big veteran's return.

Are they not invested in Robin because of KMc's spotty availability, or has KMc's spotty availability made them unable to invest in Robin as a character, period? It's a chicken and egg scenario. Even if they were lifetime fans, when it comes down to scheduling and $$ and making it work, I'm sure the reality is quite different.

I am with you Mary, Eden Reigel would be an excellent recast, and she is a very good actress. Recasts happen all the time, and can be very successful with the right actors. I never thought I would say that as I love Robin and KMC, but maybe it's time. Unfortunately, you may be right about the show runners in charge....they are only interested in sucking us in with favorite vets temp returns, temp ratings boosters, then mediocrity in between. Sad for us fans. And now we are stuck with his boring pet Sabrina, and NO chemistry with Patrick. I fear this is what we are facing here.

Tough situation... wish KMC well in her new career. Wish JT well for staying with GH.... just sad that the character of Robin was destroyed for me-- I just can't believe Robin would leave her little girl again. The whole Carly/France storyline made me stop watching.... thank goodness for YT so I can watch repeats!

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