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March 03, 2007

GH Week in Review

I've just caught up on the last week of General Hospital. As I've said before, seeing five episodes at once of this show has its pros and cons. Pros include limiting your blood pressure increases to one sitting and fast-forwarding through scenes involving Sonny. Cons include still having to watch several hours of GH writing in one sitting, but seeing only about 1/4 of the show on account of fast-forwarding through scenes involving Sonny.

This week was a bit less Sonny-centric, though, so that was great. But this week the idiots that run this sinking ship unnecessarily and unceremoniously killed off Alan Quartermaine. I would vent about that, but Promising Ingenue has brilliantly already done that. To her I say, "seconded." I got all angry again reading her rant. Now that they've canned the head writer of AMC, could they get going on doing the same at GH? Ugh. Anyway, there were a couple of highlights this week that I had to memorialize, especially because they involved strong women over the age of 35 kicking ass, and that comes about on GH about as often as a total eclipse of the sun.

Alexis (and Nancy Lee Grahn) Rocks

I just love it when Alexis gets on her soapbox and tells off the usually deserving idiot who dares cross her. Lately (by which I mean especially after he SLEPT WITH HIS STEPDAUGHTER), I especially like it when said idiot is Ric.

So anyway, this week Ric went over to Alexis' to again berate her for smoking pot to help the grueling effects of her cancer, and tell her how he is going to take custody of their daughter because she has cancer just like he took custody of her job because she has cancer, and Alexis paused and then just let loose with the verbal ass-kicking. It was awesome. The pause:

And then the ass-kicking:

Alexis:  If you want to take an innocent child away from a mother with cancer, that is entirely up to you.  But you're going to have to do it publicly, counselor.  And while you're at it, why don’t you announce that you slept with your own daughter's sister and tried to kill her with the taxpayers' money.  You can or cannot tell them that you work 80 hours a week and don't have enough time to take care of a houseplant, let alone a toddler, but that’s entirely up to you.
You started this fight.   [Ed. note:  ?!?!?!]
  You started it, Ric.  You started it.  But I'm going to finish it.  You try to take Molly from me and your political future is over.  As is your job.  I'm sorry, my job.

Love it. Also, I must add that earlier in the week, "Pot.  Weed.  Reefer. Dope.  Maui wowee. Whacky tobaccy." had me rolling.  As in on the floor with laughter, potheads.  Get your minds out of the bongs.

Screencap courtesy of Clarissa.

- Evil But Twinless


I love when Nancy Lee Grahn gets to smack people down. She's brilliant in all things she does, from comedy to drama. I just adore her more than is possible and I wish she were on a much better show.

I think Ric means that Alexis "started this fight" by not telling Sam and Ric that she knew that they had sex. But can you blame her, just verbalizing it probably made her want to vomit.

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