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February 25, 2014

Reunited And It Feels So...Good?

"Reunited and it feels so momentarily okay" just doesn't have the same ring to it...

I am still about a week behind on General Hospital, because I spent two weeks hopelessly devoted to the Olympics at the expense of all other television, reading and conversation (I'm still so sad that it's over! I've been trying to dull the pain by following the charming and amazing Jason Brown on Instagram and making sure not to fast forward through the Nyquil commercials featuring Winter Olympian Ted Ligety (TM) but it's not working. Sad Town, Population Me!), but I HAD to watch the past two episodes because RIC! RIC! RIC!

Ric Lansing is back in Port Charles and for the moment, I am loving it. Even though I know with absolute certainty that it's going to go really wrong really quickly--because it always does, right? The writing for Ric has been consistently terrible over the years, usually featuring long periods of time idling on the backburner, followed by long periods of time being dastardly and villainous (neither of which I have a problem with in theory, but it's the cartoon levels of villainy that make me roll my eyes). Both periods of time include lots of talking about Sonny. Pretty ew, you know? And yet I still mostly adore him, based solely on the charm and talents of Rick Hearst, whose name I always type as "Rick Hearts", which is a super creepy Freudian slip of mine. He's probably one of my favorite GH characters and I don't think I've liked any of his stories in the past decade!

So I know it is coming. I know the rivalry with Sonny will be renewed in, like, 24 hours. But his reintroduction has been pretty fantastic: making snide faces at Rafe? Who among us hasn't been there? Expertly making Alexis crazy by undermining her in front of Molly and sneering that she's the "sex police" to get brownie points with his daughter? Total jerk move, but I'm weirdly okay with that! I think my standards have become so low that I have no standards...

DividerOh, also, Ava killed Connie. Who knew?!*

Ava: Unfortunately, Olivia isn't here to take this bullet for you.
Connie: Okay. You know what? We don't have to do this. You don't want me talking about Julian Jerome? Fine, it never happened. Ava--Ava, you don't have to shoot me.
Ava: [Shoots]

*We all knew, in August. Just like we all know that we're going to be sitting through a Who Killed Ava Jerome?! murder mystery in coming months.
I will say that I am pleasantly surprised that there wasn't a scuffle or a fight over the gun--no, Ava just shot her point blank. After delightedly talking about how she shot Olivia! Am I a victim of my disappearing standards again or was that basically awesome? I was so afraid that they were going to completely whitewash her that I was completely caught off guard by how terrible and badass that was and even MORE caught off guard by how much she and Carlos enjoyed their trip down murderous memory lame and then caught off guard AGAIN at being on the record as liking either character. There was a lot of dramatic gasping, basically.
All right, my GH catchup marathon continues. Is there anything I should be on the lookout for or is it safe to just half pay attention while I sing to myself "Ric's back, Ric's back"?


I vote Ava take out Olivia, Rafe, Franco, Kiki, etc...

Thanks for the recap Mallory! We can enjoy the Ric return whilst it lasts, but you know in your heart of hearts that eventually he will be sacrificed on the altar of Sonny and mob worship and bad writing as all returns are. Look what they just did to Robin, for sake of reviving Jeeeeson. Dont get me started on what they did to Laura either ( a real sore spot for me, a veteran L&L fan) I will bask in the good parts and steel myself for the inevitable let down. I hope Ric gives Sonny a good butt kicking before that goes down though, at least we can enjoy that!!

MissyLady yesssss! Ava could be the new Chandy the Chandelier...take out the bad ones in one spectacular moment. A girl can dream cant she???

I'm so happy to have Ric Lansing back in PC. I don't care how dastardly and villainous, I simply adore the character because even at his worst, he's always played masterfully by Rick Hearst. And while I hope they give Ric more to do besides fixate on Sonny, I realize the chances of that are extremely slim.

Speaking of dastardly and villainous. Carlos and Ava are a couple of sick puppies.

Sam and Silas are Snoozeville.

Molly's screeching hurt my ears.

Rafe is a snake and a weasel.

Olivia needs to go far far away from PC.

Chandy?! Squeal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love Eva! I don't want her to go! She's so unrepentantly bad ass!

I also love Ava, and I hope that Maura West continues to wreck havoc, including sleeping with Ric for months to come. Please don't let them kill her off the way they did Faith and Claudia. Although in fairness, Claudia Zacchara was ruined before Sarah Brown even set foot on the set. I love the fact that she killed Connie in cold blood, and cleverly blamed AJ. And I hope she put Sila's wife in that coma. I'm sorry but the character is just delicious. And I hated the scenes between Sonny and Olivia. All of a sudden he's ranting and raving about AJ killing Connie and not being remorseful. Given that Sonny waited about 2 seconds after Connie's death to start sleeping with Olivia again, he has no leg to stand on. He's just the worst.

watch the 2/20 episode because it features Dante and the baby being super cute. Otherwise, you didn't miss much, heh.

"I'm Ric, Ric Lansing."

"Sam was my step-daughter. We were very close."

"I'm not the sex police!"

Ric is as devious as ever and I love him.

Too much cartoon, not enough soap.
It's bad enough to watch Pepe Le Pew aka Sonny, and even worse listening to the blow up doll Olivia, but Ava.....she's Jessica Rabbit.
And it's downright criminal to have her, the horror that is Kiki and the biggest ham in Hollywood, Howarth, all on the same day.

God, I'm SO looking forward to Ric and Sam orbiting one another.

Pokerface, I loved it! The only thing that would have been better is if he had said, "Sam was my step-daughter...I knew her intimately."

I'm a bit miffed that they are totally turning him into a deadbeat dad, when it's entirely feasible that Molly visited him in LA, even for the requisite two weeks a year. Molly's life has been uneventful enough (not to mention the actress has spent quite a bit of time on the backburner), that nothing really merited him returning before.

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