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February 23, 2007

It's Your Turn!

So, when we started this gig eons ago (2006, for those keeping track; we adhere to the fashion world's sense of time), we kicked it off with a little debate about who was the worst character in daytime. Both because somehow those two are now not only the worst but are among the best characters around, and because we really need more formats in which to vent about things in an organized fashion (believe us, if you could put a spreadsheet on Blogger, they'd be here), we're making The Worst Character In Daytime a regular feature. And you, our dear readers, will help us decide who is truly the worst. Vote now for who sucks more - Sonny or Babe - and tell us why you cast such a momentous internet vote for one of those two wastes of airtime. Or, nominate someone else for the worst character, and we'll take your comments  into consideration the next time we have fun pulling apart every aspect of a fictional person and putting all of the nastiness on the internets for the world to see. It's fun, join in!

Who is the worst character in daytime?
Sonny Corinthos
Babe Carey Chandler
Other  (Name your choice in the comment section!)
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That was really tough. I had to go with Sonny because he's been eating the show for so damn long.

I think Carly is even worse than Babe and Sonny. They at least get criticized every once in a while, but Carly gets whole episodes where people fantasize about her and how great she is.

Ryan Lavery gets my vote. They treat him like he's god, yet he is abusive and insane.

I had to go with Babe. Yes, Sonny does suck and has consumed GH--fact is, there was a time when he didn't suck. He was flawed-and people called him on it. He had eeked out a little corner of the world, but he didn't want or need or have all of Port Charles as his personal domain. And he was an interesting character that you weren't expected to admire, but you could get why some people could love him: Stone, Brenda... Lily.

Babe has NEVER been anything of things. She slept with her new husband's brother her first night in town! The writing has been contradictory at best and flat out incompetent at worst. This character blows.

It's so weird that these two characters are supposed to be the ones we root for. A baby stealer and a mobster who shot his wife in the head. Who writes this stuff?

I hate Babe and Sonny, but I hate Antonio on OLTL even more.

Babe. Babe--she just...how do I describe it? She...blinds me with rage. Remember when Todd ruined his and Blair's wedding and she stumbled around the hotel or whatever seeing everything in red? That's me when I see Babe. I just cannot look at her or hear her voice or know she exists without feeling this unrelenting urge to kill.

So yeah, Babe.

You know what's sad? I can pick more characters I hate than I like. My feelings toward daytime right now are between hatred and complete indifference. The day it becomes all indifference I'll know it's time to pack up my bags and get out of Dodge.

Or something.

Ryan Lavery.

As horrible as Sonny is, I think Jason Morgan is an even worse character because he has become a Mary Sue.

Jason is perfect, wonderful, wise, a brave-and-strong baby-whisperer and savior of all. He is the hawtest of the hawt, the coolest of the cool, and all the girls - Sam, Carly, Elizabeth, Robin - want him. Saint Jasus is praised by all. Anyone who speaks ill of Saint Jasus of Borg is immediately villified or marginalized.

Such Mary Sue-ing would be tough to take in any character. But when it's a character who kills people for a living to prop of the criminal empire of a Napoleonic midget, when the actor portraying him is so bland and robotic his character's fawning female contingent is called the Borg Collective, it becomes stomach-churningly intolerable.

I was all set to go with Amber from B&B/Y&R, but then I read about Sonny and remembered how much I hate him, so he got my vote.

This article cemented my vote for Babe


Damn, this is SO hard! Even though Babe is one of those hypocrites who would probably drive you to murder IRL, Sonny commits, like, crimes on a daily basis and we're just supposed to think it's Not Really So Bad After All.

And then there is Laura Wright's Carly. A parody of a joke of a caricature of some of Sarah Joy Brown's mannerisms. Without the vulnerability. Makes me wish Tamara Braun was back, because at least we might get the hotness that was CarLo.

Y&R's new female lead, Amber... Huff 'n Puff and McNostril from OLTL... Wow, there are more candidates than ever this year.

Gonna have to go with Sonny. Even though I can't stand Babe (or so many others, for that matter), Sonny's the only one I physically cannot watch, ever. Carly and Erica (AMC) do give him a run for his money though.

I voted for Sonny, because without him, we could bask (more often) in the hotness known as Patrick Drake.

My vote goes to Babe. I have never despised a character more in my 25-year soap viewing history.

I seriously had no idea this Babe character was so awful. I have never been happier not to watch AMC. I thought Sonny would run away with this thing!

I know--you've saved yourself years of pain! It does warm my heart to see how many others hate Babe.

Ryan Lavery gets my vote.

babe..hands down..and her skanky 'mama'..she keeps saying 'sorry', but continues to make the same mistakes..the crocidile tears are 'old' now..honorable mention: 'pod-adam' for marrying and putting up with 'kwak'..with ex's like erica, brooke and liza, why would he marry trailer park like kwak?? c'mon..

Babe, for exactly the same reasons as andemcbeal said - Sonny was once an interesting compelling character and Babe was never ever any of those things.

Babe is hands down the worst. In such a short amount of time she has taken over an entire show. Propping of any kind of character is bad, but for a character as vile as this? It boggles the mind!

Sonny used to be interesting for several years. Also, there are many Port Charles residents that hate him. No one is allowed to hate Babe. Anyone who does is portrayed as unreasonable or evil, and is immediately bombarded with Babe-defenders.

Plus, Sonny's inability to get out of a sentence brings an element of unintentional entertainment. Babe scenes are rife with crying jags and shameless propping, and bring only rage.

Sorry no contest. Sonny is the filthiest thing on tv. He wins.

ummm...HANDS DOWN...Willow Stark...talk about an unattactive waste of space and dialouge...uuuugggghhhhhhhh

What about Belle Black? Okay, maybe not for worst character, but she would totally win most useless character. All she does is whines.

Tough choice, but I went with Babe. Sonny disgusts me, but at least I used to like him. He had awesome relationships with Brenda, Stone, and Robin. Now he just sucks a big one. However, Babe has sucked since she first showed her misleading doe-eyed face in Pine Valley. While Sonny has had more than his fair share of affairs, at least he never got it on with an aborted fetus.

Though at the rate Sonny's going, there's plenty of time for that.

Man, that was a tough one. I voted for Babe, as she is a baby-swiping whore. Which would be fine if she were ever called on it, but she isn't. And did she really trade sexual favors in order to graduate from high school?

However, the WORST character on soaps has to be Ridge or his mother from BB. These two NEVER pay for anything.

Let's not forget that Erica is a baby-thief too.

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