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August 10, 2006

Let's Do The Time Warp Again

Bob Guza sucks.

Like, he seriously sucks. He managed to take a show with a long, layered and famous history and run it into the ground so that it's hovering around Guiding Light in terms of ratings. Guiding Light is a grandma show (No offense to Guiding Light or grandmas intended)! The man singlehandedly ruined the greatest soap opera couple of all time, romanticized the mob so that the show's entire moral compass has become screwed, written one of the most amazingly moronic stories daytime has seen in years that didn't include a pregnant Diedre Hall so that his girlfriend Meg Bennett could be on the show and routinely acts out like a child by refusing to write for characters he doesn't like as much as he likes Sonny/Jason/Carly.

I could deal with all of that. I don't like it, but I can deal with it. I cannot, however, deal with repetition. The man recycles storylines like Susan Sarandon has a gun to his head. If you've seen a story of his once, you'll see it again in at least three weeks.

1996: Bobbie gave Carly up for adoption. Carly was pissed and slept with Bobbie's husband Tony for revenge
2006: Alexis gave Sam up for adoption. Sam was pissed and slept with Alexis's husband Ric for revenge

1998: Carly lied about Michael's paternity. Robin told the truth. Carly was pissed.
2006: Carly lied about John's paternity. Robin told the truth. Carly was pissed.

1998: Carly thought Jason had sex with Liz. She had sex with Sonny for revenge
June 2006: Dillon thought Georgie had sex with Diego. He had sex with Lulu for revenge
July 2006: Patrick thought Robin was having an affair with Nikolas. He nearly had sex with Carly for revenge.
August 2006: Lucky thought Liz had sex with Patrick. He had sex with Maxie for revenge (and drugs)
August 2006: Liz knows Lucky had sex with Maxie. She had sex with Jason for revenge.

2005: Big Bad Luis Alcazar is murdered. But his brother comes to town to get revenge!
2006: Big Bad Manny Ruiz is murdered. But his (twin!) brother comes to town to get revenge! Or does he? Did anything ever happen with that storyline?

So Guza is untalented AND he's a repetitive hack. I feel like I'd be able to deal with one, but certainly not both. I may have few standards, but I do have some, damn it.

-Promising Ingénue


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