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September 22, 2006

Pressing Y&R Questions

  • Where the hell do Neil and Carmen get off acting like Dru is some sort of crazy wench who totally imagined an inappropriate relationship between the two of them? I mean, yes, Dru acted insane when she stalked Neil and Carmen and took photos of them from her car...
  • ...and when she got wasted at the NVP opening

    ...and when she broke into Carmen's room to tear up all of her clothes (No worries: the district attorney himself prosecuted the case and she got off with just court appointed therapy. Will Bardwell takes crime very seriously, he'll have you know! Also, in Drucilla's defense, Carmen is constantly dressed like an extra from the Genoa City High production of The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie, so she's actually doing the girl a favor here)

    So, um, okay, maybe "crazy wench" is sort of right on the money.

    However, Dru is right on the money as well in her suspicions that this poorly dressed heffa is after her husband and her husband is all too willing to have an emotional affair with this woman (sharing his hopes and dreams and goals and how they both love decaf coffee) and they have kissed multiple times and flirted somewhat disgustingly in front of his kids. I'd sure as hell be pissed if my husband was parading a woman around town who could easily be one of those actors who hangs out in Plymouth, Massachusetts pretending that she just got off of the Mayflower.

  • I appreciate Ashley being the one to call Brad out on what a total sketchball he is having his daughter lie about having a grandmother and staying in Hawaii with said grandmother while on the run from Nazi's, but I wonder--does a woman who had a child through sperm theft have the right to the higher ground, ever?
  • Why does Noah not have more friends? Actually, I know the answer to this: he's incredibly annoying and more than a little creepy and acts younger than his age, and did I mention that he is annoying? But I think Sharon is incredibly, incredibly hot (as evidenced in the bikini she wore while on vacation with Jack) and I would imagine that throngs of young boys would be hanging out around the Newman Ranch hoping to catch a glimpse of her.
  • Is Peter Bergman the dreamiest man in America, yes or yes?
  • -Promising Ingénue


    Drucilla really needs to come back to Y&R. The show is a mess without her. I mean, really. Sharon use to be one of my favorites but the current writers have yet to write a compelling story for GC's resident flawed heroine. Enough of the drama with her, Nick, Jack, and Phyllis. Pair Sharon and Brad once and for all. The only time Don Diamont is ever interesting to watch is when he's in scenes with Sharon Case. Victoria Rowell was a force of nature during her scenes as Dru in the psych ward, imagine the fashion diva waking up in a hospital to find out she was disfigured due to her fall over the cliff. Dru then reads that Neil is marrying Karen Taylor and heads back to GC. This would make any viewer tune in. And, by the way, get rid of Adrian, Gloria, Kevin, Jana, nuCollen, Jeffrey! These characters add nothing to this one great daytime drama. Bring back Heather Tom as Victoria, Nina, Malcolm (even if he has to be recast), David Tom as Billy, Mamie, Keemo, and the beautiful Tonya Lee Williams as Olivia Barber Winters.

    What happened to the Carmen thing... That was not her cousin that looked just like her...Is Carmen she coming back? I think that Carmen and Jena are sisters. Where is all of Jena's family by the way...Too sweet of a girl, what is in her past

    Where is Maggie Sullivan,Paul's girlfriend?

    Is Dru coming back?

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