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July 08, 2014

Dullsville. Population: All Of Us

I honestly don't remember--and I have a LONG memory. A creepy long memory. A memory that I often wish weren't quite as razor sharp as it is. And if there's a chance that I forgot something General Hospital related, I have eight (!) (!!) (!!!) years worth of archives that I can go through to check my facts--a period of time in which General Hospital was so relentlessly...dull.

There have been periods where it's been AWFUL. Like, all caps, italicized, I talked to people about it (usually against their will) and actually physically foamed at the mouth AWFUl.

There have been periods of fineness and even goodness.

Both of those periods had something notable; something that you could point to and say "CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT [AMAZING OR TERRIBLE THING] JUST HAPPENED?!" and either smile broadly with delight or punch yourself in the face repeatedly as you try to dream up the PERFECT rage-filled nickname for whatever plot atrocity had just been committed.

I long for those days. Even the self-punching days. I hated them while I lived them, but they at least gave us something to discuss. Now? I watched General Hospital twice today (once to watch and once to watch all of the points I had tuned out) and I couldn't tell you anything that happened, except that Ava is horrendous at villainy and Michael Easton tried for the first time in a long time. Other than that, I assume that people talked about stuff and also did things...? I have literally no recollection of 120 minutes of my life.

Is this what amnesia is like?!

We need to make a General Hospital drinking game, to make things even remotely interesting. Suggestions? Please note: we cannot take a drink every time Franco says something irritating. I can't have mass alcohol poisoning on my conscience.


I agree MissyLady....ship 'em all out of town and bring back some vets, even ones who died. AJ, Alan Q., a new Jason who wants to be a doctor. Let the Q's rise again. Bring Laura,Leslie, Bobby, Scott, Sean and Tiffany, Felicia and Georgie (not the baby) Kevin and Lucy...yah that would be a better show.

There seems to be absolutely no long term plan for the show. Just whatever is shiny and catches the writers' attention for the moment. Why make Franco, Scott's son? Hell, why did they even bother with Scott, Lucy, Kevin and Laura? They have almost completely disappeared. Lucy and Kevin having marital issues and then she cheated with Scott. Would've loved to have seen Kevin insisting on seeing couples therapist from the moment they decided to reunite after the vamp stuff. Scott and Laura were engaged longer then they were married.

Killing off Rafe is just short sighted. He was a legacy kid. But the writers are hacks and can't think of anything but quick splashes and protecting their favorites.

Nice Carly. Sonny can murder anyone but people you have feelings about. NULOCH Forever!

I watched GH since 1977 that was before "The Golden Years" of Luke and Laura-- watched on-off (mostly on) until last year. I read the reviews and I don't even know who the characters are anymore. I was excited when SK came back as AJ-- thought AJ and Liz had some great chemistry but the coupling was quickly tossed away. I was never a Carly fan but I can't believe she is with Franco, can't believe Jax would willing leave his daughter. Don't like Silas --nor Kiki -- oh well -- still love Mallory's take on GH

Wow. A Lucy sighting. Someone to bawl over Rafe. Which, in true Lucy fashion, ended 30 seconds later she walked into the bar. And she was really crying 'cause everyone is justifiedly furious with her selfish decisions. Kevin is done. Serena won't talk to her. Scott is locked up somewhere, doing things not concerning to Lucy. Mac is pissed at her. Luke doesn't seem to a friend to her anymore. Rafe is dead, she dropped him like a used tissue after all of promises and he was left with was Silas(a man no one really knows), Sam and Molly. A kid, a kid see proclaimed to be family is dead, but Lucy is just using the event to cry about how awful her life is right now.

Wow. Just wow.

Can not possibly care less about Maxie the case of the two schmucks. Everyone sucks in this craptastic plot.

Oh. And this is the best paid writers can come up with for Nik/Liz/Britt? Sad. Truly pathetic. I don't buy the Liz/Cam hate from "Spencer". Liz has helped raise the boy. Cam and Spencer had a pretty close cousin relationship.

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