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January 18, 2007

The Day's Dumbest Dialogue

For the love of God and all things holy, I have no idea why I continue to watch All My Children. If I'm not being irritated by Zoe Zarfing all over town and Jonathan Lavery raging with rage, I'm confounded by the hack writers' inability to remember the hack stories that they, themselves, wrote.
Case in point:

J.R.: Thank you very much, Dr. Martin, but I don't give a damn about Zoe/Zarf/zip-a-dee-doo-dah. What I'm talking about is Babe, and how she has sympathy for this pervert more than her own friends and family.
Jamie: Can't she have sympathy for everyone?
Do you think I want to use this against her? Do you think I enjoy skipping off to the divorce lawyer?
Jamie: I think you're too quick to believe the worst.

They cannot possibly be for real. They cannot possibly have JAMIE saying that JR is overreacting about the inherent evilness of Babe. Jamie is the person who was her accomplice when she was at her very worst.  Are we supposed to forget that all happened? Because I can't forget that. I can't forget the hours of seething rage I felt whenever they were onscreen. I know Babe was like "totally sorry, y'all" for the whoring and the babynapping, but come on! It still happened! 

And why the hell shouldn't JR assume the worst of his "wife"? She's the one who cheated on him during their first, like, hour of marriage (while she was married to someone else), lied about their baby actually being someone else's baby, cheated on him AGAIN with his brother who then went on a spree to kidnap another child and told him that his child was dead. I'm sorry, maybe I am too critical and unwilling to forget what the writers want me to, but the scene where JR wept on the floor of "Bess's" nursery mourning the child he thought was dead? Was chilling and a really important part of the past few years of this show and I'm not going to ignore it just so I can follow the party line of "Babe is good, Babe is pure, Babe is a walking miracle".

How much lower does Babe have to sink before she hits "the worst"?!?! Does she have to steal a baby whilst screaming in the face of an elderly women and littering and wearing an anti-war t-shirt?? She can't get any worse! Not even Stefano DiMera does some of this crap!


And just in case we didn't hate this show enough, Soap Opera Weekly reports:

Revolving Door: Out: After playing beloved Dixie Cooney Martin on and off since 1988, Cady McClain was let go from All My Children in December, a move that the show asked the actress and this magazine to keep quiet until the Slayer strikes again this week.

"Despite their choice to do this, I wish the show every success," says McClain. "It's a wonderful cast of good-hearted actors, and a fantastic and committed production crew."

She acknowledges, though, that Dixie's death next week means fans will not get the happy ending they've been waiting for. "I feel especially sad that the fans were led to expect a living reunion for Tad and Dixie with their one biological love baby, Kate, because they will be let down," sighs the actress.

See next issue for McClain's exclusive interview--including the truth about her "negotiations".





They spend months hyping Dixie's reunion with her family (and Tad), they spent weeks literally torturing Greg Madden to death in order to find the whereabouts of Tad and Dixie's daughter, they spent weeks red herring...ing that Emma was Kate, then they brought the real Kate to town and now they FIRED CADY MCCLAIN, ruining all chances for a happy ending and making the last FULL YEAR A COMPLETE AND TOTAL WASTE OF MY TIME, not to mention completely and UTTERLY disrespecting a veteran actor who was part of one of the most popular supercouples ever.

I think I just choked on my own outrage.

- Promising Ingénue


I agree with everything you have said..I am sooooooooooooo done with AMC after they kill Dixie. They ruined everything!

I too am angry about the firing of Dixie. I was hoping for that same happily ever after with Tad and Kate. But I disagree with you about JR and Babe. Remember he did try to KILL her. In my book that trumps all. She should just forget about him and go with Josh since he actually loves her. I guess I'm just sick of the whole war between JR and Babe. Give it up already!

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