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August 25, 2016

General Hospital: Color Blind

Okay, production designers, I understand having a unifying palette on your show, but maybe we can chill out a little with the characters' shirts all perfectly matching the walls?




And as if to drive the point home, the only scenes where the clothes didn't match the background took place in Middletown, Connecticut.


Just in case anyone got too confused, though, Kristina did manage to wear Official Port Charles Purple.

(Also, come on, Kevin! You just had to go ahead and ruin a good thing the very next morning.)


And what's the deal with only solid colors? Everything looks so fake and cheap!

That whole business with Kevin having been writing a fictional book based on Laura this whole time was soooo contrived. I get Genie Francis is taking a break, but no need to throw Kevin under the bus for it.

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