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February 22, 2007

Nominee for Worst Character in Daytime: Babe Carey

The rise and fall of All My Children reads like a fairytale of some sort. Just a few short years ago, life was good, gas prices were low, no one had heard of Sienna Miller and All My Children ruled. It was home to complex characters, intricate storylines, wonderful romances and a great sense of humor. Oh, and it also introduced me to my soulmate, Josh Duhamel. Like I said, life was good (we continue to be very happy together, thank you for asking).

Not content to be the head writer of a successful show, an evil woman decided to introduce a new character, a character who would devour the show and all it stood for with an alarming level of ferocity, who would usher in a new era and make the show unrecognizable from the groundbreaking and award winning drama it once was.

The character I speak of, quite obviously, is Arabella Carey Cramer Chandler Chandler also known as "Babe" also known as "The Baby Stealing Tramp Whose Life In Pine Valley Calls To Mind Sherman's March to the Sea" also known as "The latest Serial Drama nominee for Worst Character in Daytime."



+ Really quite beautiful

+ Has sizzling onscreen chemistry with Jacob Young

+ Her father is the dastardly, yet awesome, David Hayward, making Leo DuPres her uncle, meaning that she has awesomeness in her genes somewhere

+ A self-professed fan of Dynasty

+ Lends a shoulder to cry on for various Pine Valley rifraff (demerit: this is an obvious ploy by the writers to show the audience how supportive Babe is compared to the cartoonishly over the top reactions other characters have to Zarfs and Aborted Fetuses)

+ Got a company handed to her just because other people hate her

+ Has the ideal work schedule that allows her to traipse around town and not have to worry about obligations like her career, her company or her child

+ Was nice to Sydney during the Super Sweet Sixteen madness (demerit: who the hell cares about Sydney?)


- Has two facial expressions: wounded and smugly

- Skanked her way through high school providing sexual favors in exchange for higher grades

- Married JR while she was still married to Paul Cramer

- Slept with JR's brother right after marrying JR while she was still married to Paul Cramer (sub-entry: when affair was revealed, lied and said Jamie seduced her)

- Rampant gold-digging

- Schemed with her mother to falsify paternity tests to ensure that JR thought her was the father of her child

- Is onscreen or mentioned every single day

- Brought her horrible, over the top, gold-digging mother to Pine Valley (sub-entry: there is no need to create a new Opal, the one we have is just fine)

- Her nickname is "Baby Doll" which, when said in an over the top Southern drawl by Krystal, is really freaking annoying

-Blackmailed Paul Cramer into falsifying paternity tests to prove that JR was the father of her baby

- Kept Bianca's baby after she learned that Bess was really Bianca's daughter and not hers

- Even though she knew the tremendous heartbreak Bianca suffered, she decided it was more important for JR not to think his child was dead than for Bianca to be reunited with her daughter

- Took "Bess" to the dedication of the center her grieving mother opened in her honor

- Is perhaps the most self righteous character on ABC Daytime

- Only returned Bianca's daughter to her and told her the truth when she was sure that her own child was actually alive

- Ran away with her husband's brother to raise her own child after returning Miranda (sub-entry: taunted her husband by saying his child was really dead) (sub-sub-entry: she got her own child back by kidnapping him from the Lt. Governor) (sub-sub-sub-entry: she kidnapped him by drugging his nanny)

- Is onscreen or mentioned every single day

- Despite her husband repeatedly voicing his concerns over her relationship with Josh Madden, continued to flirt with him and hire him at her company (sub-entry: Josh is an Aborted Fetus) (sub-sub-entry: Josh is also basically a stalker)

- Studied at the Alicia Leigh Willis school of smug eyerolling

- Lied under oath so her husband would not go to jail for almost killing Kendall and Spike

- Expressed disbelief that people would be angry with her for lying on JR's behalf

- Had adulterous sex in a kiddie pool because she felt neglected (sub-entry: with an Aborted Fetus)

- Was feeling neglected because her husband was preoccupied that his little sister was presumed dead

- Inspired the wretched line "She's a walking miracle"

- Treats Erica and Kendall like they are irrational monsters because they don't like her

- Is lying about the paternity of her mother's baby so that they still have access to the Chandler fortune

- According to Soap Opera Network, was onscreen in 221 out of 254 possible episodes last year

- Stole Bianca's child

- Inspired the line "The bravery belongs to Babe. I owe it to her"

- Spends no time with her son

- Shared a funeral with a legacy character (sub-entry: is not actually dead)

- A complete narcissist

- Did not go to jail for stealing Bianca's child

- Thinks that saying she's sorry means more than actually doing anything to show that she's sorry for kidnapping, adultery, general heinous behavior, etc.

VERDICT: Curse you, Satin Slayer, for not getting the job done! Damn you!

- Promising Ingénue


Oh. My. God. I mean, really "stole Bianca's child" has been enough for me to despise Babe for the past few years. I hadn't even thought about all this other stuff. My brain hurts now.

PS- Add to the "pros" that Alexa Havins really is a decent actress and seems like a nice person IRL.

There is nothing positive about this character: nothing! I have new reasons for hating her each day. You should add black hole in your "cons": she destroyed JR, Bianca, Josh, Jamie, Tad and David in less than 3 years.

Babe might have been redeemable if she had taken responsibility for stealing Bianca's child and keeping JR from his son when she ran off with his "brother". Instead, she keeps blaming JR for everything she does and even worse, she blames Adam for JR's behavior when we viewers know he didn't turn evil until Babe betrayed him.

Babe's attitude that she's always justified no matter how destructive her behavior just makes me despise her even more.

This is my biggest problem with Babe. TIIC insist on pimping her like she's the second coming. The actress also doesn't remotely understand how her characters actions are perceived by anyone with a functioning brain.

Wow, that TV Guide interview is just...wow. She keeps climbing up the ladder of redemption?! How?! Josh is the only thing I've seen her climb lately.

Ah, I love this blog so...

But you forgot reason number 1.

-inspired the line "Babe is love" to be repeated over and over until all viewers lose their minds and douse themselves in gasoline and set themselves on fire in an attempt to escape.

Hey people babe is a good charcter..there are other people who are worse like Erica or Jeff and JOSH!!!! I hate josh! He should be on this most hated person list!!!

Del has my vote as worst character on daytime.

Babe is an abomination and TPTB's insistance on having everybody say she's a "walking miracle" is nauseating. If they simply MUST keep AH on the show (despite the fact they could do way better) then at least own up to Babe being a villain and have the characters realize she is. It would go a long way towards making the show watchable again. Instead I can no longer watch the podpeople of Pine Valley worshipping this whore.

I have to agree with the majority here, except to say. I am one of the few who ONLY like her with JR (JY and AH ) have off the chart chemistry. Alexa and her husband had 0 chemistry, and her and Joshass have 0 chemistry too ( they fall flat ) You have to entertain me to want me to keep watching you, I FF them. I think of Joshass as a stalker ( because that's what he is )

Sorry guys, even though Babe has done a LOT of bad things that really hurt other people, I still like her. It's the writers fault that she didn't go to jail for kidnapping, not hers!
Josh has been stalking her the whole show, so I hope she can divorce JR & take Lil' A & leave town for a while. I really think He truely loves Her with ALL of His heart!
I don't think JR is sincere about being sorry & wanting to see her. He's still the same JR, & everyone will see here in a few more shows when He finds out that she's been hiding out with Josh.
He'll probably hit the bottle again & then he'll have to give Lil'A up & go to rehab (LOL)
Keep up the good work BABE!!!

Frons--is that you?

Seriously, I get that we all have our favorites, but I don't understand how you can lay all of Babe's crap the writer's feet, while holding JR to a completely different standard. "It's the writers fault that she didn't go to jail for kidnapping, not hers!" Huh? Where's the line between what Babe--or any character for that matter, wants to do and what Meghan McTravesty makes her do. There is none. The writers created Babe and they had her choose not to plead guilty to the numerous crimes she had committed.

"He's still the same JR, & everyone will see here in a few more shows when He finds out that she's been hiding out with Josh." You got me there. I'm sure that JR will furious when he finds out that his wife has faked her death is planning to kidnap their child, AGAIN, with her another stalker lover in tow. What an unreasonable bastard.

And, yes JR is an alcoholic. Last time I checked there was no addiction that covers being a babystealingbitchslutwhore.

Even though I hate that Babe didn't go to jail, I hate her even more for the crime she committed that nearly put her there. Also, the fact that Josh stalks her and JR may or may not really want to be with her is irrelevant in my hatred towards her. She just sucks and her ass needs to go.

I don't think there's anything in particular funny about rehab or JR possibly going to rehab because Babe has ruined his life again.

she cheated on her husband with her new husband while cheating on both of them with husband number two's brother- then she stole a baby, cheating on husband AGAIN, and gives Greenlee the third degree about being a babysnatcher all while being a sanctimonious snob!

Can anyone seriously refute that Babe is a lying backstabbing bitch of a whore? I mean really?

And why can't she pay for anything?

And stop bashing on JR- he may have problems (a truck load for sure) and he may repeat alot of his mistakes- but at least he can admit that he's made mistakes- unlike SOME people.

Let's not forget that Erica is a baby-thief too. In fact, she did almost the same damn thing to Maria just like Babe did to Bianca.

Let's not forget that Erica is a baby-thief too.

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