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March 04, 2007

As the Scalpel Cuts: Beware Botox

...okay, it may be more like "Beware Excessive Face Lifts," but I prefer alliteration.  I thought about not doing this post, because I know that actresses are under tremendous pressure to look young, and I think that's amplified in daytime.  So I didn't want to seem like I was attacking one particular actress for reacting poorly to treatment that's despicable.  But, not to sound all PSA up in here, if we can keep even one more actress from doing this to her face, it will have been worth it.

This post is basically brought to you by disappointment. You see, last week Monica Quartermaine's husband of nearly three decades, the father of her children, died. She must have been very upset. Devastated, even. But that was difficult to tell, because the woman playing her has lost the ability to move almost all of her face thanks to ill-advised cosmetic surgery.  It was so disappointing to see Leslie Charleston, who is actually quite a good actress, be unable to shine when she rightfully should have.

Let's steal a photo from Promising Ingenue's recent post and take a look at how cute Leslie Charleston was:

And then let's take a look at some scenes from last week.  I was going to do a multiple-choice matching game for the pics to emotions, but I realized it was un-winnable.  So instead, just sadly peruse these images:
I think this one was actually the moment she found out Alan died:

To quote Meg Ryan's character Kate in the ruthlessly-overlooked-for-Best-Picture French Kiss, "Happy? Smile. Sad? Frown. Use the corresponding face for the corresponding emotion!" But Leslie Charleston apparently can't, and that's sad.

Screencaps courtesy of Clarissa.

- Evil But Twinless


I stopped watching GH a few years ago, but Oh. My. Goodness. If you could see my face, you'd see shocked dismay. I also think your alliteration if spot on--that's Botox, not just a tight face lift. Why did she do that to her face? Someone on TWoP suggested that Monica should have died instead and I agree--if for no other reason than they could have had an open casket funeral. Leslie Charleston only good at being still now.

Wow. I knew she had gone crazy with the surgery, but it's so glaring when you remember what she used to look like. In the old picture, she sorta looks like Heidi Klum.

It's really sad that people feel pressure to do this to themselves, especially in a business where emoting is required.

I have taken to dubbing the recent scenes between Monica and Bobbie (yay vets!, but) the great face-off. It's truly scary.

Love the site, by the way. I'm sorry it took me so long to find it.

Ah...I have to disagree. You can't fairly put up a picture of someone in there 30's and compare it to one 25 years later. I think she looks fabulous all things considered. Level the playing ground and show something more likeness to Farrah Fawcett...who just went extreme with cheek implants. At least Leslie hasn't tried to recreate her face of the past. She's merely tighting up the sagging. She is much thinner today then she was in the early 80's.

I feel very sorry about Leslie Charleston and Jackie Zeman feeling that they have to go to such lengths to look young. Also for Leslie, lt ls better to have a little more weight it doesn't age you so much or leave you with saggy skin. It is our societies fault.

Botox is one of the safest and best tested medications available. In the proper hands, it can not only make you look better but reduce migraine headaches. I hear silly comments from people who just don't know any better about why Botox is bad. They are clueless! Just make sure you get your Botox from a doctor with a good reputation and you will have a great experience. Now hopefully people watching these shows who read this will take the time to investigate just how great Botox is!

om I just was watching GH and both Leslie and Bobbie were on. It looked like a freak show. Now they just need Mary Tyler Moore and a few others to join their freakshow society. It was bad a couple years ago but now they look like something from a scary movie

I lovee Leslie!! She is one of the most talented actresses on the show!!! You cant compare a photo of her when she was young and at her best looking to one nearly 30 years later ... thats rubbish! Everyone ages and personally I think she portrayed the emotions on her face beautifully. Maybe if TV critics weren't so nasty with their comments about womens looks then they wouldn't feel they have to have surgery to look good. I also think that Jacklyn Zeman is an amazing actress and GH writers dont give her or Leslie enough credit!

Lisa is right, she really looks like Heidi Klum when she was younger. :)

She has looks that are similar to a lot of stars. Heidi Klum? A little bit. There's another one I see in her but can't put my finger on it.

as viewers, it's really hard to empathize with such "blank" emotions. Shouldn't their careers as actors/actresses be defined by their activity to relay emotions?

However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results. Winston Churchill http://www.cosmeticsurgerythailand.com

Indeed, Leslie Charleston is one of my favorite female actresses. It is important to find a credible cosmetic surgeon in this day and age, especially since these treatments have a lasting effect. Research about the best surgeons in the business, and find one near your area. Do you know who did her face?

I've been searching for before (recent) and after pictures of Leslie Charleson but have been unsuccessful when I ran across this blog. Watching her on GH was painful and I almost had to look away a few times. I wish women AND men would quit doing this to themselves. Have you seen Burt Reynolds lately?

Well, we couldn't question her if she wanted to have a Botox treatment. It's her job to look a lot like the character she plays on her movies and T.V. series. As viewers, we need to appreciate how these actresses do their job to entertain us, and at the same time, the great lengths that they take to really play their character and maintain realism. The most important thing, however, when it comes to any cosmetic surgery, is to look for the best surgeon who can perform the treatment on you, so you're guaranteed that the outcome would go well in your favor, and that there would be minimal and harmless side-effects, should there be any.

i never have plan to go for botox no matter how older i look or how bad i look. Its not that i can't afford cosmetic or botox for my face but it is more that i am fearful if some complications arise later like her

The event that the husband died must have brought some drastic change to the family. It is hard to be left by someone who provides for the family.

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Oh Leslie has now had plastic surgery and she had the best doc and looks much better believe it or not. She looks great. Her face looks fuller not thinner. She is still obviously using botox around the eyes but here lately she is looking great. I agree you cannot compare someone to how they looked 35 years ago. The picture above the younger one was her very first photop with her onxgreen hubby doc Quartermaine.shewas only 21 or 22 I believe and that was around 1975 maybe even 74. She took the place of another Monica, can't remember her name but I was watching during the summer and I was only in junior high. So long ago. I'm telling you once we hit 40 it's a little downhill after that. We have to keep up appearances a little bit. I sue only skincare and I have my good days and bad days. And not to brag but I was a beauty at one time in my day. Turned a lot of heads, it gets a little harder past 50. Lol. My hats off to Leslie for wanting to stay nice looking for the cameras that's just our femininity taking over. She is an excellent veteran actress. Am excited and happy for her new transition. My hats off to her feeling good about herself.

I was wrong she started playing Monica in 1977 I was a Junior in high school. See time does more with even our memory. Lol I knew I could be off a few years. Btw. Jane elliot was a beauty in her heyday, I think she needs a little something, something. It doesn't hurt girls if you're famous and going to be seen plastered all over the world on camera. Look at how some of us spoke poorly of how old Leslie looked, now if that was you, you were famous and had to deal with fans who mocked and talked pointed finges at you, claiming how ragged and old you were beginning to look, you might try a little botox or plastic surgery too. Especially if you could afford it and continue with the maintainence.don't say you wouldn't until you're actually in those shoes. Because when you're beautiful and the beauty starts to fade, it's not so bad when you're living a normal life, not famous or being followed by fans who feel like they know you personally. There's lots of. Reasons stars choose to stay young and beautiful.

I've watched GH on & off for many years. I remember so many of the "original" characters GH has brought back to help save the show. And I'm glad they did - it kept the show for getting the axe. But to see some of them.... I mean, Leslie does not look good, regardless of what others might think. Leslie looks like she's had too much surgery or botox and it has reshaped he face making it look like a mask. Maybe it's too much makeup trying to cover up something else - I don't know, but I know it pains me to look at her. Her eyes don't look right at all. And I find it even harder to look at Jackie Zeman. Did she have cheek implants or what? Her face looks distorted and (not to sound cruel) they really need to get her out of those over-tight clothes - they are not flattering and she looks uncomfortable in them. I've loved both characters forever, but I hate how they've hurt themselves in the name of whatever drove them to it. BTW, I applaud the actors/actresses who aged gracefully. Jane Elliot looks great and doesn't seem to mind that people know she has aged a bit. Good for her!

jackie zeman looks like the joker from batman. seriously I hope she sued whoever did that to her

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Dint wanna sound mean..but has no one else noticed Monicas eyes??? Whats that all about??

Well all I can say is Leslie Charleston is the successful actress and your on what show?

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