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October 23, 2006

Things That Make You Say Eeeeeeeee!

I defy you to find anything on General Hospital in the last year (and even that's generous) that has made you make the sounds of glee these will:

If they screw up Genie Francis' short stay the way they have messed up basically every other vet's return over the last year or so, I am going to go crazier than Nikolas' nanny.

(By the way, though it's slightly off-topic, I don't really think there is ever a bad time to mention that Jason Thompson is possibly the cutest guy on television.)

Screencaps courtesy of SOAPeSCAPE.

-Evil But Twinless


Is it just me, or has Tyler Christopher gone back to being cute again? It's a miracle what killing off the show's whore and being near Genie Francis and her awesomeness can do for a person.

It's not just you, he's totally hot again. I can't explain it, but as with many other things on GH I'm willing to give the credit to Genie Francis and the killing off of Courtney.

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