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October 28, 2006

Do You Really Want to Hurt Me? Do You Really Want to Make Me Cry?

The soaps gods giveth, and the soap gods taketh away. Days fans get Steve and Kayla back, but then they get associated with . . . this. One of the more disturbing things about this is that it would appear that I share a common entertainment interest with Claymates, which is enough to make me cry for a year or so. Claymates like Days. Could we blame the whole fake-serial-killer-island-of-undead-characters on them? Some as yet unidentified segment of the audience must have enjoyed that, right?

A year or so ago during one of my extended Days boycotts, I turned it on while home sick and there was, I shit you not, a talking dog - a talking dog with an attitude, conversing with Not!AdrienneJohnsonKiriakis. This whole Clay Aiken thing is somehow even weirder than that.

-Evil But Twinless


I am speechless. I read that Marlena and John will be running into Smokey Robinson, but that is right up their gooberish alley, so I thought nothing of it. But this?! Come on!

Clay, Smokey Robinson and then Aaron Neville on Y&R. This is not the way to get ratings up!

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