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February 04, 2007

Half a Supercouple Is Not So Super

I've been on vacation and therefore haven't watched soaps in two weeks, so forgive me if as a result I'm just overrun with rationality - but doesn't this strike you as a very bad idea?  (For those of you who are link-averse, Matthew Ashford says he's coming back to Days later this winter.)  I was a fan of Jack and Jennifer, though I think they'd mostly run their course when the characters were written off the show last fall (at the actors' request, I thought I'd read).  I mean, how many more times could they "kill" Jack and make Jen mourn him before bringing him back from the dead?  Note to Days writers:  That is not a challenge!

I admit it's too bad that Steve doesn't have more of his family with him in Salem, but if bringing back a Johnson sibling is the goal then why not bring back Adrienne, with Justin and their boatload of children?  Now that Victor's all deliciously evil again, he and Justin could do another battle of good vs. evil, and his kids could bring a bunch of new teen characters to town so that the Salem youngsters could cut it out with all the relative-dating.

Why would Jack come back to town without Jennifer?  Why would Jack come back to town at all when he supposedly got some dream job in London just a few months ago?  Why did the showrunners go to the trouble of giving Jack and Jennifer a big send-off if they were just going to bring them back less than half a year later?  Why does all this make me think they're going to recast Jennifer?  I guess I'll just sum up my reaction to this news item thusly . . . why?

- Evil But Twinless


I wouldn't swear to this in a court of law, but I think I read somewhere that it's a brief visit. Which can be explained w/o Jen. And it was Missy Reeves' desire to go, but not Matt Ashford's. I think that was fairly well-reported back in the summer.


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