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October 30, 2006

Priorities, People!

General Hospital "showrunner" (though we submit you could change that second "n" to an "i" and be more accurate) Jill Farren Phelps has reportedly said that the powers-that-be will bring Genie Francis back permanently when they can afford her. After Promising Ingenue and I picked our jaws up off the ground - because seriously, these amateurs should be willing to do absolutely everything down to eating ramen for every meal and taking the bus to work in order to afford having Luke and Laura back full-time - we decided to help out poor, confused Jillie-poo with a list of the characters GH could easily eliminate in order to make room for Genie:

  • Sam (We like Kelly Monaco, but my god, Sam has become the screechiest harpy that ever screeched. Lately we've been toying with the idea of Days casting her as the new Eve Donovan, and pairing her up with Billy Warlock's Frankie. Dreamy, no?)
  • Skye (Love Skye on AMC, but she is useless here.)
  • Diego
  • Lainey
  • Dr. Lee
  • Alcazar (Again, we like the actor, but this character has really run his course.)
  • Michael (Yes, we know he's a kid, but he's the devil. Maxie should have sold him to the gypsies.)
  • and of course there's always Sonny, but we thought that too ridiculous (in the minds of the powers-that-be) to even mention

Additions? Deletions? Amens?

-Evil But Twinless


Hi, I stumbled across your blog looking for intelligent comments about GH. I love your ideas, btw, so I hope I'm not stepping out of bounds by commenting.

I don't know how much Genie Francis is asking for, and don't get me wrong, because I adore her as an actor, but it's not like she needs the money. You're not selling out, honey!

Another thing they could cut out of the budgets is the shirts that Steve Burton (Jason), Greg Vaughan (Lucky), and Jason Thompson (Patrick) wear, because in my opinion, they just don't need them.

And please do get rid of Michael. The kid is just weird.

Of course comments are welcome, especially when they include brilliant ideas like eliminating Jason Thompson's wardrobe budget! If people don't keep commenting, it will just be a couple of us talking to each other, and while we are TOTALLY self-centered enough to enjoy that, it's much more interesting if other people weigh in.

Even if Genie Francis could afford to work for nothing, the issue to me is respect. She is a big part of the heart of GH, and they need to show her the money. Idiots.

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