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November 02, 2015

The Bold & the Beautiful: Keepin' It In The Family

Preach, Vivienne Avant! Man, y'all, her big speech about not being raised in a time when women were encouraged to be their authentic selves? And how that led her to lose Maya, and so now she has to fight for her other daughter? So good.


Julius is a vulgar bully played by a brilliant actor, but it's nice to have his wife around to take the same "anti" position regarding the surrogacy but for all the right reasons.

10 11

That said, while I want to love any storyline that brings the Avants into town and even gets them into a family discussion with the likes of Brooke and Eric (!), this whole thing feels a little pointless, doesn't it? We have Nicole's parents aggressively opposed to this surrogacy and we have Maya telling Nicole twelve times an episode that she's free to change her mind at any time. So what is the issue, really? Why are Maya and Rick so in need of this when they claim it's okay for it not to happen? They have more money than Midas! Of course Maya would like to use Nicole's egg. HIRE A DAMN SURROGATE! GIVE THE SURROGATE NICOLE'S EGG! They could pay someone else enough money to micromanage the pregnancy all they damn well please.

But when I sit down and think about it, I remember: why on earth would anyone on B&B go outside the family for anything at all? This is a show where they're currently revving up a triangle between Wyatt, Ivy, and Ivy's cousin Thomas. Thomas, who once asked his stepsister to marry him. Thomas, whose stepmother (and ex-girlfriend, and ex-aunt) is knocked up by him. Thomas, whose child is going to be raised as his sibling.

And why would Rick want to go outside the family? He himself is the product of his mother and her former husband's father! Rick's brother has been his stepfather (and nearly his brother-in-law), Rick's father is his little brother's grandfather. I was going to go on but my head is starting to hurt.

The point is that the Avant family is incredibly refreshing to have on canvas and it's a giant bummer that they're just another family that's way too into each other's business. Before we know it, some adoptive cousins are going to come into town and seduce the lot of them and everyone'll just shrug it off.

And Julius's preoccupation with what a handsome "catch" Zende is as creepy as we're used to on this show.

(Julius isn't wrong, but doesn't Zende also look a little....dim?)

Tell the truth!

Am I missing something here? Why can't Maya and Rick just use Nicole's egg (it's still a sacrifice! there can still be drama about it! she'll still have to lay off sex and booze while harvesting, people!)? Seriously, has the show offered up any reason other than "just because?"

Doesn't it seem like they're trying to milk drama out of this story where there doesn't have to be any? They haven't given Maya, Rick, and Nicole a real point of view on why it simply must be her, so the conflict isn't exactly resonating. 

I miss Crazy Aly talking to her mother's floating head.


I hope Nicole keeps the baby!!! Maya is the worst.

Oh yeah, Nicole should really go back on the arrangement and share a child with her brother-in-law because people don't like Maya. Sounds so heartwarming.

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