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January 04, 2007


I don't understand The Young and the Restless. Remember when that show used to move as slow as a glacier? These days it's like watching a Japanese cartoon that gives you seizures.

We, like, just found out that Sheila with Phyllis's face (I will call her Phylleila) was locked up by Paul. And now all of a sudden Michael knows? In the old days, nobody would have found out before July.

And the way that the soap magazines were going on about how the new Jill/Katherine story is a return to Y&R's glory days, I thought it would be really drawn out and wonderful and tense and awesome and then in what seemed like a matter of seconds, Katherine was asking Sylvia Browne what the deal with her dreams was and then she remembers that she gave Jill's son away and then three minutes later, Katherine tells Jill. ?!?! This shouldn't be happening before October 2008!

The conversation was so anti-climactic, too. Here is a condensed version: 

KATHERINE: Jill, I have something terrible I need to tell you.
JILL: Mother, are you okay?
KATHERINE: Yes, but I need to tell you something horrible about the old days.
JILL: Are you dying?!
KATHERINE: I used to be a drunk
JILL: Do you have a tumor?!
NIKKI: Shut up and listen, ho
KATHERINE: I hated you
JILL: ?!?! Let's call the doctor
KATHERINE: I switched your baby at birth and you raised another child

I am basically baffled. Jill and Katherine's relationship is pretty much the most important one in the history of the whole show. Their hatred was awesome and then when they were revealed to be mother/daughter, they were declawed and now they promised me hatred again and instead of making me care, they fill the storyline with randoms like Amber and Sylvia Browne and then it was revealed in like two minutes and those two minutes are BORING and what the hell?

But let's make sure that Carmen Mesta's murder investigation is drawwwwwn ouuuuuut. How many times do we need to see Will Bardwell tell people that their DNA was found at the crime scene? Because I don't care. I really don't. Did anybody care about Carmen when she was alive? Her murderer did the viewing public a favor by preventing our eyes from being assaulted by more of her school marmish outfits.

I don't know, but I am so over this pacing. What was wrong with the way it used to be? And what does she have against Jack Abbott, damn it? The man gets judged by everybody and even his sperm thieving sister is all, "Your lies are ruining my life", which, what?!, and perhaps I am biased because of my admittedly sick Peter Bergman infatuation, but I don't know how much longer I can take the Jack Against the World thing. It's not good for my blood pressure.

At this rate, we'll be seeing Abby's grandchildren by the middle of March.

- Promising Ingénue


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