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February 25, 2007

OMG, Patrick and Robin 4evah!!1!1!!!

Ahem. I mean, there appears to be breaking news about a soap pairing I'm rather fond of. Join me in celebrating this news, won't you?

Initially this seemed like a terrible idea.  But now, word is that Doctors Drake and Scorpio (dubbed "Scrubs" by internet fans; I usually hate couple-y names but this one is damned cute) will be the centerpiece of the now-sure-to-suck-less spin-off.  I love them.  They are a great couple that the writers actually took some time to bring together (you know, how things are supposed to happen on daily dramas?), and the actors are fantastic.  Kimberly McCullough has been a stand-out since she was in elementary school, and Jason Thompson is easily the best find in daytime in the last few years.  Also, as I think I've probably mentioned, he is The Hotness.  Anyway, yay Scrubs!  Woo!

This, however, is insane:

"We are committed to growing the soap genre . . . " said Brian Frons, President, Daytime, Disney-ABC Television Group.

Have they recently redefined "grow" to include "ruin"?

Screencap courtesy of General Hospital Happenings.

- Evil But Twinless


Eeeeee! Anything that brings the world more Scrubs is a good thing indeed. While I hate feeling grateful to Brian Frons for anything, I must reluctantly give him props for realizing that these two are a good draw for viewers.

patrick and robin are the best couple on daytime right now..at least if NS fails, they can go back to being on twice a week on gh..lol..btw, love your blog..its hilarious. your 'nominations' for the worst characters had me in stitches..keep up the good work..and you're right..JT is hot..

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