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February 21, 2007

Where Is Her Butter Churn?

I can't believe it has taken me this long to rant about this, because it routinely bugs me, but why do the Days wardrobe people dress Mary Beth Evans like she is a 70-year-old extra on Little House on the Prairie? She is a lovely woman, who is inexplicably as gorgeous as she was during the height of the Patch/Kayla hysteria in the late 1980s without any apparent scalpel-based assistance, and yet they dress her abominably, reaching a sartorial nadir today with this little number:

I mean, even Ma Ingalls would have seen that nightgown in the general store and been all "Ew, as if, too dowdy." Related note:  Stephen Nichols = yowza.  The dude is 56 years old!

Unrelated note:  When did I stop hating Chelsea?  I think it might have been around the time I moved Maxie on GH from the "despise" to "tolerate" column.  Which means we might have to reopen the Worst Character in Daytime competition.  Your submissions?

Screencaps courtesy of Days of Our Lives 2.

- Evil But Twinless


Wardrobe people seem to have issues with people over 30 who want to dress like they're over 30. MBE is way too pretty for this.

My nominations for Worst Character in Daytime are Ric from GH, Marlena from DOOL and Babe from AMC.

I can't believe he looks like that and he's almost 60.

For worst character, I'd have to say Sonny and I am dying at what you two would say about him.

God, Stephen Nichols is *insanely* hot. Both he and MBE are more stunning now than they were in their Patch & Kayla heyday. And believe me, they were the hotness back then. I used to run home from school on Fridays just to catch a glimpse of their swoony, heart-rending courtship.

Re: Worst Character in Daytime: where do I start?

Sonny on GH -- well, obviously.

The caricature currently mascarading as Carly on GH -- She doesn't have a trace of vulnerability, only mannerisms that include those sub-ghetto "Nuh-UH!" head rolls, that lower lip jutting out in sneering disdain. Plus she airs Every. Single. DAY.

Babe from AMC -- a friend of mine on a message board paraphrased yesterday's AMC episode:

Zoe: You must be Amanda, Babe's best friend (even though you're rarely together and she went to Kendall, of all people, to talk about her latest problems with JR).

Amanda: I'm just lucky Babe likes me.

Zoe: Well you must be pretty special for Babe to like you so much. Blah blah blah we can't live without her.

...and that's why Babe deserves a nom. BECAUSE SHE IS PIMPED TO DEATH. What next? After messing around in the Fusion lab, Babe finds a cure for AIDS?

Ryan on AMC -- bug-out eyes. Frankensteinian mood-swings. Stud-boy is a hectoring bully who's not above waving his fist in the general direction of his then-wife. Yeah. What a *great* Romantic Lead.

Amber on Y&R -- hated her hypocritical, whitewashed a$$ on B&B, hate her now on Y&R.

I'm sure there are others (like John McNostril on OLTL) but that's all for now.

::slaps forehead:: Here I go...again.

There are four or five fantastic nominees and they are all on AMC: Babe, Josh, Ryan and Zoe/Zarf. If pressed to pick one, I'd choose...Babe simply because the character sucks, the actress plays her as with a level of an entitlement that would shame Carly Corinthos and, in an effort to convince the audience of her innate purity and sweetness, core characters, new characters, good characters have been assassinated and wrecked...and we still hate the wench because the character sucks and the actress doesn't understand that the character is loathsome.

Zoe/Zarf are a close second because there is NOTHING likable, useful, romantic, interesting or authentic about this caricature. The gender issue is being played soley for shock and awe and the audience is supposed to feel shame or sympathy...but all I feel is disdain for one of the worst new characters ever.

They are both just so boring to me. Get off my screen already.

I second the vote for Babe and Zarf, and also would like to add NuMarty on OLTL. She's the worst character on daytime to me b/c she is a horrible caricature of one of the BEST characters of daytime in the 90s. And she has a freaky vocal tick that I am somewhat obsessed with.

I could not BELIEVE how they dressed Kayla! I was totally disgusted. I looked at the screen and said to myself "Is that a Moo-Moo?" I mean for crying out loud my aunt wears those fugly things and she is 70!

As for worst character for me it is a toss up between Liz and Robin on GH! To me all they ever do is whine... and whine... and whine.

BTW... I sooo love this blog ;)

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