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February 22, 2007

Feelings, Nothing More Than Feelings

Before I even watched it, I knew I wasn't going to like today's General Hospital.  I knew this when my TiVo informed me that the episode was entitled "Sonny and Carly's Feelings."  No, seriously.

That's right, it's time for installment 759 of Sonny and Carly:  Dysfunctionally Yours Since Overalls Were in Style.  Do we have to go here again?  Is there any remotely interesting story left to tell about this couple?  Is he going to shoot her twice in the head?  Is she going to get distraught and drive off two cliffs?  I just can't care about these two, their feelings, their children (one insanely creepy), their relationship, their marriage(s), or anything else.  I do care that this whole thing will mean that once again Jax gets crapped on, a tradition that is almost as tiresome as Sonny and Carly.

Random other observations:

  • Steve Burton looks so much cuter, and about 10 years younger, without all that crap in his hair.  Yay, dusty explosions and ski masks! (I was going to write that his performance has actually been pretty good during this whole hostage storyline, but I'm worried about getting another ass-kicking from Promising Ingenue.  Does it make it okay if I say I still think Jason is reprehensible and a terrible core character for the show?)
  • How awful is that new bossy doctor? And if you watch his and Epiphany's scenes together, will you have an overacting-induced stroke?
  • Why can't Robin and Patrick be on every day? Yesterday was possibly their best day yet, which is saying a lot. I just adore them.
  • How ugly is Maxie's faux fur lime green comforter, and how adorable is her kidnapper/future ex-boyfriend and pillowdaddy?
  • At Sonny's, even the bathtub and candles are black.  Hilarious.
  • At some point soon will they give Lulu something interesting to do? The actress is being wasted, and the character is being drawn into the mob universe. Boo times two.
  • Why did Max and Milo have to survive the hostage-taking and building-exploding?
  • How hot is Det. Rodriguez?
  • Why is Ted Casablancas?

- Evil But Twinless


you HAVE to be a poster at TWoP, either way, i love this fucking sited to death and i pimp it to my friends every chance i get.

Thanks so much! We're so thrilled to have readers.

I haven't posted on TWoP in ages, though occasionally I do try to pop into the Days and GH threads. I don't read them too often because I want to make sure my rants here are original! But there are definitely a lot of like-minded, smart soap watchers over there.

So much A-friggin-MEN to your Scummy & Snarly comments. They truly are The Couple That Ate GH.

And I concur with livvie re: how brill this site is.

I started reading this site because of the great DOOL snark, and I recently started watching GH because of you guys. I'm sure that's a bad thing and I should sue you or something, but I won't because you rock.

OMG! I told Promising Ingenue we should have gotten liability insurance! Please let you be our only victim . . .

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