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October 03, 2006

As the Scalpel Cuts: The Botox'd Brady Bunch

Peggy McCay is a good actress. Let me just get that out of the way right now. Back in the 80s she did a Who's the Daddy? storyline and made it seem like something other than the most tired cliche in daytime. She was a great matriarch to the Brady clan, which quickly became one of Days of our Lives' core families. She soldiered through that whole "Roman died but not really he came back as brainwashed Roman who was taller and had a totally different face but as it turned out that Roman was actually John Black after the original Roman came back and then it turned out John was really royalty and/or a priest and this mess was all a huge waste of time because Wayne Northrup was never going to hang around anyway except then he came back but as a psychotic doctor out to stalk the woman who all the viewers remembered as his wife and she was his wife but he wasn't Roman he was still the crazy doctor so he was a different husband and he wanted to kill everyone and he couldn't be RealRoman because meanwhile Chris Kositchek had come back without explanation as Roman and oh my god now I know why so many of the Irish are alcoholics" thing quite well. She is also likely a lovely person. I've never seen an interview with her, so I'm just guessing, but come on, I'm sure she's adorable.

How.Ever. I cannot abide someone going from looking like this to, after a brief and borderline acceptable moderately surgeried transitional period, ending up looking like this. That is not okay! Not even on Days, where we're supposed to believe Deidre Hall and Lauren Koslow are naturally ageless, or that better yet Marlena is capable of an unintended pregnancy!

There is also no excuse that it's not possible to age gracefully on soaps. We need look no further than her fellow Days matriarch for an absolutely gorgeous example - and Frances Reid is in her NINETIES, for goodness sake! Please stop, Peggy. The latest brow-lift/botox cocktail has just taken things to a new level of unacceptable. Stephano isn't even going to recognize Caroline the next time he returns to town to terrorize her and her children. Will nobody think of the children?!

Speaking of Caroline's kids, can we talk about the current Roman Brady? Now, I must again start with some kind words for the actor, Josh Taylor. I loved me some Valerie aka The Hogan Family, because there's little to hate about a show that brings Jason Bateman into a teenaged girl's living room once a week. And hello? He was not-really-dead-until-that-time-he-really-was Jack McKay, father of Dylan McKay, the world's oldest teenager on 90210. Perhaps that is where his age confusion began.

You see, Josh Taylor currently is attempting to shave years off his age by, as best I can tell, literally shaving skin off his face. How else to explain this look? If the Salem PD ever actually solves a case, I will assume it is because the defendant looked at Captain Brady's forehead and promptly confessed out of sheer terror.

Screen caps courtesy of DaysOfOurLives2.

-Evil But Twinless


I'm sorry they ever made the screw up with making John to be John and bringing back Roman, especially when Wayne decided he wasn't going to stick around for the long-term.

And WORD on Josh Taylor. I loved him on The Hogan Family and 90210. I also have enjoyed him on watching the timeless S&K clips as Chris. But as Roman, he's got this frankenstein thing happening and I can't stand to watch him on the screen.

You are fricken-A hilarious!! Thank you for pointing out the stretched skin on Days. It's almost like no one notices that Josh Taylor's forehead looks like a landing strip. What is up with the Bad-facelifts in Hollywood? Did he and Kenny Rogers go to the same guy?? But props to both men. Love em.

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