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February 24, 2007

Those Kids Ain't Right in the Head

So, it's a rare day when I think that maybe I'm just not smart enough to watch soaps. But this week, I've been convinced that clearly there is something I'm missing on Days. Clearly two young parents -- who supposedly love their daughter so much that they would rather live their lives on the run than let the Kiriakis heir have her for a while (because come on, no matter how many people Victor paid off, a kid's non-adoptive, non-biological, non-father isn't going to get custody unless the bio 'rents are growing weed in the living room and juggling knives at the dinner table) -- clearly these people would not jump off A FREAKING CRUISE SHIP (many stories high, judging from that swanky cabin they had) into the ocean in the middle of winter with the toddler who's at the heart of this battle. The fall alone would kill most people, yet hey let's hold hands and give it a shot? And then this tiny baby gets separated from her mom IN A RIPTIDE yet somehow floats to shore like she had water wings and a snorkel? What the hell? All that risk was worse than a custody hearing? Seriously? Claire is gonna be so dumb.  With those genes, there's just no other option.

If I didn't think it would get me mocked and also reveal my secret identity as a soap blogger, I would totally make this photo my desktop at work.  It's just...it's the duh-iest!

This brings me to the larger issue, which is....is Days getting to be not-so-good again?  It's nowhere near as bad as it was under the old writing team, but I feel like it has stagnated, and that the new people in charge are trying to recreate the heyday of the late 80s to early 90s (complete with deserted island adventure, couple-on-the-run plots, DiMera brainwashing mysteries, and a Sami WTD? storyline!) to show how much they don't suck like the old guard.  I don't know, the new Days is losing its luster for me.  Then again, I am practically a professional complainer, so maybe everything is sunshine and rainbows.

courtesy of Days of Our Lives 2

- Evil But Twinless


Those two are stupid and I'm sort of on the fence with the writing. Fact is, Days is one of the best soaps on. There more than a few moments enjoyment. While some of the storylines don't play out in a manner I'd enjoy--EJ and Sami, for example, the day to day writing is pretty good. I also enjoy laughing at Belle/Shawn and Marlena/John. Problem is, I don't think I'm supposed to be laughing at them or on Phillip's side.

I have to say, as lame as Willow the character is and how poorly she acts, she really seems insane and it entertains me. That doesn't mean I don't want her written off right away, but for now, I can at least laugh at her craziness.

I've actually enjoyed the Shawn/Belle storyline recently, but not for the reasons the writers intended . . . at least I don't think so. It's easily a 12 on the unintentional comedy scale so that alone makes it entertaining. Claire is easily the smartest of the three and will likely be the only reason they survive.

I'm loving Willow and Philip. I can't think of anything better than a semi-crazy pyro ex? hooker with industrial strength lip gloss paired up with a semi-crazy ex-Marine with a fake leg and a fake face. Every show should have a couple like this. I'm hoping they pair them long term so they can alternate between not being able to keep their hands off eachother and trying to kill eachother (when they're not busy doing semi-crazy things to other people).

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