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April 28, 2014

The Crossroads of Apathy and Irritation

General Hospital is--I can hear you all jumping in to finish that sentence. "Dullsville!" "Terrible!" "Conspicuously absent from my DVR's list of recorded series!" "Still on?!--and all of those suggested endings are spot on, although what I was planning to say was that it's exceedingly...difficult. It's difficult to sit through (there are some episodes that were I just a little bit crazier would cause me to become CONVINCED that there is a science fiction plan afoot that messes with the passage of time, because there is no way they are a mere sixty minutes long. Sixty HOURS, maybe) and it's difficult to write about and it's difficult to know exactly how I feel about it. Like, there are moments when I am SO BORED that I become progressively more irritated, but then there are moments when I am SO AGHAST AND/OR ANGRY that I don't even have it in me to give it another thought, because it would just be too bad for my blood pressure. It's an endless cycle of boredom and irritation and repression.

Also, I am now worried about how I will react the next time I come across a person named Sabrina. Will I wail "SABRRRRRRRRRINA?!" at her? I think I might!

In lieu of a real recap, let's instead make a list!

Things Less Terrible Than Sonny Corinthos, who is really living down to his reputation after after having sex with Ava in the crypt (this is a thing that happened. It was gross and seedy and disturbing, so much so that the fact that we all saw it coming didn't soften the blow of how gross it really was. Ick, yuck, etc.) and then trying to make Morgan feel too guilty to tell Olivia about it. It's a sign of how wholly I dislike Sonny that I found myself so passionately protective of Olivia, a character who I detest in like 99% of situations, but boy was I all "How DARE he?" today.

1. Everything.



The "new soap" theory makes perfect sense to me. It warms my heart that the Bonehead Brothers got shut out of the major Emmy categories.

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