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September 28, 2006

Casting News

Davetta Sherwood is out as Lily on The Young and the Restless in favor of Lily #1, Christel Kahlil. Yes, the same Christel Khailil who only exhibited chemistry of any kind with her uncle/actual biological father Malcolm. Yes, the same Christel Khalil who showed up to the Daytime Emmys looking like a deranged figure skater. This totally reeks of Bad Idea Jeans to me.

Over on Days of Our Lives, the new Shawn Brady makes his very first appearance. I'm taking bets: will he match the magic of Charity Rahmer, who got fired the same day her first appearance aired? Or will he manage to last a whole week, despite looking like he is the same age as Bo and Hope? Or will he manage to not suck? Winner gets a free Marlena dartboard! Speaking of the Very Experienced™ Charity Rahmer, I think we could all use a trip down memory lane to marvel at her talents.

You're welcome.

-Promising Ingénue


I've been pleasantly surprised by the new Shawn. While it is clearly not possible for Hope to have a 37-year-old son, at least this new Shawn is appealing enough that I can understand why two (admittedly quite dim) women are willing to basically destroy their lives in order to have him. He's as good an actor as Jason Cook (which I realize might be damning with faint praise), and I think a new face might help me forget the horribly unimaginative, repetitive like whoa story arc the character has been trapped in for the last couple of years. Plus maybe this Shawn is interested in working for the public interest and will therefore limit Mimi's MAC allowance.

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