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October 29, 2006

The Super-est Couple of Them All

So, there is no question that Luke and Laura are the best couple on daytime, and that Genie Francis and Tony Geary should win all the Daytime Emmys ever and that the academy of whatever should make up new ones just to give them, right? Love!

They have amazing chemistry, and are able to overcome crappy writing, which is necessary when you're on this show these days. Shouldn't Laura's waking up have been drawn out a bit? Shouldn't her children have found out that she was back in a somewhat more soap-tastic way than a quick "oh, hadn't you heard?" in some random hospital courtyard? Whatever, I don't care. Bring on more Spencers!

Because if Laura's reunion with her children, and her reaction to seeing Lulu in particular (causing her to realize how long she'd been gone)

didn't bring a tear to your eye, well, I think you might want to check for an incision because in an unusual twist to the old urban legend, someone snuck into your home and stole your heart in order to sell it on the black market after storing it in a beer cooler.

Waking up in the tub full of ice screaming "Luke and Laura suck! Carly and Sonny forever!" should have been your first clue.

Screen caps courtesy of General Hospital Happenings Two.

-Evil But Twinless


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