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March 04, 2014

What The World Needs Now...

Well, there is at least one person who is going to be completely fine with Robin Scorpio's exit storyline, regardless of how rushed and poorly placed and absolutely implausible (I could keep listing negative aspects of this storyline. There are only, like, three dozen to choose from. It's basically a perfect storm of Not Good things. But for brevity's sake, I will just say "Leaving Emma?" and glance at you over the top of my glasses--or I would do that if I wore glasses. I feel like I'd do it a lot because it's melodramatic and bitchy, which is right up my alley. Curse my stellar vision) it is--because if anybody needs Jason Morgan back in his life, it's Sonny, and if it means Robin has to leave her family mere minutes after reuniting with them so she can haul ass to Scarsdale (we're neighbors, Robin! I...meant for that to read way less crazily than it does. Still, 914 represent!) to free Jason from the slab of ice he is living in and resuscitate him so that he can kill again, GOD DAMN IT, ROBIN, LEAVE FASTER!

Because this is the face of a man who needs Jason.


The blank-eyed panic on his face after he shot AJ--who, not to blame the victim or anything, but really, you didn't think it was a good time to tell Sonny that Ava killed Connie? You screamed "Just listen" like a hundred times, very shrilly, but didn't give him anything to listen to. If you had spilled the Connie beans, he might have paid attention. He also might have thought "Connie...that sounds familiar. Blonde, right? And [does universal sign for crazy]?" because I buy his great love for Connie not even a little but MAYBE he'd have paused] brought me to tears, I laughed so hard. How out of his depth was this fierce mobster? He was just staring, clearly thinking "...the hell do I do now? Do I have to like...touch him? Do I bury him? There's fucking blood all over the place, which is just disgusting I need Jason. Jason would know what to do! DAMN IT! WHY DOES HE HAVE TO BE DEAD?!" I also laughed at how limber Ava was when she scrambled out of the way so that her glam jumpsuit didn't get stained by AJ's blood. It was a pretty comedic few minutes (which I needed after all of the Scrubs flashbacks. I can't, you guys. I just can't)!

Sonny Corinthos, protector of women: This is how you get off? Hurting women, abusing them, killing them?
AJ: Sonny, listen. I know how this looks, but I wasn't going to kill her! You've got to hear me out--
Sonny: I'm not [A full minute of unintelligible yelling loudly] YOU KILLED THE WOMAN I LOVE!
AJ: No, no, I didn't! No, I didn't! Listen, if you just put the gun down, I can explain, I can make you understand.
Ava, caressing her neck and giving an Academy Award winning performance: He tried to kill me.
AJ: SHUT UP! Don't listen to her.
Sonny: Who do I listen to? I'M DONE LISTENING, I'M DONE [More unintelligible screaming at the highest volume. I could not make out a single word of it. It could have just been sounds. "Ahhhh! Eeeee! Ooooooh!" I can't say for sure that he screamed "I'm done, I'm done, damn it" although it sounds like he did. I CAN say for sure that he spat all over the place. And then shot AJ]

I will continue laughing loudly until Sonny is cleared of all charges on a technicality and mocks AJ for being weak and awful. So...tomorrow at 2:15ish, I guess.



But the Anna/Dr. O scenes kicked ass.

I mean, okay, he shot AJ. HE did it, not one of his goons, it certainly wasn't Shawn - (couldn't be, come to think of it, since he can't hit the side of a barn), and okay, Sonny promised Michael he wouldn't do it, but then again, he already lied to Morgan so it's the RIGHT thing to do to lie to Michael too, right?....can't show any favoritism...so even though he shot AJ and lied to both of his sons, he's still a good dad though...right? Isn't that what really counts? Dante can verify that - he should still have the scar.
Won't Olivia - and Carly - and everyone else be saying that by tomorrow??

If only someone would pick up that orange mini-moobster by his little bat ears and hang him by the back of his shirt on a coatrack.
And stuff one of Olivia's cannolis in his drooling mouth.

I mean really who cares when you have the Anna v Obrecht scenes throughout this entire show which were absolutely fantastic!! What soaps are made for! Kudos to Finola Hughes & Kathleen Gati for just being so entertaining.... And dare I say great writing by Ron & his crew for these scenes.

Sonny and Ava will get off and we all know it. However, it sure would be nice if we had a story where Sonny went to prison and was off my screen AT least for six months!

Dr. O and Anna were the bomb.

I really enjoyed the Scrubs flashbacks.

Sonny did spat all over the place. It was disgusting. I don't know how Sean Kanan and Maura West managed to remember their lines.

Anna shoving Sonny's ass in the backburner jail for 3 months would be nice.

Michael changing his name to Quartermaine would be sweet.

AJ surviving, staying sober, rebuilding his life, not getting thrown under the bus would be wonderful.

Robin trying to defrost Jason but accidentally overcooking him would be the best.

LOL Poker face. LOVE the visual of an overcooked Jason.

And yes Anna + Dr. O = amazing.

Finola Hughes is a treasure.

Was it even before Christmas that Sonny threatened to kill Carly if ehhh, I don't even remember who, somebody died? Sonny Corinthos, outraged defender of women. Anna saved today's show like she saves every show she's on.

I am so happy Sonny actually pulled the trigger. This makes him an OBVIOUS liar. I'm just tickled to my toes.

Also, I adore Ava. So whatever, y'all.

If AJ uses this to finally be sober at last, this will ALL BE WORTH IT.

This is exactly why I cannot convince myself to not go to the gym ands stay home and watch. I so wanted to watch Robin leave , and anna is or was before she became the keystone cop .Are FrankenRon trying to destroy the show the same way Guza did . Sonny will never pay. he never has and this is exactly why I shut thwe show off before.

I'm just sitting here thinking and I've come to the realization that I am incredibly a. hopeful or b. gullible. sigh.

I saw this scene as perhaps a new direction. I thought, maybe the writers are going to start to cast Sonny as the bad guy he is. Here we have AJ being the one being wronged - without doubt. There is NO DOUBT about who is the wronged party here. Just as there is no doubt who is the party to blame (AVA - who is deliciously bad). When Sonny finds out, what will he do? When Michael finds out what will HE do? I see lots of possiblities for high drama. And yes, it will somehow end with Sonny getting a slap on the wrist - probably, but I have hope!

I think Ava is awful and awesome. Is is just me or does her accent slip sometimes into something not quite so refined as a high end art dealer/sister of mobster/worker for the mob? Sometimes she sounds downright street thug.

As I said, I'm hopeful for this storyline. Maybe there will be a departure from the messes of the past.

I thought MB was very good yesterday AFTER he shot AJ. . .in those moments where he was like "yikes. what in hell did I just do"? AND he even made the distinction that WHEN he shot AJ, AJ did NOT in fact have his hands around AVA's throat. . . he had moved away and Sonny still shot him. He recognized that fact.

Like I said, I'm probably an idiot for being hopeful but I am.

It's been clear for quite some time that Shawn is on the dim side, but today he's made it completely clear that he's actually operating with a negative amount of intelligence.

At least according to Shawn, whose thought processes are obviously as out of whack as his ability to shoot straight.

So that terrible Alexis, that HYPOCRITE, dumped his skinny behind because he's with Sonny but she's with Julian who is a BONE FIDE MOBSTER. Whereas, it seems, even Shawn thinks Sonny is a orange cowardly spitting sharksuited mini moobster, which is nowhere near as bad as a BONE FIDE mobster is.

Either that, or Shawn is so dim he really thinks Sonny is a coffee importer - which means Shawn must look at each Starbucks as a shooting gallery.

Poor Shawn.....there he is rejected by that HYPOCRITE Alexis who is going out with the Big Bad BONE FIDE Mobster, but he's willing to go to the hospital and kill off the guy his head barista Sonny shot in the chest. Thank God Shawn isn't working for a murderous moobster, though, right?

And THIS is the guy TJ's mother thought would be a good influence? I doubt if he even knows how to turn on the lights, since they are so obviously OUT.

It's the hypocrisy that gets me. Sam can't even entertain the fact of establishing a relationship with her father because he's an evil mobster yet she was married to a hit man and was completely accepting of that fact. I admit, I am intrigued where they are going to go with the whole Sonny shot an innocent person AGAIN. I doubt he will have to pay, at least legally, but I would love if he was ostracized for his crimes for more than a week.

I would love it if, when they eventually let sonny off the hook for this, that it comes down to AJ saving Sonny because Michael asked him to.

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