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« Once A Soap Star, Always In A Soap Fan's Heart | Main | All My Headaches »

November 22, 2006

Please Don't Go!

When General Hospital ended today, I was a sobbing wreck. Truly, wracking sobs, smeared mascara and a feeling that my heart had really shattered into a trillion pieces.

And for once, this breakdown was not about the sorry state that this show is in. Because today's episode was brilliant. Yes, even though it had Liz being a smirking LoveOfJason. Yes, even though Emily was sort of Smurfy with her quest to get thanks out of the Quartermaines (hello, bitterness is their defining quality, let's not be shocked that they aren't rushing to hold hands and eat turkey).

Because we actually got to see Ned Ashton for more than three seconds. And because Robin and Patrick and their new hairdos are adorable. And because there was no Sonny and Carly.

But it was 99.7% because the Spencers rule the world. No, they do. They really do.

The fact that the people running this show will not give Genie Francis a contract kills me. Because every single moment of her return has been simply genius. Every line reading, every facial expression was just pitch perfect. Her chemistry with Tony Geary continues to be out of this world, and the fact that the powers that be attempt to push Sam and Jason, and Jason and Courtney, and Sonny and Carly, and Sonny and Reese as the greatest love of all is pathetic, because in four short weeks together this autumn, Tony and Genie have outacted, out dazzled and out performed all of them.

And it's not just Tony Geary and Genie Francis; Tyler Christopher, Greg Vaughn and Julie Marie Berman have brought it. I mean, I can't imagine how scary it would be to go head to head with two television icons, but they did it. Julie Marie Berman is so like Genie Francis that it terrifies me. When they talked about the abortion? It was brilliant. And I am SO EXCITED that Laura's big secret didn't turn out to be another secret child and that the rumors about Sam turned out to be just rumors. And I hope Lulu follows through on proving Laura innocent of killing Rick; anything to rewrite that story is fine by me.

I'm sure that everybody tells you that you look like me. Huh. Although, I'm sure I was never as beautiful.

Tyler Christopher has come so far in redeeming Nikolas from the fiasco that was his relationship with Courtney, and even if the man is incapable of generating any sort of viable romantic onscreen pairing with someone he's not sleeping with offscreen, the way he works with Genie Francis is wonderful.

You have so many wonderful qualities. You're steady and you're calm. I'm so impressed with the generosity of your spirit, Nikolas.

I get that from you, mom.

Oh, no. I can't take credit for it, I didn't raise you.


But, Nikolas, it's strange. I feel like I understand you better than my other two. And you know why?


It's because we have the same heart.

And Greg Vaughn. Poor Greg Vaughn, who has the misfortune of having to be a poorly written version of Lucky and not being Jonathan Jackson. He was so, so good these past few weeks. His goodbye scene with Laura today was beautiful.

I love you -- forever.


I love you more.

Oh, Lucky.

And then there was Luke and Laura. I was born after Luke and Laura got married, and I've only been able to see their early years through clips and old videotapes. And you'd think, you know, that there was no way that they could live up to the hype. 30 million viewers tuning in for their wedding, Liz Taylor, instant recognition from everybody, even now. But, for me at least, they exceed the hype.

Well, I hope that you've gone to that place you were talking about -- the one you couldn't see but that you knew was there. I'm picturing you in a garden. Your garden. Surrounded by flowers and sunlight. Wherever you are, I'm there with you, in my heart. And I will be until the day I die

Tony Geary's silent breakdown outside Laura's room had me weeping, and the revelation that Laura's Happy Place was remembering the famous wedding tore my heart up. It was, simply put, perfect.

It makes me wonder--since the writers are actually capable of producing something so heartfelt, and moving, and wonderful: why won't they do it on a daily basis? Why are they so content to fill an hour every day with Mob Cliche #(Insert Number Here)?

And why haven't they tripped over themselves offering Genie the contract that she wants? She brings out the best in every single character on the show, and without Laura, the landscape of Port Charles is depressing. To quote Tristan Rogers, the show has no hope anymore. But Laura would bring hope and wonderfulness back to the show. (And since rumors have Kin Shriner returning, the world is just BEGGING for a Luke/Laura/Tracy/Scotty quad. Please? Pretty please?)

-Promising Ingénue


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