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November 15, 2006

Days of Our Eeeeeeee!!!

I am a ridiculously excitable person and simple enough that even minor things fill me with unselfconscious glee, but I don't think that confession should detract, in any way, from the fact that Days of Our Lives is so awesome right now that I can hardly stand it. I love it so much that I want to perform good deeds for people, run marathons, and send Hogan Sheffer care packages filled with delicious homemade cookies.

I mean, come on, when was the last time anybody looked forward to an episode of this show? The last time I can clearly remember saying, out loud, to someone "I can't wait for tomorrow's episode!" was when James E. Reilly and Crew were attempting to ruin the entire institution of daytime drama with the insulting and awful and didthatreallyjusthappenomgwtf Salem Stalker storyline, and that sentence, in context, was actually "I can't wait for tomorrow's episode to see how they can further bastardize one of my favorite shows since childhood!"

(Not to harsh Serial Drama's mellow by harping on the bad times, but SERIOUSLY, how did anybody allow that storyline to happen?!?! What with the dead-except NOT!people and Melaswen and the tragic murder via donut, even though it wound up not being actual murder, of Alice Horton)

But now it's at the point when I am actually EXCITED and DANCING WITH HAPPINESS and ready to fast forward a few hours so that I can sit down with Days of Our Lives and get wrapped up in the totally freaking awesome.

Sami's aiding the right side of the law and getting love from her frozen faced family? Too cool! Except for the part where her father was all ready to have her drawn and quartered for daring step foot in the hospital, even though her aunt is dying. And really, when all is said and done, she made out with a hot English guy. That's not exactly hard work. I mean, I am willing to make out with random hot Brits should the opportunity present itself. I wonder if I would get a Presidential Medal of Honor? But whatever! It was nice to FINALLY see some of the trifling Bradys give the girl some love.

Speaking of Bradys, I loveloveLOVE Bo these days. LOVE. I can't even explain why. Peter Reckell seems to be having so much fun and Bo's obsession with taking down Patrick McCreepy Eyes Lockhart is so amusing to me.

That is hilarious to me in ways that I can't fully express.

As much as I love the fact that Hope has come to terms with the fact that her behavior over the last few months was idiotic--consistently believing the word of a stranger known for his magical doubloon and scamming her cousin and BFF Jen over the love of her life--what the hell was with her immediately telling Patrick the dirt the Salem PD has on him? I guess I should cut her some slack, her brains are obviously being affected by the fact that she's been pregnant for fourteen months.

And! And! If we're expanding the word awesome to include TOTALLY HILARIOUS things, I think we have to count Marlena and John's adventure to the wild world of Canada

Marlena parachuting out of a plane in the snowstorm [on her way to being rescued by (SPOILER ALERT! Smokey RobinsonEND OF SPOILER)] was one of the most brilliant things I have seen on television recently, rivalled only by Future Dwight on The Office.

Of course there are problems with this turn of funny events: Marlena is like ninety years old. She would have broken a hip jumping out of that plane.

And, high on the list of things I never ever EVER need to see again: John and Marlena making out. I'm sorry. I have nothing against the elderly, but I do not need to see Marlena kissing someone with an open mouth while moaning.

But, let's veer back into the awesome: Benji. Steve. Flashbacks. Can I get an EEEEEEE!!!!! ??

I got goosebumps when Steve started signing. I maybe sort of cried when he remembered calling Benji "Benj-a-monkey". Perhaps I even wailed "Benji, don't gooooooo!" when he started walking away. I don't know, I will neither confirm nor deny.

I love Steve and Kayla so much, even though I only have the haziest of memories of their first time around, I have grown to love them through clips. The hysterical deafness storyline is one of my all time favorites. I'd complain about how wasted the brill Mary Beth Evans is, just immobile in a bed, but this is more sensical and normal writing than she received on General Hospital, so I will just let that be.

AND! Just when I think my heart will stop beating from the awesomeness, I learn that Eileen Davidson has been fired from Y&R. Now, as someone who watches Y&R and always liked Ashley Abbott, I call bullshit on firing her, because honestly...the Abbott family deserves better. But at the same time: OMGOMGOMG IMAGINE IF KRISTEN AND/OR SUSAN RETURNED TO DAYS?!OMGOMGOMG.

*Screencaps courtesy of Days of Our Lives 2

-Promising Ingénue


Amen. I had stopped watching Days for quite a while (and I had watched it all my life), but I've actually found myself *gasp* looking forward to it again.

WORD! I love it. I returned for Steve and Kayla (who then were never on). But I have been sucked into the whole saga and have found myself liking characters I never thought I could including Chelsea and Belle.

Except for Marlena. WTH? I like John so much better when he is in a scene with anyone else.

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