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July 21, 2015

The Fosters: Faith, Hope, Love

Classic-style recap!

Previously on The Fosters: Brandon was a spectacular douche, Stef saw AJ and Callie smooching.

AJ has created a "Super Callie" character, which I suppose is as good a way as any to court a teenage girl. AJ's brother Ty appears.

Bro reunion Familiar actor

The actor looks familiar, but I can't quite place him. Ty is under the impression that he and AJ are leaving.

Mariana and Callie buy the car they agreed on last week. Callie's pretty prickly toward Mariana, but it turns out they bought a car for no good reason since they can't drive it without insurance and they haven't told their mothers yet. 

Stef and Lena invited Rita over to talk about the big, scandalous AJ/Callie kiss.

Rita is here with some homespun wisdom

Rita says the two of them have to live separately because otherwise this could affect Callie's adoption. Well, breathing can affect Callie's adopt so I don't really see how this is news.


Brandon is back at music camp. Shrug.

Mike comes over to tell AJ ....something? That he's getting bumped from the foster home? The show then awkwardly cuts to a family dinner where they announce this to the whole gang. Oh, I see, he's going to go live with Rita for a while. Stef and Lena pretend like it's because they're too busy to do the work involved in their foster license renewal.

Mariana announces that she's going to be godmother to Ana's baby, and also that she's going to be baptized herself. In the Catholic church. Stef gives her a hard no. 

Rita basically tells Callie that dating her foster brothers has become an unfortunate habit (by telling her a story about how she ate a whole cake that she didn't even enjoy because of old bad habits). Who doesn't know someone with an unfortunate addiction to dating their foster siblings! Poor AJ thinks this is great news because now he and Callie can date, but she shuts that down but fast.

Mariana wants to know why she can't get baptized, especially because Brandon did. My sound went out, but Stef's lips look like they're saying, "Yes, but that was for my father." Stef and Lena tell Mariana that they don't believe in Heaven or Hell, and Mariana asks, "Do we even believe in God?" It's such an innocent moment that a 15-year-old asks "Do we believe" instead of talking about what she believes because on every end of this she's just trying to please someone else and looking for ways to find her identity. Lena answers, but my sound went out again. I missed the first part but then caught, "And in a higher power that lives within all things, one that inspires us to be kind and compassionate to each other."

Religious pow wow

And because Stef is Stef, she cannot let that gentle approach lie, so she throws in a, "What we don't believe in is an angry old man up in the sky threatening to send us to Hell if we don't do as he says." For good measure!

Mariana asks some simple questions

Mariana gets that her mothers are big old liberals and that's going to be a problem with the Catholic Church's stance on gay marriage, abortion, and birth control. But she's not planning on converting, she just wants to do this so she can be Isabella's godmother. I'm no expert, but isn't that exactly not how this works?

Brandon and Callie catch up while brushing their teeth the way Brandon and Brenda used to do, and Brandon and Brenda had more palpable sexual tension. 

The two guys Brandon is working with at music camp (I don't have a handle on their names yet) are telling him to go with his gut on whether or not he wants to move forward with this non-traditional piece he's composed. IT'S THRILLING. It also involves Brandon making such faces as:

Mariana asks some simple questions


Hangdog Brandon is feeling discouraged. Poor Brandon has THE WORST LIFE OF ANYONE ANYWHERE, according to Hangdog Brandon.

Ana is fighting with her mother at the bakery just as Lena and Stef stroll in to talk to the Gutierrezes. Mariana looks appropriately mortified since Stef has Scary Warrior Face on. Grandpa explains that if Mariana doesn't get baptized before she dies, her soul will be in limbo for all eternity.

Grumpy grandfather

So you see, he's not scaring her at all! Anyway, the grandfolks express pissiness that Ana failed to take care of this early on, and Ana in turns says it's one of her biggest regrets. Stef and Lena APPROPRIATELY explain that they are Mariana's parents and it's not their place to dictate these things to her. I mean, Lena says this, not just Stef! Elena (grandma) acknowledges that this is the case, but asks if there's any reason they don't want their children to believe in God. Stef and Lena are stumped!

Ty meets Mike, and immediately calls him out for having some sort of White Savior complex.

Ty does not approve

Mike is very well-meaning

Ty is worried that Mike's going to bail the second AJ turns 18, but Mike insists he's in it for keeps.

Callie is doing some sort of a presentation on her proposed app for foster kids. The panel much preferred her volunteer job at the drop-in center. This app is so much less immersive, dammit!

Ty thinks this whole shuffling-around thing is some racist nonsense and that Mike's going to let him down. Well, Mike lets a lot of people down, but I don't think it's usually race-based disappointment!

Long-haired dude tells Brandon his piece was "really tight." One of the instructors thinks he's still holding back and that he needs to take bigger risks. Everyone takes a bathroom break.

Mike finds out about how AJ was "the reason" Callie got fired from the drop-in center job, but that's not really true since Callie making a really idiotic call was the reason she got fired. Anyway, Rita says at her house it's "one strike and you're out." 

Lena, who appears to have gotten some new streaks in her hair, is livid about the discussion with the Gutierrez family, but Stef feels like they should relent a bit and let their kids choose their own spiritual paths.

Mike tries to discourage AJ from getting involved with Callie. You can pretty much tell from the look on AJ's face that maybe Ty was right and this is because Callie is white. 

Mariana is all dressed up in church! She takes it all in just before Ana comes in with a crying baby.

Baptism day

Ana talks a little about her prescription painkillers and how she's lying her parents about it since they only see her as an addict. Stef and Lena show up after all! They brought ugly heart necklaces for Mariana and Isabella.

Went to Claire's

Mariana meets with the priest, who clearly doesn't have the details straight about who Mariana's family really is. He talks about how she has to pledge to believe in everything the Catholic Church stands for. She points out that her mothers are married and wonders if the church would accept them. "Of course," the priest says, "We welcome all sinners." Mariana doesn't love the way that sounds.

"I kissed the princess," AJ says to Callie, filling her in on Mike having cautioned him away from her. Callie finally fills AJ in on what happened between her and Brandon. AJ awesomely says, "There's one difference between me and Brandon. I'm never gonna be your brother." He shoots her a flirty grin. I know it's weird, but these two are starting to work for me. Anyway, Callie gets a reminder to move the car she can't legally drive so she doesn't get a parking ticket. AJ goes with her and encourages her to drive around the block. WHAT COULD GO WRONG. About 20 seconds later, they get pulled over by the cops.

Mariana decides not to get baptized. She'll keep looking after Isabella like she's been doing, she doesn't need a title for that. Coincidentally at that moment, Ana has disappeared. Is there ANY CHANCE this has to do with those painkillers we heard about 90 seconds ago? The grandparents are immediately pissy and assume that Ana's off doing drugs, and also throw plenty of shade Mariana's way for making it "quite clear" she doesn't want to be part of their family. In retribution, they will go baptize that baby without her.

Take that


So it turns out, Callie and Mariana bought a stolen car, hence the arrest.

Who could have known children buying a car wouldn't be that easy

While getting the dressing-down from the moms, Mariana gets a message that Ana's okay and showed up at the reception. Moreover. Mariana would very much like to know if they are getting their money back for the stolen car. The moms have their patented individual responses.

Our daughters are geniuses Ohhhh the humanity

Aw, Mariana.

Oh so long-haired "friend" at music camp ripped off Brandon's piece. So guess what? This guy not thinking Brandon's a threat has lit a fire under him! Brandon's going to show everyone that is the best ever! I can't wait!

Ana shows up a wreck with the baby, saying she made a mistake and wants the Adams-Fosters to take Isabella. OH LORD. Oh, the grandparents are there, too, and Victor is being a dick. Stef worries that Ana has postpartum depression. Mariana reads Victor and Elena the riot act, and it works! Okay, well, that and Lena throwing in a point about absolute forgiveness. They agree to stand by Ana and get her some help.

Afterwards, Lena and Stef talk about their loss. Lena admits she's still really struggling with losing her baby and is dealing with depression, too. And Stef is wonderful and supportive. Lena cries in her arms.

Wifey #1

Wifey moment

Have we talked about how freaking good Teri Polo is in this show? She was always just an incidental presence for me in past roles, but she is really nailing this deeply flawed but compassionate character.

The social worker shows up and says the restraining order that they had for Brandon to stay away from Callie is going to be a major impediment to her adoption, and so in the meantime Callie can't stay there.

Once again


Also, no Jude. I miss Jude.


Oh god, does this mean Callie has to go live with her dad?

Why can't they leave Callie alone? I suppose she is gonna live with Jack McPhee for a while...
And you are so right about Teri Polo, she is doing a great job.

I know, it's a travesty about Callie! And I'm always going to fear it's just to serve "Brallie."

It's time for them to come up with new stories for her instead of continually going back to the "adoption thwarted!" well.

This is getting SO old. Can she just please get adopted?! And yes, Teri Polo is doing such a terrific job.

As for Callie's old independent study... I found it so offensive that they were looking for something "immersive". She is a foster kid herself; does she really need any more "immersion" into the system/community to understand it? I thought the app was a much more useful idea.

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