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March 10, 2007

A Ghost?! A GHOST?!

Sorry for the delayed response, but work trumped TiVo this week. . . . Holy hell, did GH seriously kill off Alan Quartermaine and have him come back as a wisecracking ghost?  What?  Whatwhatwhat?! I can't even snark on this at this point because I'm just so incensed.  Isn't turning characters into ghosts what Passions exists for?  And didn't people recently decide that Passions doesn't deserve to exist anymore?  Why does GH feel the need to pick up the remnants?  Should I expect a witch and a magical little person next?  Although if the witch has the power to make people disappear, I could get on board with that . . .

Also, who is this new kid that they're setting up as Lulu's fourth simultaneous suitor?  Is he supposed to be Scotty's kid?  Because watching the two of them have a conversation is like watching Kin Shriner talk to himself circa 1981 (Scotty starts at 3:24).  It's almost creepy.  If they didn't bring the new kid on as Scotty's heretofore unknown son, they should shift course immediately and do that storyline.  Especially if that would mean Scotty would stick around for a while and fight with Luke.  That's ten times more entertaining than anything Sonny has done since the turn of the century.

That clip reminds me, at some point could we discuss Tony Geary's old perm?  I need help understanding it.

- Evil But Twinless


I'm pretty sure he's supposed to Rick Webber's son. My guess is he's the one who killed Rick and let Laura take the rap for it. Alan's letter to Luke is just a red herring... I hope. The idea that Scotty would let Laura take the rap for something he did is ridiculous... but this is GH.

I'm surprised GH hasn't had Alan doing cloying voice overs ala Mary Alice on "Desperate Housewives." Sometimes I think the writers want the show to suck.

When I first saw that new guy I thought "Wow... he looks just like Scott." So I think he is Scotts son.. or perhaps, for some reason I am not sure of, I think he might be Lukes.

As for the whole Alan as a ghost thing. I thought it was a slap in the face... but I have to admit... Jane E. had me laughing sooo hard. Gosh I love her!

re: the perm. I only recently heard the Tony Geary gay rumors, and was like "whatwhatwhaaat?", but after watching some old clips I was like "oooooh." OK that doesn't really justify the perm.

Yep, if that's not meant to be Scotty's kid they do really need to go there. I thought that when he appeared on his own, but them throwing him into a scene with Kin Shriner right away has to give hope that they've actually noticed. And if they're good at anything recently it's been casting for family resemblance.

As for the ghost thing, yes that's appalling, I totally don't get it. Which doesn't mean I won't be enjoying Stuart D and Jane E in spite of that. And in spite of the track suit they're put afterlife Alan in.

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