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August 24, 2006

Austin Peck Gets Fired, But Remains Brilliantly Insightful

Because I am on vacation, I decided to take some time to peruse Austin Peck's blog. (The first part of that sentence is not entirely true, as I would have - and have in the past - read his site even if I had other things I should be doing, because it is far more entertaining than virtually anything else it would be possible to do, save watching cheesy teen movies while drunk and possibly space travel.) Anyway, genius like this must be shared.

His eloquent thoughts about being booted from Days shortly after returning and just as the show finally promises to get good:

So it's true, Christie and I have been let go from the show. That maybe news for some of you, so I'm glad if you heared it here first. Hey, that's show business people. I'm grateful to Ken Corday for giving me the time on the show that I had. When I signed on to Days, I had a deep feeling it was going to be temporary, that word just kept coming across my forehead of thought. I didn't know what that meant, how that was going to unfold but I am not surprise. For that I am incredibly grateful. It's good to have faith. I don't know how people manage this crazy world without it. Sometimes God has to take something out to make room for something else. I feel very positve but I'm not going to lie and say that it hasn't been an emotional rollercoaster. I'm also thankful that I don't have to experience this alone, Christie and I have been very supportive of each other. It's all in your perspective. Look at it this way, Carrie and Austin can just bounce out of Salem.

Emphasis obviously added, since Austin's forehead of thought is all clogged up with temporary opportunities and therefore can't be bothered with English usage rules.

The last bolded bit is interesting - you're right, it is wonderful that your longtime co-star got shitcanned along with you! Imagine if she still had a job, how terrible that would be for you.

But I could not stop with the firing announcement; I needed to learn more about Austin Peck, Philosopher King (TM Promising Ingenue). And boy did I learn:

Did ya like that, how I just changed the subject, pretty good, huh? My Dad was so good at that. Man! He could change a subject so quick, like a jedi knight

That is what jedi knights are known for, you know.

sounds corny but I LOVE trees. Have you ever really looked at a tree, I mean really LOOKED?

You are blowing my mind, Austin Who Plays Austin.

I had just two lines so I was drawing jedi's on the back of my script. Yes! I am a nerd. It's either that or read.

Oh god, not reading. Ew!

Yesterday we had a scene with the four of us, Aus.Sam.Car.Luc., in the church vestibule...funny word, veestiibuuulle...vestiiibuuuule...vestibule, hmm.

This explains a lot. He's clearly a huge stoner.

Maybe I'm just in a bad mood or something, or depressed. I wanna get in a fight on the show. With a dude! Not really hit someone. Well, yeah. But you can't do that. My mother always reminds me that maybe Austin Reed feels the same way I do, that in many ways were one and the same.

Obviously, the intellect is genetic.

Is it me or does everyone on the show seem to be with the wrong person? I mean their not just with them, their "with them", if you know what I mean.

I don't. This is all going right over my head; it's all too deep.

Mocking Austin Peck's acting was fun for a while but I can only make so many jokes when his facial expressions are limited to "duh," "duh-ier," and "duh-iest." However, making fun of his blog has potentially endless mockery possibilities, as his devoted fanbase constantly demands new entries. He seems like a sweet guy, so it's a bit like kicking a puppy, but when did we as a society necessarily decide that should always be frowned upon?

-Evil But Twinless


I think that he deserver to be fired. He need to improve in his personal interaction with other people.

I guess that when there's a time for a change, life will tell you, I wonder if someone like me it's gonna change the life style, but well as i say life will tell me, someday, thanks

The last bolded bit is interesting - you're right, it is wonderful that your longtime co-star got shitcanned along with you! Imagine if she still had a job, how terrible that would be for you.

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