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February 27, 2007

The Day's Dumbest Dialogue

Someone on the All My Children writing staff is either twelve years old (judging by the day-to-day quality of the show, this is entirely possible) or is simply taunting me by making it all too easy to mock this show. You unabort fetuses, you name people Zarf and Spike, you kill someone with pancakes and now you have Babe allude to being a dead lay?

Jeff:  Well, Babe, you're recovering right on schedule. Good work. Babe: I just lie here. Josh does all the work.




Much like Babe, that's just too easy. You bitches, you take away the quality of my show and now you take away my livelihood? I hate you all.

- Promising Ingénue


Does it help to know McTravesty was fired today!?

Really? Wow!

Hopefully Guza and Phelps are the next to go.

SHUT UP! I just squealed and danced around.


I knew you would be delighted to hear the news :)

But I guess now we'll find out if the Babe/Ryan love was a McT thing, or a Frons/Julie thing.

The boards are clamoring for Amanda Beale to be promoted. She's the Karen Harris (best.gh.breakdown.writer) of AMC apparently.

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